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Inside Lacrosse Clam Face-off Notables

The 2010 Inside Lacrosse Face-off Magazine once again displays its share of Clam Alumni

I remember when I was younger, (all the way through college in fact) I always awaited eagerly the publication of the Face-off magazine. When I was a youth player, it was all about reading about the best players, many of whom coached me at camps I went to. In high school, it was to see the names of players I'd played with at the various recruiting camps I attended. In college, it was to see my name.

And now, into my adulthood, I'm still a little like a kid when the new issue comes out. I go through the book from cover to cover and look for names of players I've coached. Perhaps it's me living a little vicariously, but I can't help but take a little pride with each former and current Clam that receives recognition. 

Anyway, I took the time to seek out all former Clams who got a mention. And getting "a mention" means not that you're on that team or that you might play here or there, but that you'll be looked upon to be at least a significant contributor. I was excited, and to be honest a little flattered, to see just how many Clam Alumni are forecast to make their mark this spring at the country's top programs.

While all D1 programs are listed, only the Top 10 D2's and the Top 20 D3's are listed (which in my opinion unnecessarily shortchanges those divisions, but now is not time for me to hop on my soapbox).

Please see below for acknowlegdement of every Clam who got a mention (split by both division, and grade)*:

*apologies to whoever I might have missed - I'm sure there's someone; also some of the info listed below is not in the book but I just know (such as Captains) - again, apologies to those I've shortchanged on credit...

Division 1


Max Quinzani, Duxbury HS attackman (projected starter for #1 Duke, Pre-season All-American & Player of the Year Cand.)
Chris Nixon, Duxbury HS LSM (projected starter for #13 Georgetown, Pre-season All-Conference & All-American)
Tyler Seymour, Nashua So. HS attackman (projected to see significant time for #22 Army)  
Rob McMullen, BB&N attackman (projected starter for #35 UPENN)
Matt Fuchs, Duxbury HS middie (projected starter for #37 Yale)
Garrett Kanter, Tabor Academy attackman (projected to see significant time for #41 Providence; Capt.)
Luke Dilillo, Lexington HS middie (projected to see significant time for #48 Manhattan)
Tim Fallon, Lawrence Academy middie (projected starter for #51 Hartford)
Edison Parzanese, Martha's Vineyward HS attackman (projected starter for #55 Holy Cross; Capt. & Pre-season All-Conference)


Mark Goodrich, The Rivers School middie (projected starter for #6 Johns Hopkins)
Tim Bigelow, The Rivers School & PG year at NMH attackman/middie (projected starter for #30 Hobart)
Steve Belichick, The Rivers School & PG year at NMH defenseman/LSM (projected to see significant time for #32 Rutgers)
Jackson Fallon, Arlington HS middie (projected starter for #41 Providence)
Evan O'Brien, The Rivers School & PG year at Phillips Exeter defenseman (projected to see significant time for #44 UVM)


Chris Langton, St. Johns Prep & PG year at NMH middie (projected starter for #5 Cornell)
Scott Austin, Duxbury HS attackman (projected to see significant time for #5 Cornell)
Mark Scalise, St. Johns Prep middie (projected to see significant time for #11 Harvard)
Gus Quinzani, Duxbury HS middie (projected to see significant time for #52 St. Joseph's)


Quinn Cully, Duxbury HS middie (projected to see significant time for #9 Notre Dame)
Jack Walker, Phillips Andover attackman (projected to see significant time for #11 Harvard)
Matt Callahan, Phillips Exeter defenseman (projected to see significant time for #31 Fairfield)

Division 2 & 3**

**again, only Top 10 D2 and Top 20 D3 teams listed in the magazine


Kevin Gould, Duxbury HS attackman (projected starter for #10 in D2 Bentley; Capt., Pre-season All-Conference & Pre-season All-American
Jeff Begin, St. Johns Prep middie (projected to see significant time for #6 in D3 Middlebury; Capt.)
Chris Teves, Wellesley HS middie (projected starter for #6 in D3 Middlebury)
Jamie Atkins, Middlesex School middie (projected starter for #8 in D3 Tufts)
Ethan Farrell, Nantucket HS middie (projected starter for #19 Lynchburg)
Eric Hagarty, Lincoln/Sudbury HS goalie (projected starter for #20 Endicott; Capt., Pre-season All-Conference & Pre-season All-American)


Jack Curtis, Chelmsford HS attackman (projected starter for #20 Endicott)


Grant Covington, BB&N goalie  (projected to see significant time for #11 Wesleyan)
Marc Flibotte, Cohasset HS middie (projected starter for #19 Bowdoin)


Tyler Page, Phillips Exeter goalie (projected to see significant time for #8 Tufts)
Max Cassidy, Phillips Exeter attackman (projected to see significant time for #12 Haverford)


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