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Up Lax Tournament Results

At perhaps the fall's toughest team tournament, Clams stand tall

The Up Lax tournament in Annapolis is considered by many to be the toughest team tournament in the country during the fall. We started going down last year, at the urging of one of the Directors. A D1 coach, he told me this was the event to attend in the fall. And after seeing it now for two years, I believe he is right.

This year we brought two Blue teams down. And as expected, we drew stiff competition.

Clams Sweet Blue, a team with a pretty clear mix of sophomores and juniors (and one senior sibling), went 5-1 on the day. The only loss came to the Severn School. Up 5-1 at the half in this one, Coach Sweet began to substitute a bit more liberally. And at that point, Severn was able to mount a comeback that ended with a final of 6-5. Apparently this made a switch go off for the team. For the remainder of the tournament, Clams Sweet Blue reeled off five straight wins, outscoring opponents by a 2-1 margin (46-23). Included on the streak were strong wins, including regional foe the Tomahawks (avenging an earlier loss at the UMASS tournament), and outstanding victories vs. national powers St. Mary's, a high school team nearly always ranked top ten nationally, and Denver Elite, a powerhouse of a club team who made a strong name for themselves this past summer.

Clams Walker Blue, a team made up of juniors and a few 2013's, fought their way to a decent 3-3 record. After a somewhat sub-par Saturday, where we dropped two of three, we came back and fought our way to a 2-1 record on Sunday. The highlight of the tournament for Clams Walker was a strong 7-5 win vs. a scrappy and skilled Edge 2013 team. The teachable moment of the event came during the last game on the last day. Facing a highly impressive Crabs 2013 team, we were taught a bit of a lesson in the first half. Falling prey to the intimidating reputation of a strong Maryland opponent, we were mentally outmatched, dropping 0-5 before we knew what hit us. Fortunately, we showed a valiant response, outscoring the Crabs 4-2 during the second half. While the damage had been done, I was quite pleased with our effort down the stretch.


On the whole, our 8-4 effort down in Maryland was very pleasing to all of our coaches, and should have been to our players and parents. A glaring omission yesterday, at least in my post-game talk, was to extend to all the players who invested a great deal of time, money and energy to simply get players to and from the various fall events. So, somewhat belatedly, thank you.

Our 8-4 record at Up Lax brought the overall record for our top Clam teams, Blue & Seasoned, to 25 wins, 8 losses & 1 tie. We had a 9 win, 1 loss & 1 tie record against in-state opponents. As a staff, with so many talented players returning, it's hard to imagine feeling much better about the summer we're going to have.

Below are our game scores, and players statistics. And please remember, stats are kept to the best of our ability, and what you see below regarding player stats is likely not completely correct:

Clams Sweet Blue
Record: 5-1
Game Scores
Day One
Clams Sweet Blue (5) vs. Severn (6)
Clams Sweet Blue (8) vs. Denver Elite (5)
Clams Sweet Blue (8) vs. St, Mary's (6)
Day Two
Clams Sweet Blue (8) vs. True Lacrosse (2)
Clams Sweet Blue (12) vs. Trilogy (4)
Clams Sweet Blue (10) vs. Tomahawks Gold (6)

Clams Walker Blue
Record: 3-3
Game Scores
Day One
Clams Walker Blue (4) vs. Dematha (6)
Clams Walker Blue (8) vs. True 2011 (4)
Clams Walker Blue (4) vs. Edge Juniors (7)
Day Two
Clams Walker Blue (10) vs. True Lacrosse Michigan (2)
Clams Walker Blue (7) vs. Edge 2013 (5)
Clams Walker Blue (4) vs. Crabs 2013 (6)

Individual Stats
Clams Sweet
Nick Weston: 10 goals, 8 assists
Johnny McNamara: 12 goals, 5 assists
Kevin Murphy: 8 goals, 9 assists
Geoff Ziobro: 5 goals, 1 assist
Matt Knight: 4 goals, 2 assists
Tim Herbert: 1 goal, 3 assists
Jimmy Murphy: 2 goals, 1 assist
Jake Vogl: 2 goals, 1 assist
Tyler Matses: 1 goal, 2 assists
Tyler Janvrin: 2 assists
Ray Horgan: 1 assist
Pat Wallace: 21 saves, 34 shots on goal, 61.8% save pct.
Chase Murphy: 26 saves, 42 shots on goal, 61.9% save pct.

Clams Sweet Walker
Kevin Sainte: 11 goals, 6 assists
Kyle Soroka: 4 goals, 8 assists
Sam Tenney: 6 goals, 5 assists
Joey Pasquale: 6 goals
Conor Van Duzer: 5 goals, 1 assist
Nick Desisto: 2 goals, 2 assists
Joe Ricciuti: 2 goals, 2 assists
Tyler Mckelvie: 1 goal, 3 assists
Dan Mini: 3 goals, 1 assist
Austin Bannister: 2 goals, 1 assist
Shane Hurley: 1 goal, 1 assist
Jeff Vaz: 1 assist
Blair Friedensohn: 1 assist
Blair Friedensohn: 25 saves, 36 shots on goal, 69.4% save pct.
Pete Latulippe: 17 saves, 33 shots on goal, 51.5% save pct.


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