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      Date: Nov 10, 2009
     Title: UMASS Results
Three teams go undefeated; overall Clam record of 10-2 makes statement @ UMASS tournament

The Clam fall continues to go very well, as the four teams competing this weekend posted a 10-2, after last weekend's three teams went a combined 7-1-3. The Clams were strong across the board, outscoring opponents a combined 140-53. And they were strong top to bottom: the oldest team, Clams Orange, outscored opponents 42-14 en route to their 3-0 record; our two teams that consisted of more than half underclassmen, the "Fresh" Clams and the Rising Clams, won their 6 games by a combined score of 78-15. The future is bright indeed.

Below I will give a statistical breakdown of each team, game by game, and a little blurb about each squad. I will start with the oldest, and go down from there. Congratulations to each and every player present this past weekend on doing your part to keep the Clams program rolling:

Clams Orange
Overall Record: 3-0
Team Photo

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Comments: The Clams Orange team was a squad comprised primarily of seniors, several of whom have committed to very strong programs (Fitzgerald & Lecky, Syracuse; Carrcik & Greenfield, Fairfield; Campbell, Harvard to name just a few). So, needless to say, this was a group that was expected to shine. And shine they did.

Already I've heard no less than a dozen people, more than half not affiliated with the Clam program, say how much fun this team was to watch. And seeing as this was the swan song for a few of these boys who have had great careers as Clams over the past two, three and even four years, the tournament was as bittersweet as it was fun.

Game 1: Clams Orange (17) vs. Tomahawks Gold (4)

John Fitzgerald - 7G
Jordan Greenfield - 2G, 2A
Garrett Campbell - 2G, 1A
Hakeem Lecky - 1G, 1A
Luke Kornack - 2G
Jon Siderewicz -2G
Ricky Armstrong - 2A
Mike Fanning - 1A

Andrew Landers - 3 saves, 4 goals against

Game 2: Clams Orange (10) vs. Cardinals (7)

Jordan Greenfield - 2G, 3A
Garrett Campbell - 4G
Hakeem Lecky - 2G
Jon Siderewicz -1G, 1A
Spencer Macquarrie - 1G, 1A
John Fitzgerald - 1A

Andrew Landers - 4 saves, 7 goals against 

Game 3: Clams Orange (15) vs. CT Rip-its (2)

John Fitzgerald - 4G, 2A
Jordan Greenfield - 2G, 4A
Garrett Campbell - 3G
Hakeem Lecky - 2G, 1A
TJ Hartner - 2G
Jon Siderewicz -1G
Ricky Armstrong - 2A
Andrew Landers - 1G

Andrew Landers - 1 save, 2 goals against


Clams Blue
Overall Record: 1-2
Team Photo

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Comments: The Clams Blue team was a squad comprised primarily of juniors. And this group had an interesting day. On the surface it appears that their performance on the day was not up to Clam-standards. But a closer look reveals a team that worked hard, and from the outset faced an uphill climb.

In what appeared to some to be a possible scheduling miscue, the Clams Blue ended up playing three opponents comprised of primarily seniors; other programs' versions of our Clams Orange team. I was notified of this with enough lead-time to "remedy" the situation. But instead I saw this as a tremendous opportunity for the "Blue" boys to be tested against some of the best. Tested they were. And, overall, I was pleased with their overall energy and hustle, even if their execution could have used some improvement at times.

Overall, the Clams Blue squad showed that they're capable of playing with the best, and by the time summer roles around, they'll be positioned to play with the best, and in most cases, defeat them.

Game 1: Clams Blue (6) vs. NESLL 1 (8)

Matt Thistle - 2G
Will Walker - 2A
Murph Vandervelde - 1G, 1A
Derek Youngman - 1G, 1A
Quinn McDonough - 1G
Jimmy Murphy - 1G

Conor Fraylick - 6 saves, 8 goals against

Game 2: Clams Blue (7) vs. Bridgton (6)

Jimmy Murphy - 3G
Matt Thistle - 1G, 2A
Murph Vandervelde - 1G, 2A
Will Walker - 1G
Matt Scalise - 1G
Charlie Suominen - 1A


Jared Fong - 5 saves, 6 goals against

Game 3: Clams Blue (7) vs. Tomahawks Purple (10)

Jimmy Murphy - 2G
Brendan McNeill - 2A
Matt Thistle - 2A
Derek Youngman - 1G
Peter Willauer - 1G
Murph Vandervelde - 1G
Wil Mason - 1G
Quinn McDonough - 1G
David Nardella - 1A


Jared Fong - 3 saves
Conor Fraylick - 5 saves


Fresh Clams
Overall Record: 3-0
Team Photos:
see photos below for team photo

Comments: This squad might have been the most pleasant surprise of the day. Perhaps the words of Coach Beebe, a Springfield Asst. and Boston Cannon who coached the boys on the day, said it best: "some of these kids are going to be REALLY GOOD."

