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Best (& brightest) 2012 goalie class in the country?

With three D1 commitments, and one high D3 commitment, some have suggested the Clams 2012 goalie class is country's best

Having just learned of our fourth goalie commitment in the 2012 class, some of our program's coaches, along with other coaches in the area, have found themselves asking "might this be the best goalie class in club lacrosse country-wide"? Upon closer inspection, it might also be asked: is it the brightest?

Fact is, we knew going into the summer we had five truly exceptional 2012 goalies. One, Will Ryan (Avon Old Farms, University of Delaware), made his verbal commitment early. Internally, we knew we were faced with a possible recruiting challenge because of, as one coach called it, "an embarrassment of riches" at the goalie position. **UPDATE: Will Ryan has now committed to John Hopkins (9/15)

We anicipated a challenge in getting them all their looks. We contemplated a number of creative options to show them all off as was necessary. And now, seeing where all have landed, we feel very confident we set the stage effectively for all the keepers. And, more importantly, each siezed his opportunities.

Months passed before the next commitment after Will Ryan came. And the next commitment was the highly sought after Jared Fong (Weston HS), who was pursued by a number of D1's (including Stonybrook, Holy Cross & Dartmouth), and D3's (including NESCAC's such as Trinity, Connecticut & Amherst among others), came in mid July. Jared chose Gettysburg, and had the gratification of knowing that lacrosse did indeed get him into a better school than would have otherwise been possible. Jared was their #1 overall, (not unusual for a standout goaltender), and in this case this was a large part of the reason admission to Gettysburg was accessible to Jared.

The next two came just days apart, and really punctuated the unofficial claim as our goalie class being the club world's brightest.

After attending the Dartmouth camp in mid July, and in turn having to cross his T's and dot his I's, Blair Friedensohn (St. Johns Prep/Phillips Exeter) finalized his lengthy recruitment process and ended up Dartmouth's goalie in the 2012 class. Blair was highly sought after, by a number of D1's which included, most notably, Dartmouth rival Harvard, where a number of Clam alumni are either there or heading there.

And the last of the bunch - at least thus far - was Catholic Memorial academic & athletic standout Miles McCarthy, who chose the college widely considered to be the country's best school school: Williams. Miles, who did not come into the summer as one of our most touted, exploded onto the scene and took advantage of every opportunity he had, making a number of All Star teams that included Top 205 and Blue Chip 225 (twice). And all this, of course, in addition to him being a cornerstone of every Clam team he played on.

So with four goalies going to such tremendous schools & lacrosse programs (and one more still being aggrssively pursued by similarly strong program), the question needs to be asked: is this the best "club" goalie class in the country? With the impact this class of goalies has had, it's definitely one of them.  The most gratifying part of this whole process is that they all sought us out and we were able to give them the platform to succeed.

One thing that has helped draw such talent has been our top notch goalie staff, which includes Troy Peters (Rivers Associate Head Coach, former D2 leader in save pct. at St. Anselm), Ronnie Westgate (Wellesley Asst. Coach, former Captain at Providence College) and Alec Corliss (Keene State Asst., former starter of Keene as well), anyone who comes aboard will enjoy training & advocacy that is second to none.


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