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Clam Fast Facts

A few interesting discoveries as we looked back at our Clam history.

As we were preparing information for our latest Clam outreach and gathering info for our new Clam website (hopefully launches as soon as next week), we found some interesting facts that we feel our Clam community will enjoy. These fast facts, are just a small amount of data that we have collected over the 14 year history of the Clam program.  They are snap shot into not only the history of our program, but what looks to be our eventual future, if patterns continue to hold true.

Either way, they are a great look at how successful the Clam program has been for more then a decade.

Top Gun Fighting Clams Fast Facts:

- The first Clam class to split from one team to two was the class of 2008.

- The first Clam class to be split by grad year was the 2011 class.

- Since 2003, when the Top Gun All Stars switched their name to the Top Gun Fighting Clams, 440 Clams have gone on to (or are committed to) play NCAA lacrosse.

- From 2006-2014, an average of 15 players per class have gone onto play D1 lacrosse.

- Since 2003, 81 Clams have gone on to play (or are committed to play) at a NESCAC institution, making it the most popular conference with Fighting Clams (31% of all Clams who played D3 lacrosse).

- The most popular D1 conference for Clams going onto play college lacrosse is the Ivy League, where 30 Clams have gone onto (or are committed to) play.

- The college where the most Clam have gone onto play is Trinity, where 17 have either gone onto play, are currently playing, or have committed to play since Clam record-keeping began in 2003.

- The Ivy League college where the most Clams have gone onto play is Harvard University, with 8.

- There are 13 schools where four or more Clams have gone to (or are committed to attend) that have successfully completed the entirety of their lacrosse careers; they are Duke, Virginia, Notre Dame, Colgate, Middlebury, Tufts, Wesleyan, Bowdoin, Bentley, Franklin & Marshall, Hartwick, Lynchburg and Springfield.


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Clam Fast Facts

A few interesting discoveries as we looked back at our Clam history.


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