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      Date: Jul 22, 2010
Clams go 7-2, and make a Championship Game appearance at top event

The Clams travelled down to Baltimore for the Brine Shootout at UMBC and reminded arguablly the strongest hotbed of lacrosse that the boys from the Bay State can play this game.  After going 4-1 in the pool play, the Clams avenged their only pool play loss with a win over Landon as well as beating the team (Haverford) that knocked us out last year at this event.

Both those wins were in-route to a championship game appearance against power-house Calvert Hall, whom the Clams were able to beat in their opening game of the tournament in overtime.  Unfortunately, as most coaches would agree, it's hard to beat a good team twice in one tournament.  We proved that with the Landon win in the playoffs, and Calvert Hall proved that against us in the championship game.

Offensively, we were led by middie Murph Vandervelde (senior, St. Sebastian's, headed to Lehigh) and attackman Will Walker (senior, Phillips Andover, headed to Duke).  Combined they scored 34 goals in the tournament.  Defensively, it was Tanner Powers (senior, The Rivers School, headed to UVM), Chris Coady (repeat junior, BB&N), and Ryan Breen (PG, Taft) with the help of goalies Conor Fraylick (senior, Pleasantville HS, headed to Fairfield) and Jared Fong (junior, Weston HS) who did most of the heavy lifting, though the team defense was the best I've seen from one of the Clam teams teams all summer.  Also making waves were attackmen Matt Scalise (senior, St. John's Prep) and Kane Haffey (senior, Duxbury HS) as well as middie Brendan McNeill (senior, The Rivers School).  If there were unsung hero award it would have been difficult to choose between middies Chris Garibaldi (senior, Salisbury School) and Alex Bunick (senior, The Rivers School) because of all of the unheralded key plays they made at the right times.

Below are the game results and tournament stats.



W 10-9 vs. Calvert Hall O.T.

Scoring Summary

Will Walker (3G, game-winner)
Murph Vandervelde (2G, 1A)
Kane Haffey (1G, 1A)
Paul Hellar (1G, 1A)
Matt Scalise (1G, 1A)
Chris Williams (1G)
Derek Youngman (1G)
Alex Bunick (1A)
Chris Garibaldi (1A)
Conor Fraylick (15 saves, 9 GA, 62.5% SP)


W 10-3 vs. Hill Academy

Scoring Summary

Will Walker (2G)
Derek Youngman (2G)
Brendan McNeill (2A)
Alex Bunick (1G)
Paul Hellar (1G)
Mark MacDonald (1G)
Joe Riccuiti (1G)
Derek Sweet (1G)
Murph Vandervelde (1G)
Ryan Breen (1A)
Jared Fong (9 saves, 3 GA, 75% SP)
Will Ryan (2 saves, 0 GA, 100% SP)


W 6-4 vs. Sting Gold

Scoring Summary

Murph Vanderveld (3G)
Will Walker (2G)
Matt Scalise (1G, 1A)
Brendan McNeill (1A)
Conor Fraylick (9 saves, 4 GA, 69.2% SP)


L 6-3 vs. Landon

Scoring Summary

Murph Vandervelde (2G)
Will Walker (1G, 1A)
Jared Fong (7 saves, 6 GA, 53.8% SP)
Will Ryan (1 save, 0 GA, 100% SP)


W 7-6 vs. Denver Elite 3 O.T.

Scoring Summary

Will Walker (2G, game-winner)
Kane Haffey (1G)
Joe Riccuiti (1G)
Matt Scalise (1G)
Derek Youngman (1G)
Murph Vandervelde (1G)
Conor Fraylick (10 saves, 6 GA, 62.5% SP)


W 9-5 vs. MadLax

Scoring Summary

Will Walker (4G)
Kane Haffey (3G)
Murph Vandervelde (2G, 1A)
Chris Coady (1A)
Jared Fong (1A)
Brendan McNeill (1A)
Matt Scalise (1A)
Jared Fong (10 saves, 5 GA, 66.7% SP, 1A)
Will Ryan (1 save, 0 GA, 100% SP)


W 5-4 vs. Haverford

Scoring Summary

Murph Vandervelde (3G)
Matt Scalise (1G, 2A)
Kane Haffey (1G)
Brendan McNeill (1A)
Derek Youngman (1A)
Conor Fraylick (6 saves, 4 GA, 60% SP)


W 5-4 vs. Landon

Scoring Summary

Murph Vandervelde (3G)
Will Walker (1G)
Kane Haffey (1G)
Brendan McNeill (1A)
Joe Ricciuti (1A)
Derek Youngman (1A)
Jared Fong (5 saves, 4 GA, 55.6% SP)


L 2-8 vs. Calvert Hall

Scoring Summary

Murph Vandervelde (2G)
Matt Scalise (1A)
Conor Fraylick (5 saves, 6 GA, 45.5% SP)
Will Ryan (2 saves, 2GA, 50% SP)

Murph Vandervelde (19G, 2A, 3GB)
Will Walker (15G, 1A, 8GB)
Matt Scalise (4G, 6A, 2GB)
Kane Haffey (7G, 1A, 3GB)
Derek Youngman (4G, 2A, 6GB)
Brendan McNeill (6A, 2GB)
Paul Hellar (2G, 1A, 1GB)
Joe Ricciuti (2G, 1A, 8GB)
Alex Bunick (1G, 1A, 11 GB)
Chris Williams (1G, 5GB)
Sam Sweet (1G, 4GB)
Mark MacDonald (1G, 11GB)
Chris Garibaldi (1A, 8GB)
Ryan Breen (1A, 12GB)
Chris Coady (1A, 9GB)
Tanner Powers (10GB)
Charlie Finnegan (9GB)
Matt Ryan (P.E.) (7GB)
Tommy Rehnert (6GB)
Matt Ryan (Rivers) (6GB)
Will Ballantyne (4GB)
Jeff Vaz (3GB)
Conor Fraylick (45 saves, 31 GA, 59.2% SP)
Jared Fong (31 saves, 18 GA, 63.3% SP, 1A)
Will Ryan (6 saves, 2 GA, 75% SP)