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      Date: Aug 12, 2009
     Title: D3 commitments begin; D1 commitments continue
The first two Clam D3 commitments of Summer '09 accompany Clam D1 commitments #12 and #13

As we have now passed the beginning of the D1 summer '09 quiet period, I figured it'd be a good time to take inventory of our latest Summer '09 Clams commitments. And the impressive college program placements have continued.

First it was Grant Neumann, a defenseman from Natick HS, who informed me in late July that he had committed to Trinity College. This came after Grant had considered a number of strong NESCAC options, including most recently Colby. A very strong student, Grant had the good fortune of his academic profile as well as his athletic prowess opening many doors.

Next up was our second NESCAC commitment of the summer, coming from Spencer Macquarrie, a midfielder from Phillips Andover. Spencer's commitment came after he'd considered - and been considered by - a number of D1 programs, including but not limited to UPenn, Harvard, Yale, Brown & Colgate. However - and by the way this is not the first time this has happened with Clams & Middlebury - Spencer took a trip up to Middlebury, met Coach Campbell, fell in love with everything about the place, and committed shortly after returning home. As a former D3 player who had considered numerous D1 programs myself, I always quitely pump my fist when D1-caliber players go to strong D3 programs. Without going on a rant about why I feel this way, let's just say I think it's a really good thing.

Two more D1 commitments then followed in rapid succession. First it was standout Duxbury d-man JB Marston, who followed in his brother's footsteps in heading down to Quinnipiac. JB had been considered from programs ranging from Syracuse earlier in the summer, to more recently a list of other D1's including but not limited to University of Hartford and Providence. Then came the commitment of Middlesex goaltender Conor Murphy, who decided on Colgate after a circuitous route throughout the month of July. Most recently it came down to Bryant and Colgate  for Conor, but throughout the month other programs including Colby, Providence, Sacred Heart and Fairfield had been in pursuit of Conor.

These players, along with the other Summer '09 "commits" below bring the total to 15. And this does not include a couple more Clams who have all but committed to Ivy league programs, but do not want this listed because Ivy League programs do not offer "guarantees. Nor does it include the several Clams who are right on the cusp of making their decisions. As always, I'll keep you posted as the process evolves.

Again, the other Clam commitments are listed below.

-Coach Walker

Spencer Macquarrie, midfield, Phillips Andover - MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE

JB Marston, defense, Duxbury HS - QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY

Conor Murphy, goaltender, Duxbury HS - COLGATE UNIVERSITY

Grant Nuemann
, defense, Natick HS - TRINITY COLLEGE

Mark D'addario
, midfielder, Peabody HS - SIENA

James Fahey,
defenseman, St. Johns Prep - UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS

Pat Hart
, defenseman, Martha's Vineyard - ARMY (WEST POINT)

Derek West
, midfielder, Peabody HS - UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE

Makar Zaverucha
, goaltender, Duxbury HS - BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY

Zach Brown, attackman, Governors Academy - TOWSON UNIVERSITY

Geordie Carrick, LSM, The Rivers School - FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY

John Fitzgerald, attackman, The Rivers School/Hingham HS - SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY

Jordan Greenfield, attackman, The Rivers School - FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY

Eric Slingerland*, midfielder, Phillips Exeter - GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY

Frankie Wheeler-Larusso, midfielder, Catholic Memorial - FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY