All Star Lacrosse

11/7 UMASS Tournament Results

Five Clam teams go a combined 10-2-3 at UMASS

An Overview of the day...

Program Record - 10 Wins, 2 Losses, 3 Ties

At this Sunday's post-tournament reception, it was all smiles, as our program won ten games and lost only two in front of the 88 college coaches in attendance out at Amherst on Sunday. Some wins of local significance felt weightier than others, such as the 12-6 victory the Clams Sweet squad, a team of sophomores & juniors, enjoyed vs. the Laxachusetts senior squad, and the 7-5 victory our "Seasoned" (senior) Clams enjoyed over aggressive upstart 3D New England. But some victories over strong out-of-state opponents, such as the Clams Orange's 9-5 win over a very good 3 Tribes team out of Connecticut, and a 5-4 come-from-behind win the Rising Clam 2014 squad enjoyed vs. a competitive squad called "Moonlight" were ones to be proud of.

There were some good ties as well (if such a thing exists): Clams Blue Walker's 7-7 tie to the loaded Crimson Knights/Salisbury School (which, according to sideline banter, had over half a dozen kids committed to D1 schools), in a game which saw the team come back from a 1-5 deficit; the Rising Clam 2014 Blue squad's 4-4 tie against a stronger, older and more physical CT Stars team; and - to give credit where its due - a back-and-forth 8-8 tie our Clams Orange team experienced vs. a team of Laxachusetts sophomores (the local foe fought back tied it with just seconds remaining).

Already I'm hearing from a steady stream of coaches who were impressed by the play of all teams, including, believe it or not, a coach at a D1 program that said he couldn't walk away from watching our RC 2014's play; as he put it, "when I noticed they were freshmen I started to leave, but saw a couple great plays, and ended up staying for the whole second half - what a solid group of young players".

On the whole, our coaches felt our performance out west once again cemented our position as our region's elite club program. We did not lose to any in-state opponents, going 3-0-1 against them on Sunday. And, most importantly as a coach, each team got better as the day went on. In the select team world, practices are by necessity relatively few and far between, you have to get better at events. Again, each team did, and we couldn't be happier about this. 

Please scroll down for all scores from Sunday, some honorable mention for certain individuals, and team photos:

Game Scores

Seasoned Clams - 3 wins, 0 losses
Seasoned Clams (7) vs. 3D New England (5)
Seasoned Clams (11) vs. Admirals (3)
Seasoned Clams (7) vs. Mainiax (4)

Rising Clams 2014 Blue - 2 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie
RC 2014 Blue (5) vs. Moonlight (4)
RC 2014 Blue (4) vs. CT Stars (4)
RC 2014 Blue (7) vs. Capital District (4)

Clams Orange - 2 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie
Clams Orange (8) vs. Hudson Vallet Express (3)
Clams Orange (8) vs. Laxachusetts 2013 (8)
Clams Orange (9) vs. 3 Tribes (5)

Clams Blue Sweet - 2 wins, 1 loss
Clams Blue Sweet (5) vs. Renegades 18U Trinity Pawling (8)
Clams Blue Sweet (12) vs. Team Superstar (3)
Clams Blue Sweet (12) vs. Laxachusetts 2011 (6)

Clams Blue Walker - 1 win, 1 loss, 1 tie
Clams Blue Walker (7) vs. Crimson Knights Salisbury (7)
Clams Blue Walker (3) vs. NH Tomahawks Purple (5)
Clams Blue Walker (12) vs. Springfield LC Red (2)

Individual Praise

Because accurate stat-taking was spotty on Sunday, below will be a combination of coach's comments, statistics that we do have, and personal observations to piece together some praise worth mentioning.

Seasoned Clams - In speaking to Coaches Sam Gardner & Matt Callahan, praise started with an individual who is no stranger to it within our organization - Conor Fraylick. With 16 saves on the day, apparently Conor was "a wall". I also had Conor's coach-to-be at Fairfield Andy Copelan comment on Conor - something to the effect of we chose wisely. And indeed they did. Scoring at the midfield was led by the an individual who has more or less led the midfield in scoring for the better part of the past 2 years - Harvard-bound Murph Vandervelde (6G, 2A). Coaches were also impressed by Manhattan-bound Matt Thistle, who they said was absolutely dominant at times - he had 7 goals and 1 assist on the day. Also gaining very honorable mentions was the quick & shifty Brendan McNeill (team-high 4 assists to go along with a goal, headed to Colby), Jimmy Murphy (3G, 1A, headed to Hartford) and Charlie Suominen (2G, 1A). On the defensive end, in addition to Conor, it was long-time stalwarts Tanner Powers (UVM) and Ryan Breen (Lafayette) who held it down throughout the day.

