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Hotbeds Write Up

The last stop on the 2013 summer circuit, the always-challenging Hotbeds Tourney

'14/'15 A

Event Record: 4-4

Overall Summer Record: 13-10


For the last tournament of the summer, I was excited to work with a team that consisted of both 2014 and 2015 players.  When looking at the roster I knew I had a group that would put themselves in a position to win every game.

That's exactly what I got...a group that played in five games that were decided by 3 goals or less; a team that knew how to ice a game when we had the lead in the last two minutes.  Case in point: in two of our wins we possessed the ball for at least two minutes straight to end the game while playing under the old school Federation Rules of having to keep the ball in the box.

Offensively, every short-stick player had at least one goal in the tournament.  Leading the way were two Rivers School attackmen, Shaun O'Hare (12G, 4A) and Sam Cleveland (6G, 8A).  The next major offensive threats came from an alternating mix of midfield and attack, as Ian Maag (8G, 2A - Phillip Andover), Pat Ward (9G - Canton HS), Sam Frick (6G, 2A - St. John's Prep), and Alex Notman (3G, 4A - Nobles & Greenough) provided a consistant wave of pressure.  This balance allowed our team to attack from all parts of the field and made it difficult for opponents to match up.  Most of our offense came from the possessions that face-off man Noah Gilbert gave us, going 64 out of 96 (66.7% win percentage) at the "X".

Defensively, it was a revolving door of solid play from each of our poles.  Colin Fahey (St. John's Prep/Lynchburg) and Christian Fay (Loomis Chaffee) where great on ground balls, starting transition when given the opportunities. Reid Knapp (Weston HS) and Brett Clark (St. Paul's School, NH) were monsters in the middle taking away crease feeds with their presence and reach, while Miles Matule (St. George's) and Sam Reardon (The Rivers School) brought tenacious pressure on ball and well timed doubles throughout the tournament.  Backstopping the effort where Nathan Masalek (Marblehead HS) and Henry Gjesteby (Winchester HS), both posting save percentages over fifty percent and helping to start quick transition off of many of those saves.

The best part of the weekend was finishing with two strong wins, posting a total of 18 goals, 10 of them assisted in the two contests.  It showed to me that each player was getting stronger throughout the event, assimilating feedback quickly and implementing that feedback right away.  As a coach, that is one of the most gratifying things to see.

Great job, Gentlemen!


Sunday 7/21

GAME 1: L 4-5 vs. Northport

Monday 7/22

GAME 2: W 9-3 vs. FUZE 2014

GAME 3: L 7-10 vs. Primetime 2014

GAME 4: W 7-3 vs. Baggataway 2015

Tuesday 7/23

GAME 5: L 5-6 vs. 413 Bears

GAME 6: L 4-5 vs. Florida Navy

GAME 7: W 8-6 vs. Canandaigua Academy

Wednesday 7/23

GAME 8: W 10-3 vs. Superstars 2016



Shaun O'Hare (12g,4a,3gb)

Sam Cleveland (6g,8a,3gb)

Ian Maag (8g,2a,5gb)

Pat Ward (9g,2gb)

Sam Frick (6g,2a,7gb)

Colin Feheley (3g,4a,2gb)

Alex Notman (3g,4a,12gb)

Harrison Alpaugh (2g - injured in 2nd game)

JR Barnes (2a,1gb)

Will Wooten (2g,9gb)

Noah Gilbert (1g,48gb,64/96 FO 66.7%)

Dave Kasten (1g,2gb)

Reid Knapp (1g,6gb)

Miles Matule (11gb)

Christian Fay (10gb)

Colin Fahey (8gb)

Brett Clark (6gb)

Sam Reardon (5gb)

Nathan Masalek (28 saves,Save Percentage 57.1%,2GB)

Henry Gesteby (23 saves,Save Percentage 52.3%,1GB)



Event Record: 6-2

Overall Summer Record: 26-10


The ‘15AA Clams wrapped up their Summer 2013 Tour with a 6-2 record at Battle of the Hotbeds, a fitting end to a very exciting and productive campaign. The rising Junior Clams complete the two-month Summer ’13 Season with an impressive 26-10 record.

Throughout the Summer, this ‘15AA group has seen several players really escalate their game, and the group at Hotbeds had quite a few of them. Brooks Tyrrell (Marblehead HS) and Jake Foster (Westborough HS) were close to dominant in the midfield. Brooks displayed jaw-dropping speed and strength and Jake showed off a powerful outside shot with his feet set and on the run. Will Richardson (Groton School) and Zach Elkinson (Holliston HS) were amazing at the face-off X. Over the eight game tournament, Will and Zach were a combined 85-for-107 at the X – that is 79.4%. A very exciting part of the Clam defensive effort in Delaware was the 1-2 punch from LSMs Darien Clay (Newton North) and Skyler Mickunas (’16, Trinity-Pawling). These two were excellent in transition, 1-on-1 coverage and were methodical in their approach to taking the ball away, gaining possession and starting transition – they were fun to watch and were a big part of our success at Hotbeds.

In the final tournament of the Summer, the Clams took wins from their first three opponents with victories over Old School ’15 (10-5), Fuze (14-2) & Western MA’s 413 Bees (10-3). Joey Manown (La Salle/Duke) paced the offense with a half dozen goals over the first three games. As was often the case this Summer, Joey garnered offensive MVP honors with 20 points over the 8-game stretch. The ‘15AA Clams got a little too comfortable and dropped games to NY Powerhouse Smithtown West (9-4) and Building Blocks (11-6). However, in fitting fashion, the Clams rallied going into the next showdown - this time with the Florida Young Guns. In a great back-and-forth battle that was tied at the half and again with 3 minutes remaining, the Clams took control of the closing minutes thanks to a few key FO wins by Elkinson and Richardson and took a 10-7 victory in a torrential rainstorm. Joey Manown contributed 5G and 1A in the win and the face off guys were a combined 13-for-15. The ‘15AA Clams closed out the Summer 2013 Season with convincing wins over LI Pride Gold (12-5) and PrimeTime ’15 (8-3).

It has been a very exciting Summer for this group of very talented Clams. The ‘15AA Clams competed at Baltimore Kickoff (2 teams), King of the Hill (2 teams), UMBC Shootout & Battle of the Hotbeds and saw the toughest schedules we could put in front of them. They finished the Summer with a hard-fought 26-10 record. Congratulations.



Sunday 7/21

GAME 1: W 10-5 vs. Old School

GAME 2: W 14-3 vs. FUZE 2015

Monday 7/22

GAME 3: W 10-3 vs. 413 Bees

GAME 4: L 9-4 vs. Smithtown West

Tuesday 7/23

GAME 5: L 11-6 vs. Building Blocks

GAME 6: W 10-7 vs. Florida Young Guys

GAME 7 Consolation: W 12-5 vs. LI Pride

Wednesday 7/23

GAME 8 Consolation: W 8-3 vs. PrimeTime



*Joe Manown (17g,3a,6gb)

Kerry Lyne (12g,5a)

Stephen DeLeo (7g,3a)

Brooks Tyrrell (5g,4a)

Tanner Williams (6g,3a,1gb)

Cam Jung (7g,2a)

Ben Sommers (5g,3a,1gb)

Dylan Schlange (6g,1a)

Jake Foster (6g,1gb)

Zack Elkinson (2g,2a,3gb,FO 36/42 86%)

Will Christiansen (1g,1a)

*Darien Clay (2a,6gb)

Will Richardson (1g,1gb,FO 49/65 75%)

*Skylar Mickunas (8gb)

Owen Ward (2gb)

Jake Canepari (1gb)

Cam Wolfe (1gb)

Tyler Boardo (Save Percentage 60%)

Henry Donnellan (Save Percentage 49%)

* Indicates All-Star Selection




Event Record: 5-3

Overall Summer Record: 11-12

COMMENTS: Positive first...this tournament was the 2016 team's best of the summer. For the majority of the event, minus a few hiccups, it showed the culmination of all the hard-earned progress this team has made during the gauntlet of a schedule we laid out for them, by far the toughest we've ever presented to a Rising Sophomore team.

