Categories: clam_chatter
      Date: Aug 20, 2009
     Title: Clams #4 in latest ranking
Ranked #8 heading into summer, Clams climb to #4 as season concludes

Coming into the summer, we were pleasantly surprised to turn the pages of INSIDE LACROSSE's July edition to see that the Clams had earned a #8 ranking heading into the summer season. This ranking was based on a numbers of factors, including but not limited to players on the roster, program reputation and previous performances.

So imagine my surprise when I received an email saying in their summer "Recruiting Round-up", we'd climbed to #4. Listening to them tell it, I realized we had earned it.

I'm proud of all our players and their hard work on the field, and to all their parents for shuffling the boys to and from this tournament and that tournament. It's a team effort indeed. And everyone in the program, including our 9th/10th grade Rising Clams and our 7th/8th grade Littlenecks (who won their last tournament in Long Island in convincing fashion) should take pride in the ranking and enjoy the moment, but certainly should not let it go to their heads.

Read more about the ranking, and other teams on the list, below: