All Star Lacrosse


Yale, Harvard and Hofstra revisited

Here's how the weekend shook out.

Tournament: Harvard
Record: 2-1

Comments: Once again, the stat-taking slipped through the cracks with this Seasoned team. But it is no matter, and it's time for these elders to handoff the Clam limelight to their younger brethren anyway. In short, all reports are that this team was sharp. And in their one loss, to an always-strong Bridgton program, it's sounds like the penalty box was their biggest problem (read: they couldn't stay out of it). However, on the whole, it was a successful day, and by all accounts the 2012 committed's went out on the right foot!

Tournament: Harvard
Record: 2-0-1


Game 1

Game 1 saw the Upperclassmen Blue matched up against a very solid Laxachusetts '13 Green team.  The clams struck first with a goal from Alex Keiver. After that Laxachusetts went on a four goal run making it 4-1. Through outstanding face-off play from Austin Frank and Eddie Richardson, the Clams were able to claw their way back into the game tying it at 4-4. After exchanging goals and making it 6-6, the Clams won the last draw of the game, but couldn't find the back of the net. Offensively we were led by Alec Brown 2-1 and Jesse Samek 2-0. At the Face Off X, Austin Frank was 10 of 11 with 7 GB's and Richardson was 4 of 4 with 4 GB's. Peter Latulippe also had 7 saves. The final score was 6-6.

Game 2

In Game 2 the UC Blue's were matched up against another very strong in state rival, NESLL '14 Black. This was another game that was very close until the second half when we turned it around and started playing our game. Offensively we were led by Tucker Mscisz (3-0) and Cody Carbone (2-0). Peter Latulippe had another solid game with 6 saves and Alec Brown had 4 GB's. The duo of Frank and Richardson dominated at the X once again going 11 of 12 as a team, with a combined 11 GB's between them. The final score was 10-5.

Game 3

The third game of the day was against the Prime Time Power Penguins '12'/'13 team. This game was not as hard on the UC Blue's, as they won by a commanding score of 11-3. We were led by Tucker Mscisz 2-4 and Alec Brown 3-0. Peter Latulippe made a strong 8 saves leading the defense that only allowed 3 goals. The scoring was very well spread this game with Richardson, Samek, Carbone, Mirageas, and Keiver all finding the back of the net, as well as Shektman and Jennings both dishing out assists.

-Coach Fallon

2013 AA
Tournament: Hofstra
Record: 2-1

Comments: On the whole, this past weekend was solid for the 2013 "AA"'s, going 2-1 on the day. It had symmetry as well. After cruising to a couple impressive victories, we had the inevitable "bubble-pop" at the end the brought us down in a way that could benefit the team in the long run. As any good coach will tell, there is such a thing as a good loss because of the message it sends. Ours I believe was one such loss, for reasons I'll describe below.

But first, let's start with the positives. And the first game of the day was definitely the highlight of the day. Playing a strong team out of New England known as the NE Storm (mostly Founders League players), we showed a good deal of preparedness and maturity, surging out of the gates en route to a convincing 10-2 win. The most impressive part of this game I thought was the riding by our attack and midfield. Time and time again, the attack stymied the clearing attempts of our opponents, so much so that our talented opponent was never able to get any rhythm. Frankly, I think we surprised our opponents with our energy, and I could not have been happier by our early AM performance. The leading scorer in this game was midfielder Nick Desisto, with 2 goals and one assist. Attackmen Sam Tenney, Geoff Ziobro and Johnny McNamara, as well as midfielder Kevin Murphy, each posted two points in this game. Defense was steady and solid in this game. Perhaps the most notable performance might have been given by LSM George Fay, who was dominant, and managed 5 GB's in the contest, more than twice as many as anyone else.

The next game could probably best be described as a lukewarm victory. Certainly we won decisively, beating an OK Kings Point team 13-1 that had some good top end talent, but some challenges with regards to depth. And certainly some good things were done. Yet after jumping up early, the game got a little sleepy late, and I could feel some of the crispness seen previously come out of our game. I am not necessarily upset about this per se, as these games happen. But it's tough to justify singling out individuals in a writeup form such as this. So we'll leave it short, sweet, and general: this was a decent win against an opponent that couldn't match us from a talent perspective. We'll take it. Next.

