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Clams Summer 2013 vs. Summer 2012

Comparing the Summer '13 to Summer '12 season results shows marked improvement program-wide.

With the conclusion of the Battle of the Hotbeds tournament this past week, the Clams' Summer 2013 Tour has now offcially come to a close.  As we always do, we take a look back to take stock of how the tour went when looking at in its entirety. Needless to say, we liked what we saw, undoubtedly showing a program moving in the right direction. 

To give a bit of perspective, we pulled up the results from last July at the same events, and the final records from the Summer 2012 Tour.  Here's what we found:

2014 AA RECORD: 18-4 2014 AA RECORD: 14-11
2015 AA RECORD: 26-10 2015 AA RECORD: 21-17
2014 A & '15/'16 A RECORD: 32-17-3 '13/'14 A (2 TEAMS) RECORD: 28-21-2
UMASS (2014 AA): 5-0 UMASS (2014 AA): 3-2
UMASS (2014 A & '15/'16 A): 6-3-1 UMASS ('13/'14 A, 2 teams) : 6-6
UMBC SHOOTOUT (2014 AA): 6-2 UMBC SHOOTOUT (2014 AA): 6-2
UMBC SHOOTOUT (2015 AA): 4-4 UMBC SHOOTOUT (2013 AA): 4-4
YALE ('15/'16 A): 3-3-2 YALE ('13/'14 A): 6-2
HOTBEDS (2015 AA): 6-2 HOTBEDS (2015 AA): 6-6
HOTBEDS (2014 A): 4-4 HOTBEDS ('13/'14 A, 2 teams): 10-12-1

2014 AA

RECORD: 18-4

The record for this team pretty much says all that you need to know about the talent of this group, but it can't convey just how much fun this group is to watch and coach.  With a relatively light summer schedule in terms of amount of overall lacrosse played (yeah, we've gotten to a point where four events is a "light" schedule"), the 14AA's posted an 18-4 record with two semi-final appearances (UMBC Shootout and Philly Showcase) to go along with two undefeated performances (Harvard Crimison Classic and UMass Mid-Summer Classic).

Even more enjoyable was seeing the comeraderie of the players.  Watching this team on and off the field, you felt like this team had been together for years, which of course they have.  Even players that joined the team later in their high school careers found themselves instantly brought into the fold, as if they had been members from the beginning.

This all helped bring them the success they deserved, both as a team and as individuals.

Great job, gentlemen!  It's been a pleasure.

-Coach Peters

(Coach Peters final "Blub, blub!)


Ian Maag (M, Phillips Andover - PG)
Eamon O'Leary (D, St. John's Prep)
Greg Plumb (M, Belmont Hill; Committed to Williams)
Thomas Soule (D, Nobles & Greenough)












(Picture from the Philly Showcase, the team's last event of the summer)

2014 A (RECORD: 13-10): Resiliency is the best term to use to encapsulate this team.  In their first event of the summer, they posted a 3-0 record at a strong Harvard Crimison Classic event.  Then at Gait Cup, they bounced back after losing three straight to make a playoff run to the semi-finals (this included two one-goal victories).

The UMass Mid-Summer Classic showed again this team's ability to bounce back after a lopsided 2nd game loss.   The team then rattled off two straight wins en route to a solid 3-2 record in the event's toughest bracket.  Hotbeds continued this trend as we lost one, then won one, won one, then lost one.  In our final two outings of the event, true to form, the boys got the best of their final two opponents in hard-fought contests, ending 4-4.

This "never quit attitude" makes working with this team so easy to buy into.  It is also the reason that many of these players are starting to get the collegiate attention they deserve.  College coaches are, quite simply, seeing the atitudes and skills they desire. And they should...there's a lot to like.


Tyler Boardo (G, Tabor Academy)
Joe Cormier (M/FO, Acton/Boxboro HS)
Sam Reardon (D, The Rivers School)

(Picture from UMass)

2015 AA (RECORD: 26-10): The 2015 AA teams results were flat-out impressive on their own. The team, coached by Head Coaches Ron Westgate and Tim O'Brien, took a team that was 21-17 last summer and led them to a 26-10 record this summer. This dramatic uptick in performance is made all the more impressive by the fact that at our first couple events of the summer, our AA crew actually split in two. We had long discussions about this internally before the summer. We didn't want to "split" to weaken the teams, and if we felt it would result in losing records, we wouldn't do it. On the flip side, it would increase playing time, recruiting exposure and number of All-Stars if we took the gamble and it worked out. We decided it was worth the risk.

And work out it did. Coming out of the first two events, the Baltimore Kickoff and King of the Hill, we found ourselves with a 16-4 summer, even with the split. Every bit as important, we had 13 All-Stars recognized in our first two tourneys, a number we definitely would not have reached had we decided against splitting. Playing time worked out, and all the players managed to step up their efforts accordingly, leading to the great start to the summer.

