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Becoming a Clam

All Clam teams have become renowned for their roster strength from top to bottom. This is true of any Clam team in any season. But the strongest of all Clam teams remains those put together for our slate of tournaments and showcases in the summertime.

Consider the following facts:

-2003: 4 D1 players; 2 Ivy League players; 7 NESCAC players
-2004: 4 D1 players; 1 Ivy League player; 3 NESCAC players
-2005: 5 D1 players; 1 Ivy League player; 4 NESCAC players
-2006: 16 D1 players; 3 Ivy League players; 4 NESCAC players
-2007: 21 D1 players; 2 Ivy League players; 8 NESCAC players
-2008: 10 D1 players; 4 Ivy League players; 13 NESCAC players
-2009: 10 D1 players; 2 Ivy League players; 7 NESCAC players
-2010: 18 D1 players; 3 Ivy League players; 5 NESCAC players
-2011: 9 D1 players; 3 Ivy League players; 6 NESCAC players
-2012: 11 D1 players; 1 Ivy League player; 7 NESCAC players


The reason for what you see above is that the Clams program is more than just a select, club or all-star team; it is a comprehensive recruiting service. The Clams are not only coached and taught to be better players, but are also guided, and - though we hate to use this term in this context - "marketed" extensively through channels and relationships with college coaches that we've developed over the many years since the Clams' inception.

Now just saying you are a Clam is enough to open the door at many top college programs. And with each passing year, the Clams reputation as the region's top program is fortified again and again and again.

How do I begin?

I get this question at least several times a week: how do I begin? And the answer tends to take longer than people anticipated.

There are two ways to become involved with the Clam progame:


All Fighting Clams - in any season - must register for at least one session of our indoor lacrosse league. Our league is known as the most competitive off-season leagues in the area. Our league is run at Teamworks in Acton.  All players registered for CELL are eligiable to tryout for the Clams.  Some of the truly best players recieve invitation without the need to tryout simply from their performance in CELL.

Remember, at the end of the day, we are looking for our league's elite players - nothing less. So by far the most important thing to do is come out regularly, and establish yourself as clearly among the league's best. If you are in the league and want one of our directors to watch you, do not hesitate to approach them and ask. But in most cases, if you're the type of player with Clam-caliber ability, you won't have to.

Learn more about the CELL here

2: Sign up for the ACES Camp / Clam Combine

We also offer the Clam Combine at our Aces camp during the summer that gives players four days of games and practices to showcase their talents in front of the Clam coaching staff.  At the end of the week of camp, invitations to join the Clams starting in the upcoming fall are given to the best.

When are Clams Tryout?

Clam tryouts are held twice per year: the first is during Session 1 of the CELL, the second in Session 2 of CELL.

What are the dates of the Clam events?

A list of tournaments for the coming fall will be posted by the end of September, while the tournament list for the summer tours are posted by the end of March.

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