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      Date: Apr 27, 2010
     Title: Clam Alumni Tracking for 4/19 - 4/25
Saves and face-offs take the top spots.

It was a busy week for some of our Clam Alumni as a number of Division 3 teams played three games this week.  But this apparently helped some of the goalies who simply got into a rhythm and put up some big numbers.

Whether they played only one game this week or three, the Clam Alumni seemed to realize the end of the season is upon them so why not go for broke.

Brendan Gill (junior, Chelmsford HS, goalie)
Performance Comments:
  After making 53 saves over a three game span this week, is it any wonder why Brendan is number four in the nation in save percentage at 67.5%.  Tuesday was Brendan's busiest day as he made 23 saves, allowing only 5 goals for an amazing 82.1% save percentage.  Thursday was a little less demanding with Brendan being called upon to make only 10 saves (66.7% save percentage on the day).  Saturday was another busy day for Brendan with 20 saves on 27 shots on goal for a 74.1% save percentage.  But the best stat of the week was the 3-0 record with wins over Western Conn. (6-5), Becker (13-5), and Southern Maine (10-7).

Tim Fallon (junior, Lawrence Academy, midfield)
Performance Comments:
  A lot of people would say this was Tim's best collegiate game to date.  Tim, who is primarily used as a face-off specialist showed just how important a FOGO can be.  First off, Tim went  22 out of 28 at the face-off "X" (a 79% win percentage).  Secondly, Tim alone accounted for 16 ground balls in the game for his team (that's 16 out of the 40 GB's Hartford had in the game).  And third, Tim netted 3 goals in the contest, showing the affect of great face-off guy.  Unfortunately, the most important stat of the game went in favor of Binghamton: the win 13-12. 

Eric Hagarty (senior, Lincoln/Sudbury HS, goalie)
Performance Comments:
  When it comes to stats for a goalie, double-digit saves usually denotes a good thing for their team.  In two of Endicott's three games this week, this was true.  Unfortunately, Endicott's first game of the week was against #7 Tufts.  And despite the 17 saves Eric made in the game (a 54.8% save percentage), Endicott dropped the contest 9-14.  However, their next two games followed the double-digit save "rule" as Endicott took down Salva Regina 9-7 (Eric made 11 saves, 61.1% SP) on Thursday and Curry 18-4 (13 saves, 76.5% SP) on Saturday.

Kevin Gould (senior, Duxbury HS, attack)
Performance Comments:
  While Kevin's week wasn't as busy as some of his Alumni counterparts in Division 3, the importance of his performances might have carried a little more weight.  On Wednesday, Bentley took down in conference foe St. Michael's 10-9 with Kevin dishing out 3 assists.  Sunday had Kevin and the Falcons of Bentley taking on another NE-10 Conference opponent in Pace.  Again, Bentley got the win (12-8 this time) and Kevin come out of the contest with 1 goal and 3 assists.  The 2 conference wins keeps Bentley third in the NE-10 and keeps them with a #7 ranking in Division 2.

Tyler Seymour (senior, Nashua HS, attack)
Performance Comments:
  After helping Army to two more conference wins this week, the Tyler and the Black Knights sit atop the Patriot League at a perfect 6-0.  Tuesday's game against Lafayette was a nail-biter, but with the addition of Tyler's 3 goals and 1 assist, Army walked away with the 15-14 win.  Saturday was a little less nail-biting as Army beat Holy Cross 13-10.  Tyler chipped in one assist in the effort.

Chris Landers (junior, Proctor Academy, attack)
Performance Comments:
  Like many of this fellow D-3 Clam Alumni, Chris had a busy week with three games.  Monday had a match-up against #8 Conn. College.  Unfortunately, one goal and one assist was all Chris could muster in a 4-15 loss.  Wednesday's performance was better for Chris (1 goal, 3 assists), but Wheaton still fell 10-12 to Lasell.  Saturday's game against Clark was the best performance for Chris and Wheaton.  Chris went for 2 goals, 3 assists in a 13-8 win.

Tim Bigelow (junior, The Rivers School/Northfield Mount Hermon, attack)
Performance Comments:
  Saturday pitted conference foe Loyola against Hobart and the contest turned into a shootout.  And despite a 1 goal, 4 assist performance, Hobart wasn't able to keep pace with the Greyhounds as they dropped the game 12-17.

Adam Michael (junior, Concord/Carlisle HS, midfield)
Performance Comments:
  This has been a relatively quiet season for Adam, but if you're going to have a loud game, you might as well have it against a conference opponent.  That's what Adam did on Saturday as he went for 2 goals and 1 assist in a 16-8 drumming of Amherst.

Max Quinzani (senior, Duxbury HS, attack)
Performance Comments:
  The old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" popped to mind with this game.  With Duke playing Virginia for the second time in less than a week, Duke looked to make in 9 in a row.  Unfortunately, Virginia was not to be denied on Friday.  And while Max was able to chip in 2 goals and a rare assist, Duke fell 12-16 in the ACC Semi-finals.

John Lenehan (sophomore, Boston College HS/Loomis Chaffee, goalie)
Donald Berube (freshman, Tewksbury HS, goalie)
Performance Comments:
  Monday, John and Conn. College took on Wheaton and scored the win 15-4 with John making 8 saves (88.9% save percentage).  Tuesday, it was Donald's turn as Eastern Conn. played UMass-Dartmouth, taking the game 15-6.  Donald made 16 saves in the contest for a 76.5% save percentage.