After a long break between events #2 & #3, the boy looked rusty, fighting their way to a sub-par 4-4 performance an the always-grueling Under Armour Shootout (where the boys had to slog away in 100+ degree heat each day). The '15 AA's got back on the horse effectively in their final event that began less than a week later, posting a solid 6-2 mark at the Hotbeds Tournament in Delaware.

Now, as we head into August, several of our top players find themselves right on the cusp of making their college commitments. Their performance this past summer, both with the Clams and without, have managed to put them and the Clam program on a short list of teams that coaches will make a point not to miss throughout the upcoming year!


Tyler Boardo (G, Tabor Academy)
Josh Kirson (G, The Rivers School)
Skylar Mickunas (LSM, Trinity-Pawling)
Chris Titone (D, St. John's Prep)

Zach Ambrosino (D, Taft; Committed to Virginia)
Henry Behrens (M, Masconomet HS/Phillips Exeter)
Darien Clay (LSM, Newton North HS)
Andrew Gallahue (A, St. John's Prep; Committed to Villanova)
Tre Galligan (M, Brewster Academy)
JT Kelly (M, Acton/Boxboro HS)
Josh Kirson (G, The Rivers School)
Joe Manown (A, Lasalle Acadmey; Committed to Duke)
Mack Rush (D, Belmont Hill)

Darien Clay (LSM, Newton North HS)
Joe Manown (A, Lasalle Academy; Committed to Duke)
Skylar Mickunas (LSM, Trinity-Pawling)*
*Skyler is a reclassified 2016 who played up at this event

(Picture from Hotbeds)

2016 AA (OVERALL RECORD: 11-12): The Clams '16 AA team made steady, consistent progress throughout the summer. And while their overall summer record is not a record we strive for in this program, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this was the toughest schedule we have ever given a freshman Clam team. In years past for our first year Clams, we have alternated a bit between manageable local tournaments where a winning record is more or less guaranteed, and very challenging national events where a winning record must be very hard-earned. This year we chose the latter for all of our summer events. And in the long run, every player on this team will benefit from the decision.

One remarkable fact I would like to point out about this '16 AA team is that it had a jaw-dropping 15 All Stars named at the summer's four event's, culminating in 7 at the Hotbeds event in Delaware. To sit there and watch those players play on the final night of the tournament could only invoke a deep sense of pride; knowing that this '16 AA team would be the only one of the Clams three teams in attendance to make the event's playoffs, watching the goal line to goal line spread of college coaches sitting on their little beach chairs jotting notes, one could not help but be struck by the undeniable fact this team's future is extremely bright.

I think a the Head Coach of a nearby D1 program said it bext after watching our 2016's play multiple times throughout the month of July: "your '16's are legit". Couldn't have said it better myself. Now we just have to find a way to be "legit" all of the time, not some of it. I am certain we'll accomplish this in the coming year.


Ward Mahoney

Tim Dick (D, The Rivers School; Committed to Georgetown)
Alex Parent (A, Central Catholic HS)
Ryan Parsons (A, The Rivers School)
Josh White (D, Nobles & Greenough)
McCrae Williams (G, Weston HS)

Abdullah Nassif (M, Hanover HS)
Ryan Parsons (A, The Rivers School)

Andrew Cox (M, St. John's Shrewsbury HS)
Tim Dick (D, The Rivers School; Committed to Georgetown)
Charlie Katz (M, Westboro HS)
Abdullah Nassif (M, Hanover HS)
Ryan Parsons (A, The Rivers School)
Josh White (D, Nobles & Greenough)
Skyler Mickunas (LSM, St. Johns Prep/Trinity-Pawling)*
*played for the '15 AA team at this event

(Picture from Philly Showcase)

2015/2016 A (OVERALL RECORD 19-7-3): Sometimes working with blended class teams can be a challenge because it takes longer for chemistry to build.  This was not one of those cases.

This group showed a trust in one another quicker than some older teams, and played with a spirit and intensity all their own.  This lead to a 9-1-1 combined record at Harvard (the only event we split into two grade-specific "A" teams) and then a 4-2 record at Gait Cup with a 3-1-1 record at UMass and a 3-3-2 tally at Yale. While some of the program's AA teams tended to play with what could be described as a singularity of focus and purpose that often appeared workmanlike, the A teams, especially this one, seemed to play with a true enthusiasm and energy. For much of the summer, it seemed like they were simply - dare I say it - having flat-out, unfiltered fun when playing. If not, if they shared some of the everpresent anxiety out on the recruiting circuit (and it's hard to believe they didn't), this group certainly found a way not to show it, at least during the times I watched them.

It's said that a program's true test is taken by it's "least experienced" team.  If that's the case, this team passed with flying colors. This group cannot be overlooked in the months and years to come, as the foundation is clearly there for a promising future in this game.


Alex Chin (M, Shrewsbury HS)
Max Cushman (M, Loomis Chaffee)
JT Kelly (M, Acton/Boxboro HS)
Ryan McCaffrey (M, The Rivers School)

(Picture from the UMass Mid-Summer Classic)

At the end of June, we did a comparison between June 2012 and June 2013: Click HERE to read.


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