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Clams & Rising Clams at Harvard

The Clams and the Rising Clams spent the day at the Crimison Summer Classic on Saturday.  Find out how they did below.

On Saturday, June 27th, the Clams and Rising Clams came together at Harvard's Crimison Classic summer event.

The Clams entered two teams into this local event: Clams Orange and Clams Purple.  The Orange Clams ended the day with a 2-1-1 record while their counterparts on the Purple Clams finished up with a 2-1 record.  The Rising Clams had a successful first day, putting together a 2-2 record.

We as coaches knew heading into this event that it was a glass-half-empty/glass-half-full opportunity. On the one hand, many Clams who have distinguished themselves as standouts at previous events were not with us at this event due to multitude of conflicts which included Blue Chip, the Under Armour All-American underclassman game, and Top 205. That was the glass-half-empty. But the glass-half-full was that we as coaches got to see a number of players catapulted into leading roles, and in turn how they responded. Needless to say, we learned a great deal about these players this past Saturday. And there was a lot of positives to be taken out of these games. 

Below are the game stats and brief game-by-game summaries for the three teams.  

RECORD: 2-1-1

Game 1
Clams Orange (5) vs. Raptors (5)

Summary:  This game was a learning process for this group.  The first half saw the defense ready to go and clicking, but the offense was still learning how each other worked.  So, despite some very good opportunities, we weren't able to capitalize and found ourselves in a 0-2 hole at half-time.  The second half saw both sides of the ball click as the boys were able to tally 5 goals.  Unfortunately, the last lesson of the game was to play to the end as the Raptors made a strong push in the closing minutes of the game to tie things up.

Game Stats

#35 Malcolm Lloyd (2G, 1A)
#48 Derek Youngman (2G)
#11 Will Walker (1G)
#7 Jimmy Murphy (1A)
#10 Micky Zaverucha (5 saves, 5 GAA, 50% SP)
#64 Peter Willauer (Defenseman of the Game: 5 GB)

Game 2
Clams Orange (11) vs. LI Express Southbound (1)

Summary:  This game was our best by far during the day.  Things started with Malcolm Lloyd's work at the face-off "X" (he lost only 2 face-offs in the game).  The defense swarmed and the offense moved and worked together fluidly.  While only 5 of our 11 goals were assisted, most involved great ball movement that required only a quick inside move to finish the play.  Every aspect of the game was controlled by Clams Orange in this game.  It was extremely fun to behold.

Game Stats

#55 Franklin Reis (4G, 1A)
#8 John Ricciardi (2G)
#11 Will Walker (2G)
#47 Nick Woodgate (2G)
#7 Jimmy Murphy (2A)
#35 Malcolm Lloyd (1G)
#64 Pat Hart (Defenseman of the Game: 1G, 6 GB)
#52 Kane Haffey (1A)
#53 Dan Buonagurio (4 saves, 1 GA, 80% SP)

Game 3
Clams Orange (7) vs. IAS Catamounts (0)

Summary:  We only got to play a half of this game due to weather that roled in, but the team picked up right where they left off from their last game.  What they did improve on was the number of assisted goals (6 out of 7).  As a coach, it was very encouraging to see the extra pass for the lay-up goal.  Again, the defense was solid, not allowing the Catamounts to feel any comfort when the ball got into their offensive end.

Game Stats

#55 Franklin Reis (2G, 1A)
#52 Kane Haffey (1G, 2A)
#11 Will Walker (1G, 1A)
#8 John Ricciardi (1G, 1A)
#7 Jimmy Murphy (1G)
#4 Wil Mason (1G)
#51 Tim DeMaio (1A)
#6 Christian Mongillo (Defenseman of the Game: 7 GB)
#10 Micky Zaverucha (1 save, 0 GA, 100% SP)

Game 4
Clams Orange (5) vs. Tomahawk Gold (6)

Summary: The lesson I thought was learned from the first game about finishing did not take as well as I'd hoped.  After a lengthy delay due to weather (with some games being cancelled outright), the boys took the field for their last game of the day.  The Tomahawks came out firing and for the first 12 minutes of the game controlled the tempo, building a 2-0 lead.  Once the Clams woke up and realized they were playing a game, it turned into a very enjoyable contest to watch.  Four times the Clams were able to tie it up (at 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, & 5-5), but they didn't have enough time to finish the job.

Game Stats

#11 Will Walker (3G)
# 55 Franklin Reis (2A)
#48 Derek Youngman (1G)
#7 Jimmy Murphy (1G)
#52 Kane Haffey (1A)
#61 Chris Brown (Defenseman fo the Game: 6 GB)
#53 Dan Buonagurio (4 saves, 6 GA, 40% SP)


Game 1
Clams Purple (1) vs. Tomahawks Purple (10)

Summary: As a coach, I'm supposed to put a smiling face out to the public in the writeups. But the reality is, this was the worst game of lacrosse the Clams have played so far this summer. We could try our best to lean on excuses: it was early; the team had not played together; it was hot. But to do this would be a disservice to our opponents the Tomahawks, who fielded a very strong team, and are to be commended for getting themselves ready to play for this early AM game, and handing us an old-fashioned butt-kicking. Needless to say we had a pretty long talk after this game, and we as coaches put forth a number of challeneges. It is turning points like these that really test the mental and physical toughness of player and coaches alike.

Game Stats

#42 Jimmy O'Connell (1G)
#14 Charlie Suominen (1A)
#34 Andrew Landers (8 saves, 6 GA, 57.1% SP)
#39 Conor Murphy (4 saves, 4 GA, 50 % SP)

Game 2
Clams Purple (8) vs. Ct. Chargers Blue (5)

Summary: This was a great bounceback game for Clam Orange. The CT Chargers have built a reputation as a naitonal power in the club ranks, so it was not a difficult game to get up for. The offense was solid, and the defense - righting the ship remarkably well - was very strong. To be honest, there was a great deal relief associated with this game. We began to play like the team we knew we were coming into the event. And as the game stats show, this was a team win in which numerous players' deserve praise.

