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      Date: Oct 12, 2009
     Title: Clam Alumni Fall Updates
Former Clams are using their fall performances to stake claims on spring positions.

At this time of year in my position, I start to hear more and more about former Clams doing well at the next level. These reports come in dribs and drabs, and by no means offer a complete picture of every former Clam currently playing in college who is doing well. But I had heard enough of it to this point that I felt compelled to share some of it with our current Clams, as well as others who enjoy following the successes of the current college Clams. Here goes:

Last week I heard that a pair of Cornell sophomores saw significant time playing in a fall ball tournament last weekend which pitted Cornell, Penn State and Bucknell together in an afternoon of round-robin play. In reading the report (also posted on Inside Lacrosse, see links below), I saw that former Clams Chris Langton (sophomore, St. Johns Prep) and Scotty Austin (sophomore, Duxbury) saw significant time.

Langton appears in the early going to be poised to be a starting middie this spring, where he and another midfielder Roy Lang "combined for at least a half dozen goals on the afternoon". Austin seems to have the inside track for the third attack spot this spring, as he has seen significant time there in the early going.
In one of the shockers of the weekend, Harvard defeated Syracuse 10-6, and also got the best of Hobart. While this report is strictly word of mouth, I was told that freshman Jack Walker (Phillips Andover) scored a goal against Hobart, and added an assist vs. Syracuse. In a separate report I learned that another former Clam, Mark Scalise (sophomore, St. Johns Prep) appears in the early going to have the inside track for a spot on either the first or second line this spring, and that he played quite well this past weekend.
In a report that should come as no surprise, Chris Nixon (Duxbury HS) of Georgetown appears poised to have a great year for Georgetown. From the link below: "The defense is settled - Ehrmann, fellow senior Chris Nixon, Eric Bicknese and junior Dan Hostetler are the four guys."

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Other reports streaming into my office via phone and/or email have said that Matt Callahan (freshman, Fairfield) appears to be one of the program's top new recruits...In Lynchburg's first fall ball tournament of 2009, Derek Sweet (freshman, Duxbury) was playing with first attack unit...Connor Baldwin (St. Johns Prep/Northfield Mt. Hermon) is playing "very well" in the early going, and to this point his play suggests he will see steady time this spring for the Denison Big Red

More is sure to come, and as updates come to me I'll do my best to pass them on in a relatively timely manner.