Rising Clams 2014 Blue - In this very balanced scoring group, it is difficult to single out individuals. Whoever is singled out will inevitably leave another right behind him, also deserving of praise, not mentioned. Yet still, in watching as much of the game as I did, and speaking with Coach Troy Peters, there were standouts. Both goaltenders Kevin Lally and Dylan Gutthro had strong days. Defensive poles Mike Falzarano and Ryan Caley shined, in addition to the everpresent Tyler Martz, who was a nuisance to opposing offensive players on both sides of the field. At the face-off X, it was dominating play of Collin Orr that one could argue had as much bearing on the games' outcomes as any other single player (Troy said he could count on one hand how many face-offs he recalled Collin losing). Midfielders Foster Leboeuf and Brendan Gates were offensive leaders at midfield on the day, with 3 points apiece. Leading in the team's scoring department in the day was attackman Danny Seibel, with 2 goals and a team-high 4 assists; following right behind was Andrew Gallahue, with a team-high 4 goals.  

Clams Orange - This team, as mentioned above, was just a few seconds away from sweeping the day. As it was, they still didn't lose. And on this team there were certainly some fine efforts put forth. Coach Ron Westgate could not stop talking about the play of our north-of-the-border FOGO Joey Lefebvre. From a little known program in a little known town, Joey is proving to be very proficient at this trade, which is getting his team the ball at the face-off X. Defensively, it was a well-rounded unit, but both coaches agreed the team's success started inside the crease. Apparently both Peter Latulippe and Miles McCarthy were very strong throughout. Offensively, midfielder Jeff Vaz and Jeff Hurray were forces throughout the day; Vaz led midfielders in scoring with 5 points, and Hurray in total goals with 4. Also worthy of mention is Charlie Segar, with 4 points (3G, 1A). At attack, it was the smooth & crafty Anders Hill who topped the team in points scored with 7; solid performances were also given by Jack Rautiola and Geoff Kennedy (2G, 2A apiece).

Clams Blue Sweet - This team's stats were lost somewhere in transit, but Coach Sweet's post-tournament comments are still clear in my mind. Defenseman Taber Tyrrell drew praise from Coach Sweet, and also a college coach I spoke to yesterday. John Tocchio drew comments from both Coach Sweet and Coach Martin for his tenacity. But, again, the defense appeared to have no weak links. Between the pipes, Coach Sweet mentioned the "presence" of Blair Freidensohn - that hard-to-pinpoint quality that some goalies just have, including, in this case Blair. Midfielders sticking out to Sweet and Martin for their efforts on the day were Kyle Soroka, who has stood out throughout the fall, and the always-explosive Ben Katz, who always finds a way to get to the goal, and Chris Williams, who the coaches were nearly certain led all middies in scoring. Also solid throughout was the always steady Matt Knight, who Coach Sweet has consistently said is going to be a good one, and both Joe Ricciuti and Tim Herbert, who were invaluable in controlling the ball. At attack, it was the trio of Kevin Sainte, Joey Pasquale and Sam Sweet who appeared to show their age and relative maturity. Building on chemistry that started this past summer at the Hotbeds tournament in Delaware, we seemed to be at our best when these three were on the field and clicking, which was indeed more often than not.  

Clams Blue Walker - Clams Blue Walker had an up, then down, then back up again day; minus a lull in the middle, they played quite well. Fortunately for this team, the play of both goalies was very strong. Both Will Ryan and Chase Murphy are among the best goalies you're going to find in their respective classes, and both did everything they could to keep this team competitive. Close D man Matt Ryan (sophomore from Phillips Exeter) showed that he can almost single-handedly change a game. There is a reason many coaches that I have spoken to believe him to be one of the best defensemen in his  2013 class. Also sticking out at close "D" was the consistent and reliable play of our other Matt Ryan (yes, we have two, this one goes to Rivers and is a junior) and John Reinhardt. We had a trio of strong long stick midfielders who were all solid, but the one I've heard the most about thus far is Chase Williams. With dynamic quickness and a motor that doesn't stop, Chase tends to stand out immediately. Midfielder Nick Desisto was hard to miss on the field, and led all midfielders in points scored alongside Austin Bannister, who had some nice snipes on Sunday (both had 4 pts.). The attackmen were led in scoring by Will Jennings (2G, 4A), and in goals scored by Spencer Low (5G). I've heard a couple positive (and warranted) comments from outside observers about the play of Kevin Murphy, who had 2 points on the day. And I also want to give credit to Conor Helfrich, who was having a nice day before going down with a concussion in our second game. We very much wish him a speedy recovery.











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