The 5-3 result and playoff berth were impressive on their own. Even more impressive were the seven - count 'em, seven! - 2016 All Stars our players earned. What a source of pride this was, for our program, and for each an every player earning this prestigious honor.

The highlight of the tournament could very easily have been our response after a tough one goal loss in game #1, when we bounced back in game #2 to beat a talented Baggatway 2016 team (a game that clearly laid the groundwork for our 5 game winning streak). But I feel the highlight was the 8-6 win vs. True Michigan. Right out of the gate, anyone could see we were tired and off our game. Earlier in the summer, this would have proved an insurmountable obstacle; when we started slow, we often ended slower. Not this time - behind a monster offensive game from Alex Parent, notching 4 goals (worth noting: Alex is fresh off a month-long injury, and came out blasting throughout), an equally impressive defensive performance from McCrae Williams (8 saves), and timely goals from Abdullah Nassif, Tim Seibel and Ryan Parsons, the boys stormed back, outscoring the True Mich team 6-2 for the hard-earned win. Perhaps even more impressive than the individuals mentioned above was the stifling second half defense from Tim Dick, Josh White and Ben Snow. Once this defensive group began to attack, it was game over right quick.

I would not be completely forthright if all I mentioned were the positives. Worn down and tired by the end (by then we were down 4 players due to injury), we stumbled in our final couple games. This showed that despite our clear progress, some improvements to the team are necessary to make our 2016 AA one of the nation's truly elite teams. Afterward, I reminded the team that we are hard at work the ensure the necessary tweaks are made the put the finishing touches on the evolution of this 2016 AA squad. Come fall, this team will be significantly closer to its final version than it has been to date. After witnessing how far it came from the beginning of summer to the end, I - for one - cannot wait for the year to come.  For as good as the previous couple "AA" Clam teams have been, I truly believe this group has the potential to match or even exceed the cumulative achievements of their predecessors.


Sunday 7/21

GAME 1: L 9-8 vs. Minnesota Elite 2016

GAME 2: W 7-6 vs. Baggataway 2016

Monday 7/22

GAME 3: W 6-1 vs. Kings Park

GAME 4: W 10-4 vs. Superstar 2016

Tuesday 7/23

GAME 5: W 11-0 vs. FUZE 2016 Gold

GAME 6: W 8-6 vs. True Michigan 2016

GAME 7 PLAYOFFS: L 14-6 Minnesota Elite 2017

Wednesday 7/23

GAME 8 Consolation: L 11-4 vs. Minnesota Elite 2016



*Ryan Parsons (9g,7a)

Alex Parent (12g,4a,2gb)

Ben Sudduth (5g,7a,3gb)

*Abdullah Nassif (8g,2a,2gb)

Timmy Seibel (3g,6a)

Brandon Grinnell (5g,2a,1gb)

*Andrew Cox (2g,3a)

Harrison Gray (3g,2a,3gb)

Ryan Gillis (2g,2a,1gb)

Jack Suominen (2g,1a,1gb)

Jimmy Lampert (2g,1a,1gb)

*Charlie Katz (2g)

Billy Guarente (2g)

Ben Snow (1g,1gb)

Dillion Fitzpatrick (1g)

*Tim Dick (1a,5gb)

*Josh White (2gb)

Lee Petrini (2gb)

Andrew Ward (1gb)

Sean Cox (1gb)

Caleb Getto (Save Percentage 42%)

McCrae Williams (Save Percentage 58%)

* Indicates All-Star Selection


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