The "Fresh" in Fresh Clams basically meant these were players new to their Fighting Clam status. Some had been moved up from the Rising Clam status they held over the summer. Others were new to the Clams after making it this fall. But across the board, these were players who still had a little something to prove. And with their outright dominance from the first whistle to the last on Sunday, to say that they proved themselves might be an understatement.

The Fresh Clams outscored their opponents 42-4 on the day. And they did it the right way, with off ball movement, poise, multiple assisted goals and tough defense and goalie play.

Many of these "Fresh" Clams will be known as fresh no more. For the majority of this team solidifed their spot as full-fledged members of our Fighting Clam program, and they will be absolutely integral part of our success moving forward.

Game 1: Fresh Clams (11) vs. Renegades (0)

Paul Hellar - 2G, 2A
Colin Rossano - 3G
Sam Sweet - 1G, 1A
Geoff Kennedy - 1G, 1A
Joe Ricciuti - 2G
Gabo Borunda - 1G
Alex Bunick - 1G
Chris Williams - 1G
Chris Garibaldi - 1G

Peter Hines - 8 saves, 0 goals against

Game 2: Fresh Clams (15) vs. Tomahawks Black (3)
Colin Rossano - 4G, 3A
Paul Hellar - 6G, 1A
Alex Bunick - 3G
Chris Williams - 2A
Geoff Kennedy - 1G
Joe Ricciuti - 1G
Sam Sweet - 1A

Peter Hines - 5 saves, 3 goals against 

Game 3: Fresh Clams (16) vs. NED Varsity (1)

Joe Ricciuti - 3G, 2A
Sam Tenney - 4G
Paul Hellar - 2G, 2A
Saw Sweet - 2G, 1A
Colin Rossano - 2G, 1A
Alex Bunick - 1G, 1A
Chris Garibaldi - 2A
Jeff Hurray - 1G
Chase Williams - 1A
Jon Higgins - 1G


Peter Hines - 3 saves, 1 goal allowed


Rising Clams
Overall Record: 3-0
Team Photos:
see photos below for team photo
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Comments: Many of the Rising Clams are peaking at just the right time. A core of these players have been kept together strategically, despite the knowledge that many are very ready for the Clam status that they'll have earned once the fall concludes. And over the past several months, this group have formed a level of chemistry that was clicking as well as it has to date this past Sunday.

As was the case with the Fresh Clams, the Rising Clams' dominant performance (outscoring opponents 36-11) bodes very well for the future of our program. And seeing as many of these players are already locked in as Clams for the coming summer, I am filled with a
great sense of expectation that things are going to keep rolling right along. After Sunday, everyone in our program should feel this way.

Game 1: Rising Clams (9) vs. Moonlight Black (5)

Jack Rautiola - 3G, 1A
Kevin Sainte - 2G, 1A
Johnny McNamara - 2A
Jeff Vaz - 1G
Dan Mini - 1G
Will Ballantyne - 1G
Cam Carlyle - 1G
David Nagelberg - 1A

AJ Boyd - 4 saves
Rory Finnegan - 2 saves

Game 2: Rising Clams (17) vs. Tomahawks White (3)

Jack Rautiola: 3G, 3A
Kevin Sainte: 4G
Johnny McNamara: 2G
Nick Desisto: 1G, 1A
Will Ballantyne: 2G
David Nagelberg: 1G
Dan Mini: 1G
Kyle Heffrin: 1G
Jory Makin: 1G
Jeff Vaz: 1G
Andrew Reiley: 1A
Shaun O'Hare: 1A

AJ Boyd: 1 saves
Rory Finnegan: 3 saves

Game 3: Rising Clams (10) vs. Capital District (3)

Jack Rautiola: 2G, 1A
Johnny McNamara: 2G
Will Ballantyne: 2G
Dan Mini: 2A
Kevin Sainte: 2G
Shaun O'Hare: 1G
Jeff Vaz: 1G
Mark MacDonald: 1A 


Rory Finnegan: 5 saves
AJ Boyd: 3 saves