And the next game was the definitely the proverbial third wave in the set, the last block in the tower that makes it crumble, or (feel free to plug in your own saying here). Fact is, we went up against a polished Hill Academy team from Canada who had clearly prepped as a team, and it showed. They beat us 3-10, in a tough game that had all the hallmarks of a game-not-meant-be (hit pipes, refs getting under skin of players & coaches, end-of-day fatigue...the whole milkshake). Frankly, I didn't think there was a huge disparity in talent on the field. But Hill had a system they followed. And as they adhered to theirs effectively, we felt out of our fell out of our loosely implemented system...4 fall practices doesn't match up with a fall of training. Still, we didn't back down. And I found this game very helpful in terms of my ability to assess toughness, both mental and physical. D1-caliber players such as Nick Desisto, Kevin Murphy and Nick Weston, and defensive stalwarts such as George Fay and Larken Kemp continued to shine, even as things grew paler overall. In some ways, we may have tried too hard, and burned ourselves out, with excessive individual play an an abandonment of the team concepts that had shone so brightly for the two preceding games, and the entire preceding tournament (UMASS).

So now we're 5-1 on the fall, with one tough loss to both learn from, and avenge. Exceptional players on this team, both uncommitted, are beginning to emerge as college prospects. Most of these players are mentioned above. And our not-to-be-forgotten talented grinders, such as defensemen Bryan Uva, Tucker Mathers, Eric Murphy, and midfielders Nick Palandjian, Ben Katz, and Tyler Matses, all continue to log very valuable minutes, and do more and more impressive things with each passing game. Goaltenders Giles Ober and James O'Leary are steadily improving, and good thing, for we'll be relying on them come summer. 

Our final event may be our most challenging, as the Philly Showcase is reputed to be something quite special this fall. But we also have a very strong team heading down there, to play on front of what should be an impressive batch of watching, collegiate eyes. I very much look forward to ending our fall in strong fashion. With this group, I have no doubt we will.


2014 AA
Tournament: Hofstra
Record: 0-3

Comments: Sunday was a day of learning for the 2014 AA.  As the word of this team precedes it, college coaches (especially the ones that have the ears of the tournament directors) are asking to see this team matched up more and more against not just the best teams at their age, but simply the best teams. Which leads us to Sunday.

Our first game of the day was against one of two teams from the Hill Academy from Canada (yes, that Hill Academy).  The schedule said it was the Hill Academy Seniors (it was a mix of juniors, seniors and PG's).  In this type of game, what coaches are watching for is not just how the players react to the adversity, but when they do have success, is it the right way.  For us, it was.  Two goals came in transition, one in a settled offense, having to deal with the tremendous pressure the Hill defenders put on us and the fourth was on man-up.  The brightest star of the game was middie Drew O'Connell who dished out two assists and was huge in the clearing game as we adjusted to their full-field press.  Attackman Andrew Gallahue also shined with a goal and an assist.

After the game, Coach Walker told me there were a number of coaches that watched the game that called or texted him to say that they were very impressed with how we played despite the outcome.  Hey, we'll take it.

Our second game of the day was against a '13/'14 FLG team.  After allowing two quick goals, the defense anchored by Ryan Caley and Eamon O'Leary settled down and started applying constant pressure, getting the ball on the ground and allowing our middies to get possessions.  Again, it was Drew O'Connell (3G) and Andrew Gallahue (1G, 2A) that led the team in points with three apiece.  Middie Austin Gaiss also contributed a goal and provided multiple opportunities while inverting.  FOGO Colin Orr shook off the first game and came out winning seven of ten faces offs and notching a goal to boot.  Unfortunately, the early hole that we had dug ourselves ended up being the difference as we dropped the game 6-8 despite carrying much of the play in the closing minutes.

Game Three brought us a Flint Tropic team that turned out to be comprised of Hofstra commits.  After an early goal, it remained 1-0 while both teams had multiple opportunities to take command of the game.  Goalie Kevin Lally did his best to match the Flint Tropic goalie in the first half, making seven saves.  Unfortunately, at the other end we ran into a goalie that is probably the best I've seen all fall.  Flint Tropic notched a few quick goals at the end of the first half and we were unable to recover in the second despite great individual plays from Drew O'Connell, Mike Harris, and Shawn Waldron who each tallied a goal in the effort.  Defensively, Thomas Soule and Zach Ambrosino raised their game in an attempt to get us back into it, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

After our third game, the team talked and we discussed the ups and downs of the day and guys all, while not happy with the outcome of the day, were eager to learn from the experience.  We recognized what made us successful during the day and what hurt us, much of the discussion was driven by the players themselves, which for me as a coach is extremely gratifying because it shows the growth of the team.

