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      Date: Nov  3, 2009
     Title: Clam Fall '09 Begins
Clam teams off to impressive 7-1-3 start; Fighting Clam teams suffer no losses

This past Sunday, we had three different Clam teams competing at two different tournaments. A Fighting Clam team consisting primarily of current juniors headed down to the MXP Tournament at Rutgers. Another Fighting Clam team, comprised of both juniors and seniors, and a Rising Clam team, stayed closer to home to compete at the Harvard Fall Crimson Classic.

Why send teams to two different tournaments on the same day? Well, there's method to our madness there. Based on our personal observations over the past couple of years, we believe - due to geography and perhaps an overall slightly heightened level of competition - that coaches attend the Rutgers MXP in greater numbers than the Harvard tournament. This appeared to be the case again this year. So the squad attending the Rutgers event featured a pretty good representation of the Clam program's best college lacrosse prospects in the 2011 class (minus a few due to injury, illness, and high school sports conflicts).

The Fighting Clam squad at Harvard - a group that will stay roughly intact at UMASS this coming Sunday (under the title Fighting Clams Orange) - are a number of our best senior Clams who wanted to stay sharp in the off-season, coupled with a handful of juniors who preferred to stay closer to home this past weekend. Seeing as a good percentage of this team's seniors know where they're going to college next year, the convenience of the Harvard event made it a far more appealing option.

The Rising Clams, as the name of course suggests, are our next wave of Fighting Clams. Roughly half of these players are already registered to be Fighting Clams for this coming summer. The rest are competing hard to earn that same invitation (and reports are that a few may have taken large strides toward earning one this past Sunday). The Rising Clams are a predominately sophomore group, with a few freshmen, a few juniors, and even one particularly advanced 8th grader.

Below you will find as thorough a statistical profile of each team's performance as we can provide. Please do keep in mind that generally it is a player - often a backup goalie - keeping these stats. In many cases it's a young man who has never done it before. In other words, the stats below will by no means be completely accurate. But they will offer a pretty good written snapshot of the way the fall began for our three squads.

Note: I am going to shy away from highlighting in written praise any personal performances at this time. Reasons for this are two-fold. First, because this was only the beginning of our fall, I'd like us to progress a little further in our overall understanding of team concepts/play before singling out individuals. Second, seeing as coaches do sometimes visit this site and read these writeups, I do not want to personally sway what they might have seen in such a public forum. In other words, if a college coach wants my opinion, I prefer speaking to that coach in private. (And already I've spoken or emailed with well over a dozen, based simply on observations from this past weekend).

Without further delay, here goes. Again, congrats to all for a strong start to fall '09:

Record: 4-0
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Game 1: Fighting Clams (9) vs. LI Wolves Red (2)
Garrett Campbell: 3G
Dylan Gatto: 2G, 1A
Hakeem Lecky: 1G, 1A
Luke Kornack: 1G, 1A
Ricky Armstrong: 1G
Tommy Harrison: 1G
Frankie Wheeler-Larusso: 1A

Dan Buonagurio: 3 saves

Game 2: Fighting Clams (12) vs. LI Sting Black (2)
Frankie Wheeler-Larusso: 1G, 2A
Garrett Campbell: 3G
Dylan Gatto: 2G
Spencer Macquarrie: 1G, 1A
Jordan Greenfield: 2G
Luke Kornack: 1G
Hakeem Lecky: 1G
Jon Siderewicz: 1G
Mike Fanning: 1A
TJ Hartner: 1A

Christian Dallmus: 5 saves

Game 3: Fighting Clams (9) vs. Bishop Timon (4)
Spencer Macquarrie: 2G, 2A
Jordan Greenfield: 1G, 2A
Garrett Campbell: 3G
Dylan Gatto: 2G
Ricky Armstrong: 1G
Tim Demaio: 1A

Dan Buonagurio: 3 saves

Game 4: Fighting Clams (7) vs. Bridgton (3)
Dylan Gatto: 3G 
Garrett Campbell: 2G
Ricky Armstrong: 2G
Spencer Macquarrie: 2A
Geordie Carrick: 1A
Jordan Greenfield: 1A

Christian Dallmus: 7 saves

Record: 1-0-2
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Game 1: Fighting Clams (7) vs. Leading Edge (4)
Will Walker: 2G, 1A
Colin Rossano: 1G
Alex Bunick: 1G
Justin Kirchner: 1G
Brendan McNeill: 1G
Murph Vandervelde: 1G

Conor Fraylick: 4 saves
Jared Fong: 2 saves

Game 2: Fighting Clams (8) vs. Madlax (8)
Matt Thistle: 1G, 2A
Will Walker: 2G
Jimmy Murphy: 1G, 1A
Colin Rossano: 1G, 1A
Jimmy O'Connell: 1G, 1A
Murph Vandervelde: 2G

Jared Fong: 3 saves
Conor Fraylick: 7 saves

Game 3: Fighting Clams (6) vs. NJ Thunder (6)
Colin Rossano: 2G
Murph Vandervelde: 2G
Matt Thistle: 2A
Will Walker: 1G, 1A
Jimmy Murphy: 1G

Conor Fraylick: 8 saves
Jared Fong: 4 saves

Record: 2-1-1
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Game 1: Rising Clams (7) vs. Federation (2)
Jack Rautiola: 2G
Will Ballantyne: 1G, 1A
Johnny McNamara: 1G, 1A
Nick Desisto: 1G
David Nagelberg: 1G
Kerry Ecker: 1G
Mark MacDonald: 1A
Dan Mini: 1A

Game 2: Rising Clams (13) vs. Tomahawks (0)
Will Ballantyne: 3G, 1A
Shaun O'Hare: 3A
Johhny McNamara: 1G, 2A
Jack Rautiola: 1G, 2A
Kyle Heffrin: 2G
Mark MacDonald: 2G
David Nagelberg: 2G
Dan Mini: 1G, 1A
Jeff Vaz: 1G

Game 3: Rising Clams (5) vs. Team Central White (5)
Kevin Sainte: 3G
Johnny McNamara: 1G, 1A
Shaun O'Hare: 1G
John Tocchio: 1A
Cam Carlyle: 1A

Game 4: Rising Clams (3) vs. EMASS (4)
Will Ballantyne: 1G
jack Rautiola: 1G
Kevin Sainte: 1G
Nick Desisto: 1A
David Nagelberg: 1A