Game Stats

#28 John Fitzgerald (2G)
#58 Murph Vandervelde (2G)
#14 Charlie Suominen (1G, 1A)
#59 Quinn McDonough (1G)
#42 Jimmy O'Connell (1G)
#3 Dylan Gatto (1G)
#5 Brendan McNeill (1A)
#19 Colin Rossano (1A)
#57 Will Vallette (1A)
#44 Matt Scalise (1A)
#1 Mike Fanning (Defenseman of the Game: 6 GB)
#39 Conor Murphy (12 saves, 5 GA, 70.6% SP)

Game 3
Clams Purple (9) vs. North Country (4)

Summary: Just as our second game was an improvement on the first, this game was an improvement upon the second. In this outing, both our offense and our defense were very strong. Ball movement got even better in this game, as middie showed an ability to dodge under control and find the open man. And some of the team's best shooters shot the ball remarkably well. The defense was at-times suffocating in the one, as our poles truly into their own as a fine unit. This was certainly the game of the day for us, and a good one to end on. (Our final game vs. Lax Pros fell victim to the late afternoon lightning show to our south.)

Game Stats

#28 John Fitzgerald (4G, 2A)
#5 Brendan McNeill (2G, 1A)
#58 Murph Vandervelde (2G, 1A)
#59 Quinn McDonough (1G)
#44 Matt Scalise (1A)
#18 Craig Wood (1A)
#31 TJ Hartner (1A)
#54 Jeff Dube (Defenseman of the Game: 6 GB)
#34 Andrew Landers (5 saves, 4 GA, 55.6% SP)


Game 1
Rising Clams (0) vs NH Tomahawks (6)

Summary: Our first game was very much like a practice game as we got to know one another and learn each other's tendencies as we tried to execute our offensive and defensive strategy. Defense: The defense played fairly well and held the opposing team to a few goals. Both goalies played well and kept us in the game. The areas where we struggled were executing our clear and holding on to the ball once we got the ball on the offensive side of the field to give the defense a rest and switch up the midfield. Ground balls were another aspect of the game where we needed to improve. Offense: Our offense struggled in this first game and was not able to tally a single score. Fundamentals of throwing and catching plagued us as we were not able to hold on to the ball long enough to execute the offense or get fresh legs on or generate quality shots on goal. The bright spot was face-offs. We did well there only to lose the ball on offense. Our ride was OK but got better throughout the day as we switched to a soft ride and forced many turnovers.

Game Stats

#5 Rory Finnegan (8 saves, 3 GA, 72.7% SP)
#6 Jared Fong (4 saves, 3 GA, 57.1% SP)

Game 2
Rising Clams (9) vs. Raptors (3)

Summary: This second game marked a vast improvement from the first game where we were able to make adjustments from the first game. The biggest difference, however, was that we were able to throw and catch, have patience on both defense and offense and execute our game plan. All of this led to confidence in our ability to play together as a team.
We dominated faceoffs and time of possession as well. Offense was able to run effectively the triangle rotation in the 2-3-1and our "Maryland", "Army" and restart isolation plays. The soft ride led to many turnovers and resulted in goals from transition and unsettled situations. The defense was very stingy and our two goalies once again stood on their heads making great saves and out let passes. Our EMO also began to understand and convert on our extra man opportunities. Well played!

Game Stats

#23 John McNamara (3G)
#9 Will Jennings (2G)
#14 Kevin Sainte (2G)
#20 Gabriel Borunda (1G, 1A)
#25 Jack Rautiolo (2A)
#12 Andrew Reiley (1G)
#18 Will Ballantyne (1A)
#6 Jared Fong (3 saves, 1 GA, 75% SP)
#5 Rory Finnegan (8 saves, 2 GA, 80% SP)

Game 3
Rising Clams (4) vs. EMass Jr. (6)

Summary: The game vs EMASS was a defensive struggle and we left many offensive plays on the field in what was a winnable game but we came up short losing 6-4. We also seemed tired and played with heavy legs particularly on midfield defense. Offensively we again had a hard time maintaining possession and making the most of our opportunities. The bright spot again was the play of our goalies and close defense who once again played very well. We did not have time to dwell however as we had another game immediately afterward.

Game Stats

#20 Gabriel Borunda (2G)
#18 Will Balantyne (1G)
#14 Kevin Sainte (1G)
#32 Todd Moores (1A)
#25 Jack Rautiola (1A)
#3 Tyler Chastnov (1A)
#6 Jared Fong (6 saves, 3 GA, 66.7% SP)
#5 Rory Finnegan (8 saves, 11 GA, 72.7% SP)

Game 4
Rising Clams (12) vs. Ct. Chargers U-16 (6)

Summary: In the last game of the day the team really jelled and scored early and often as we put a complete game together winning 14-5. It was a good way to end the day.
We played well in every aspect of the game from close defense, LSM, face-offs, EMO etc. We finished the day 2-2 and learned a lot about what we can do and and how we can improve before the next tournament at Princeton.

Game Stats

#25 Jack Rautiola (1G, 4A)
#23 John McNamara (3G)
#7 Kyle Heffrin (2G)
#24 Dave Nagelberg (1G, 1A)
#20 Gabriel Borunda (1G, 1A)
#3 Tyler Chastnov (1G, 1A)
#15 Jeff Vaz (1G, 1A)
#12 Andrew Reiley (2A)
#18 Will Ballantyne (1G)
#4 Kerry Ecker (1G)
#13 Matt Ryan (1A)

*Picture to be posted at later date



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