All Star Lacrosse

2013 Summer Circuit All-Stars

It was a big summer for Clams being named All fact, it was the program's biggest yet


#All-Star Game Appearances 2014 Class 2015 Class 2016 Class
3 All-Star Games

Darien Clay (LSM, Newton North HS) *King of the Hill/Hotbeds/Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Joe Manown (A, Lasalle Academy; Committed to Duke) *King of the Hill/Hotbeds/Baltimore Summer Kickoff


Ryan Parsons (A, The Rivers School) *King of the Hill/Philly Showcase/Hotbeds

Tim Dick (D, The Rivers School;Committed to Georgetown) *King of the Hill/Hotbeds/Baltimore Summer Kickoff

2 All-Star Games

Tyler Boardo (G, Tabor Academy) *Baltimore Summer Kickoff/Gait Cup

Josh Kirson (G, The Rivers School) *Baltimore Summer Kickoff/King of the Hill

JT Kelly (M, Acton/Boxboro HS) *King of the Hill/Gait Cup

Andrew Gallahue (A, St. John's Prep; Committed to Villanova) *King of the Hill/Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Tre Galligan (M, Brewster Academy) *King of the Hill/Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Abdullah Nassif (M, Hanover HS) *Philly Showcase/Hotbeds

Josh White (D, Nobles & Greenough) *King of the Hill/Hotbeds

Skyler Mickunas (LSM, Trinity-Pawling; Committed to the University of Pennsylvania)  *Hotbeds (played up 15AA's at this event)/Baltimore Summer Kickoff

1 All-Star Game

Ian Maag (M, Phillips Andover - PG) *Philly Showcase

Eamon O'Leary (D, St. John's Prep) *Philly Showcase

Greg Plumb (M, Belmont Hill; Committed to Williams) *Philly Showcase

Thomas Soule (D, Nobles & Greenough) *Philly Showcase

Joe Cormier (M/FO, Acton/Boxboro HS) *Gait Cup

Sam Reardon (D, The Rivers School) *Gait Cup

Alex Chin (M, Shrewsbury HS) *Gait Cup

Max Cushman (M, Loomis Chaffee) *Gait Cup

Ryan McCaffrey (M, The Rivers School) *Gait Cup

Mack Rush (D, Belmont Hill) * King of the Hill

Zach Ambrosino (D, Taft; Committed to Virginia) *King of the Hill

Henry Behrens (M, Masconomet HS/Phillips Exeter) *King of the Hill

Chris Titone (D, St. John's Prep) *Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Angus O'Rourke (M, St. Sebasitan's)
*Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Nick Albano (A, Beverly HS)
*Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Mike Harris (A, Hyde School) *Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Brooks Tyrrell (M, Marblehead HS) *Baltimore Summer Kickoff

Ward Mahoney (M, Dexter) *Baltimore Summer Kickoff

McCrae Williams (G, Weston HS) *King of the Hill

Alex Parent (A, Central Catholic HS) *King of the Hill

Andrew Cox (M, St. John's Shrewsbury HS) *Hotbeds

Charlie Katz (M, Westboro HS) *Hotbeds

Caleb Mahoney (D, The Rivers School) *Baltimore Summer Kickoff










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