Next up: The Philly Showcase.  And with the determined look each player had as we walked away from our last game, it should be a fun weekend in Philly.

-Coach Peters

2014 A
Tournament: Harvard
Record: 1-1-1

Comments: The Clams took the field at Harvard today with lots of energy and enthusiasm. However, in our first game against 3D Red, we had a sloppy first half. After we calmed our nerves at halftime, the Clams battled back to within one before suffering the first, and hopefully last, loss of the fall season. Tyler Powers led the comeback, with two crafty moves and two great finishes. Aaron Son, Colin Fahey, and Nolan Kislauskis were great at creating turnovers and pushing the ball in transition, while Tyler Boardo and Jimmy Cochran kept the Clams in the game with tremendous saves in net.

Game two the Clams reverted back to their usual selves as they posted a win against Primetime. In a game where the offense held the ball for most the game, Joey Cavallaro had a hat trick and Liam Kenneally netted two others to lead the Clams to a decisive 10-2 win. Pat Robinson was dominant at the faceoff X which is why we were able to possess the ball for the majority of the game.

The final game came against Laxachusetts and was a thrilling finish to good day.  Everyone played with a tremendous amount of effort for the entire game. Kaelan Fitzpatrick played tremendous short stick defense and was great in transition as well. The entire defense and both goalies played outstanding in this game and communicated very effectively, especially on a couple of long stretches of defense. Powers, Colin Feheley, and Harrison Alpaugh all netted goals while Cavallaro had the game tying goal on a beautiful feed from John Schuster. All in all, the Clams worked hard all day and I am excited to get back at it next weekend.


