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      Date: Oct  4, 2010
     Title: Fighting Clams practice begins
Fighting Clams practice begins; coaches notice some standouts

Fighting Clam practice began this past Sunday, from 9AM - NOON at the Rivers School. Recruiting Consultant Scott Anderson (former Harvard Head Coach) was present and evaluating aggressively. Coaches Kevin Martin (Head Coach, Aquinas (upstate NY)), Chris Sweet (Head Coach, Duxbury HS), Ronnie Westgate (Asst. Coach, Wellesley HS) and Program Director Justin Walker (Head Coach, Rivers) felt things started well.

As I will do each week, following practice I will list some players coaches felt stood out, along with pertinent comments. These will be written in no particular order. (Please excuse phrases and incomplete sentences.)

Chris Williams (Duxbury, junior midfielder) - Coach Westgate observed Chris was "all over the field, played well on both sides of the ball. Shined." Coach Sweet & Coach Walker echoed these sentiments.

Tanner Powers (Rivers, senior defenseman, UVM commit) - Coach Westgate observed that Tanner "played very well today, especially in transition. Played good positions and had a few great takeaways." Coach Sweet saw this too.

Matt Ryan (Phillips Exeter, sophomore defenseman) - Coach Walker indicated Matt showed his usual steadiness and high level of talent; said Walker, "Matt is going to be a very special one".
Jack Rautiola (Rivers, junior attackman) - Coach Westgate observed Jack had "a couple great snipes; found ways to get his shot created time after time but also kept his head up to find the open guy when the double came". Coach Sweet also commented on the coachability of both Jack Rautiola, and fellow attackman Kevin Sainte (Belmont, junior attackman). Kevin also had some very nice moments of play, said Coach Sweet, as did solid sophomore Kevin Murphy (Brewster, attack).
Chase Williams (Rivers, junior LSM) - Coach Sweet said Chase stood out "in terms of his hustle and quickness"..."great motor".

Coach Sweet & Coach Walker were very impressed with the trio of Aquinas players, Nick Weston (sophomore, attack), Erich Wischmeyer (junior, goalie), and especially Jake Vogl. Coach Walker observed that Vogl was one of "the toughest, hardest working players out there".

Coach Walker observed that the trio of newcomers from Catholic Memorial, Chris Ryan (junior, LSM), Austin Bannister (junior, middie) & Miles McCarthy (junior, goalie) all looked very good. Walker said "Bannister's shot was very accurate", and that Miles "stood out in the fast-paced, indoor portion of the practice". Coach Sweet observed that Chris R. stood out in "displaying spunk a lot of big, strong defenders".

Lastly, Coach Sweet noticed that Joey Pasquale (Weston, junior attackman) looked good, and combined well with fellow attackman Sam Sweet (Duxbury, junior attackman); Chris Walker agreed that Sam seemed to have a knack for finding Joey, and good thing, for Joey has one of the more dangerous shots on the team.