All Star Lacrosse

Bryant Playday

Summer's end provides a glimpse of Fall.

On Tuesday, the Clams travelled down to Bryant University for their last event of the summer.  The day consisted of five scrimmages at this team camp.  The day gave us a chance to see a majority of the newer members of the Clam program from this past summer.

And the future for the Clams looks very bright.  With nine members of this version of the Clams being rising juniors, we are very excited about the foundation of players we have in place.  Leading the way were two of those rising juniors: attackman Kane Haffey and midfielder Murph Vandervelde.  Both Kane and Murph put up 9 points on the day (both 7G, 2 assists).  While Kane and Murph did lead the team in points, it was the collective play of the offense that was the most impressive.  Of the 39 goals scored on the day, 15 were assisted.  From a percentage perspective this may not seem eye-catching, but it was the crispness of the offensive movement, opening space for some of the unassisted goals that makes it memorable in the minds of us as coaches.  (Full playday stats are at the bottom of this article)

While the defense was the "senior" portion of our team (only one member was a rising junior), many of their members were also newer to the Clams this summer.  Miles Loring-Thomas was superb at LSM, averaging about 5 groundballs per game.  At close defense, Ryan Breen and Alex Haigis were impossible to ignore - Ryan for the number of passes he was picking off and Alex for how often he was dislodging the ball and starting fastbreaks going the other way. As is the case with all good defenses, individuals cannot excel without the solid play of the group.  And without the pressure the rest of the defensive unit was able to put on their opponents, the aforementioned individuals don't get mentioned. So our hats go off to the group, and to all the "Bryant Clams" as a whole for a solid day of lacrosse.


Kane Haffey
7G, 2A
Murph Vandervelde
7G, 2A
Dylan Gatto
5G, 1A
Matt Thistle
4G, 2A
Matt Scalise
1G, 3A
Brendan McNeill
2G, 1A
Charlie Suominen
1G, 2A
Nick Woodgate
Dave Nardella
Will Mason
Justin Kirchner
Sam Reinhart
Pat Page
Jimmy O'Connell
Jimmy Murphy
Miles Loring-Thomas
Ricky Armstrong
Leo Mullin1A
Conor Murphy
10 saves
Andrew Landers 11 saves



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