2015 AA
Tournaments: Yale & Harvard
Record: Yale (4-0) / Harvard (3-0)


The 2015 AA's arose bright and early on Saturday at Yale with a sense of urgency.  We wanted to play a lot better than last weekend at UMASS.  They all came out with something to prove.  And did they ever!!!
Our first matchup was with a strong CT. Chargers team that came out looking to set the tone of the game.  This was a back and forth game with the score at half being in our favor 2-1.  Each team tallied three goals in the second half, with our Rising Clams pulling out the 5-4 victory. Of the five goals, three were assisted by Cam Jung, Nick Albano, and Brooks Tyrrell.  All of our goals were put in the back of the net by five different players; Jake Foster, Daniel Grant, Nick Albano, Cam Jung, and Brooks Tyrrell.  Tim Dick, Gabe Cormier, Skyler Mickunas, and Tommy DeAngelis (the only long poles for the entire day) had multiple ground ball pick ups in this game.  Henry Donnellan stood tall in the net for this game.
Our second match-up of the day had us going against Elite Canada.  We seemed to start out very slowly...a theme for the day.  At half time we were down 1-2.  The second half saw a totally different 2015 squad.  The offense started to move themselves and the ball well.  We proceeded to put away 7 goals to finish out this game, with the final score being 8-4.  All in all the stat sheet broke down this way; Jake Foster (2g), Andrew Ward (2g), Brooks Tyrrell (2g, 1a), Nick Albano (1g), Derrick Tinsley (1g), Daniel Grant (2a), Matt O'Connor (1a), and Skylar Mickunas (1a).  Brooks and Tim Dick took the majority of face-offs for the entire day.  During this game they did an excellent job.
Our next opponent, Ridgefield, CT., saw us play about 3/4 of a complete game.  Coach Fallon and I had been harping on the team to start strong and finish the same way.  The outcome was 9-3 in our favor and it seemed that every aspect of the game was in our complete control.  Face-offs, ground ball work, clearing, riding, scoring and assisting.  All in all, out of the nine goals, 7 different players were involved.  This is where we saw the team aspect coming together.  From Henry making some key saves and then starting our clears, to the defense making the right decisions after scooping the ball or challenging there opponent, the kids were having lots of fun in this game.  One could tell that the best was yet to come.......nothing but the championship would make it a complete day!!!
Not sure if this last game against Team Rip-It had any affiliation with our last opponent at UMASS, but this game was never in doubt.  Suffice it to say, this 2015 team was not going to be denied!  This was the complete game that we as coaches challenged them to go after.  They did just that.  At half it was 6-1 in our favor, and we never looked back.  Final being 11-1.  YES!  The perfect way to end the day.  No losses against four very telling victories.  With 4 attackmen, 5 middies, four long poles, and one goalie, these guys made us very proud.  Coach Fallon and I would like to thank everyone for making this trip down to Yale possible.
Of our 33 total goals, 19 of them were assisted.  8 different players scored, and seven different players had an assist or more.  The long poles contributed with a lot of ground balls and one on one take aways.  In goal, Henry did a great job all day long.  Like I said before, Tim and Brooks shared face-offs, with each finishing close to 60%.  A solid effort by all!!!  Way to go.
From one Ivy League School to another.......the 2015 AA's kept it rolling.
As a coach I was somewhat worried about how we would be able to answer the bell after what most of this team did the day before.  Well in the first contest against the NH Tomahawks, all of my worries were washed away.  We came out strong and never let up.  At half we were up 3-0, and did not stop until it was 7-2 with a nice victory to start the day.  15 different players helped out with the most important stat of every lacrosse game; ground ball's.  Many coaches say, whoever wins the ground ball battle, usually wins the game.  This is a very accurate count, as Alex Chin, who sustained an injury at UMASS was with us even though he could not play.  A true teammate if ever there was one...thanks Alex for being there all day.  Josh Kirson started the game in goal and faced 4 shots with none going in.  Henry Donnellan took over for him in the second half, facing many strong opportunities from our foe in NH.  Brooks Tyrrell and Angus O'Rourke shared the face-off chores.  Brooks winning 4 out of 4, and Angus taking 4 out of 5.  Out of 7 goals, 6 different players accounted for them.  4 of those 7 goals were assisted.  A very solid start to the day.
Next game was against a very familiar foe.  The NESLL team came out on fire and put us down 2-1 pretty quickly.  Those were the only two goals they would have for this game.  Henry played the full game in net, because both Josh and he agreed they wanted a full game.  More on that later.  Henry faced 8 total shots in this game.  So, he played very well after those first two goals. Our goal scoring came from seven different players.  This was very significant as we tallied 8 total goals.  Of those 8 goals, 6 were assisted.  Nick Albano led all scorers with (1g, 3a).  Brooks and Angus shared face-off's again.  Angus led with a 87.5% rating.  Brooks, who was injured in this contest unfortunately didn't fare so well.  He did try to give the old college try, but to no avail.  Once again, 10 different players were stellar on ground ball work.  Darien Clay led them all with 5 ground balls.  Our defensive unit played their usual steady, hard to get by unit.  Many attackmen had troubles all day long trying to get by our unit of Gabe Cormier, Skyler Mickunas (LSM), Tim Dick, Dylan Rovers, Mack Rush, and Wes Robinson (LSM).  Oh yeah, we did win this game 8-2.
The last game seemed like both teams were much older players, with both sidelines loaded with a lot of interested folks.  Not sure if they were parents, or scouts checking out the up and coming talent.  This was a hard fought contest by both teams.  Biggest reason being many players on both squads knew each other, and it was The Clams vs. Laxachusetts.  Whenever this matchup occurs, no one wants to back down.  Bragging rights are at stake.  At half time we were up 3-0, but it seemed like it was still tied at zero.  Each team wasn't giving up an inch.  Every, and I mean every single aspect of the game was a battle.  I truly believe the biggest difference was our goalie.  Josh Kirson stood on his head.  You hear that a lot when a goalie is the difference maker.  He was!  With 17 saves out of 19 shots on goal, it was an epic performance.  Many spectators said the same thing.  All in all, we pulled out a 5-2 victory, with 5 different goal scorers, and 4 of them assisted.  Angus O'Rourke had 3 assists in this game, and was our go to face-off man (67%), as Brooks couldn't play because of his injury in the game before.  I have to give huge props to Henry Donnellan and Brooks Tyrrell for helping any way they could during this game.  They yelled and cheered on their teammates.  Once again, many players pulled their weight with excellent ground ball work.  Special thanks to Garrett Campbell, my fellow coach for the day.  I used to teach and coach this kid way back in the day.  He did a very nice job for the 2015 AA's on Sunday.  Thanks to all the parents for all your hard work this weekend.  Can't wait to head down to Maryland next weekend!!!


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