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Here are the rosters & schedules for the Clams Orange & 2014 Clams Blue teams traveling to the Battle of the Hotbeds.

Below are the schedules and rosters for the Clams Orange and 2014 Fighting Clams Blue team heading down for the Battlle of the Hotbeds tournament at the University of Delaware.

Results, stats and a post-tournament write-ups will be posted here soon after the end of the tournament.

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GAME 1: W 5-3 vs. Conn Lax Club

GAME 2: W 11-3 vs. Golden Gate Elite Red


GAME 3: L 4-6 vs. Twist Black

GAME 4: W 5-0 vs. Team One Red

GAME 5: L 6-9 vs. Minn. Jaxx

GAME 6: L 3-4 vs. Team One Orange


GAME 7: W 8-3 vs. 413 B

GAME 8: W 14-0 vs. Nova West

GAME 9: L 1-16 vs. Florida Hammerheads

GAME 10: W 10-2 vs. LI Pride Blue


GAME 11: W 8-5 vs. Cincy Elite

The Clams Orange wrapped up a very strong summer with a 7-4 showing at Hot Beds. The Clams jumped out to a great 2-0 record with 2 wins on the first day of play. They defeated the Conn Lax Club and Golden Gate Elite.

Monday, however, was a tougher day for the Clams Orange and they would ultimately be looking at a 3-3 record at the end of the day. The Clams were defeated by Twist Black in the first game of the day but were able to get a win in the second game with a convincing 5-0 win over Team One Red. The third game of the day was called short due to lightning and unfortunately the Clams were trailing 9-6 when the skies lit up. The Clams had just begun to roll and were in a great position for a comeback when the game was called. The last game of the day was a defensive battle resulting in a 4-3 Clams loss.  Both Miles McCarthy and Andy Hook were huge in net for the Clams and were the reason that it was a close game.

Tuesday was a better day for the Clams as they posted a 3-1 record for the day, bringing them to 6-4 overall. With 2 lopsided wins to start the day, (8-3 W over 413B and 14-0 W over NoVa West), the Clams ran into a powerhouse in the Florida Hammerheads. After the Clams took their lumps against the best that FL has to offer, they finished off the day with a 10-2 win over LI Pride Blue. In the final game of the tournament, the Clams rallied from a 2 goals deficit at halftime to beat Cincy Elite, 8-5, finishing the event with a 7-4 overall record.

The Clams were led at the midfield by Michael Dellanno, Charlie Segar and Brandon Tongsberg. Thomas Stanton was a force to be reckoned with at the X and was a huge part of the team's success throughout the event. Time Herbert, Alex Mirageas, Andrew Eriksen and Shane Hurley all contributed on offense and rounded out a powerful midfield group. The attack group was led by Andrew Belli and Austin Bannister who was very willing to fill the left handed spot. Tucker Mscisz quarterbacked his attack group and along with Michael Howe, Matt Ikawa and Brian Walsh, was able to provide continued pressure against some very strong defenses. A very strong Clams defense was anchored by Nate Menninger and John Reinhardt. Matt Gorski, Tim Lauwers, Chris Ryan and Pat Dunn used potent and consistent pressure to keep opposing offenses on their heels.

All in all, a great weekend for the Clams Orange and an even better summer. After 4 tournaments, the Clams Orange achieved winning records at every event and reached 2 Championship games - taking home the title at Yale! Thanks to all that played with us this summer and we look forward to getting back out onto the field this Fall.



COMMENTS: At the end of this tournament, I sat down with the team and talked to them about the benifits of ending our summer with such a strong event.  The story I relayed to them was about the team we brought down to Hotbeds last year.  That team included now committed players Kyle Soroka, Nick DeSisto (Loyola), Jack Rautiola (Middlebury), Jared Fong (Gettysburg), Joe Ricciuti (Hamilton), Joey Pasquale (Hartford), Kevin Sainte (Springfield), and Rory Finnegan.  And that team was a rising junior/rising senior team that went 4-6.

This team, as an entirely rising sophomore team pulled out a 3-7 record, with four of those losses very winnable games.  What gave me the most pride about this team was the steady improvement over the tournament.  While the first couple of games we seemed a little over-whelmed by the scope of the tournament, the boys began settling down by the end of Monday.

Tuesday saw this team mature tremedously.  While going 2-2 on the day, each opposing coach I talked to were very suprised to hear that this was a team made up of all rising sophomores.

The best examples of maturation for this team were our games against a strong FUZE team and our last game against a tough Building Blocks squad.

FUZE was a big strong, team that had many rising seniors on their roster and they used their size well.  While we couldn't match most of them with size, we played scrappy, not backing down at any point.  The culmination of that effort came in the overtime Braveheart when goalie Kevin Lally (all 5'6", 150 lbs. of him), after making a save, came out of the net, executed a perfect "man/ball" play allowing middie Colin Orr to get the groundball, take it down the field and net the game-winner.

Our last game of the tournament pitted us against a veteran Building Blocks team that built (no pun intended) a solid lead in the first half before we buckled down and started playing focused.  While we unfortunately lost by 1 in the closing seconds, the desire, will, and effort to claw our way back into a game that was heading towards a route speaks volumns to this team's growth individually and as a unit.



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