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Rising Clam Results from Long Island

Rising Clams respond from initial loss for solid 2-1 day.

The Rising Clams also journeyed down to Long Island on August 1st.  And while they walked away with a 2-1 record, they knew it could have been better.  Still, watching this team gave the Clam coaches a lot of food for thought for the fall and next summer.  Here's how it all played out:

Game 1 vs. Havoc from Long Island
Loss 4-5

Comments: The rising Clams started off the game well and jumped out to 3-1 half time lead as we were able to transition well and surprise Havoc. The second half was a completely different story as we suddenly were not able to execute nearly as effectively. We left many plays out on the field and lost 5-4 to a team that in hindsight we all know we should have beaten. That second half was the worst 22 minutes of lacrosse we played all day.

Game 2 vs. Toms River's Finest from NJ
Win 13-5

Comments:  This was a mismatch and turned in to a route very early. The final was 13-5 as the RCs got their transition going, moved their feet with great off ball movement and scored a lot of assisted goals. We scored some very pretty goals after the offense was told no one was allowed to doge to the goal and every goal had to come off a feed. The defense was able to suffocate the NJ team and their only goals resulted from transition and a goalie miscue. Our soft ride led to many turnovers as well. A great game by both the defense and the offense.

Game 3 vs Harborfields from Long Island
Win 7-5

Comments:  Harborfields was an undefeated team coming into this game and we played very well on both defense and offense as we triumphed 7-5 versus well coached team. We scored first and had a comfortable lead thanks to some great transition offense. Harborfields tried to rally late in the game but it was too little too late.

It was disappointing not to have been able to play for the championship because I think we would have been able to bring home a championship just like the Littlenecks did.

Great job nonetheless RCs and we'll see you in the Fall.

-Coach Lenfest


Kevin Sainte
3G, 4A
Will Ballantyne
5G, 1A
Johnny McNamara
2G, 3A
Dave Nagelberg2G, 3A
Alex Bunick
3G, 1A
Jack Rautiola
1G, 2A
Kyle Heffrin
1G, 2A
Colin Rossano1G, 2A
Dan Mini
Adam Hardej
1G, 1A
Mark MacDonald
1G, 1A
Kerry Ecker
Tommy Renhart1G
Tyler Chastnov
Jared Fong
Will Jennings
Jared Fong
15 saves, 6GA, 71.4% SP
AJ Boyd
10 saves, 9GA, 52.6% SP




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