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Clam commitments cluster at top colleges

Say it with me now: we want lacrosse to help (Johnny) get into a better college than he would without it...

If you're like 95% of lacrosse players & parents, your goal is to have lacrosse act as a means to get you into a better school than you would otherwise. And by this benchmark, the Clams 2012 class has hit the mark dead-center.

With our latest commitment, Belmont Hill midfielder Jeremy Connor to Franklin & Marshall (congratulations, Jeremy!), we now have 14 Fighting Clams in the class of 2012 committed to programs at college ranked in the US News & World Report Top 50 liberal arts college list. And with substantiated reports coming in that in the next week or two, Clam 2012 team members could commit to Colby (1), Bates (1), Union (1), another to Colorado College (1) and Holy Cross (1*), you'll have nearly half of the 2012 Fighting Clam team attending schools of this caliber. Add to this Clams currently committed to top larger colleges such as Duke, UVA, Hopkins, Tufts and UNC, and you have a stark, impressive reality written in black & white: this year, lacrosse has helped the Fighting Clams get into an exceptional cross-section of academic and athletic powerhouse institutions.

Here is the complete list of all 2012 Clams currently committed to Top 50 liberal arts colleges, as ranked by US News & World Report (and, again, expect this number to climb):

Miles McCarthy (Catholic Memorial) - committed to Williams, ranked #1
Jack Rautiola (Rivers) and Kyle Soroka (Acton-Boxboro) - committed to Middlebury, ranked #5
Conor Van Duzer (Rivers) - committed to West Point, ranked #14
Sam Sweet (Duxbury HS), Joe Ricciuti (Norwell HS) and Nate Menninger (Newton North HS) - committed to Hamilton, ranked #17
Chase Murphy (Taft), John Tocchio (Hingham HS) and Andrew Belli (St. Johns Prep) - committed to Colorado College, ranked #27
Austin Bannister (Catholic Memorial) - committed to Union, ranked #40
Jeremy Connor (Belmont Hill) - committed to Franklin & Marshall, ranked #42
Jared Fong (Weston HS) and Cam Carlyle (Westford HS) - committed to Gettysburg, ranked #47

To see the full U.S. News & World Report report, click here:

*in the interest of full disclosure, this one would be a recruited walk-on


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