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      Date: Oct 21, 2010
     Title: Clam week 3 practice shows plenty of promise

Week 3 of Clam practice is in the books, and again the team shows marked progress

Week 3 of Clam practice came and went this past Sunday, and the general sentiment is that this will be a very productive fall season for the program. Certain individuals are showing a level of play that college coaches will like what they see it come November. And as a whole, the pace with which this group is coming together is ahead of schedule.

As we do each week, below are some comments from each coach who has checked in. As has been the case for the previous three of these writeups, the comments below are in note-taking format, so take this for what it's worth:

COACH RON WESTGATE (former standout goaltender at Providence College, Wellesley HS Asst., multi-year Clam coach and Clam

As for the guys that stood out on Sunday.....

Kevin Sainte (Belmont HS senior attackman, PG'ing in fall of 2011) was an animal. He was all over the place and was really working to get himself in a position to put the ball in the net. In the Numbers Drill he had a handful of goals where he committed to getting to the net and stuck it. He showed an ability to recognize the situation in front of him and take control of the offense. Three or four times he drove from X and got himself to 5 and 5 and turned and let it rip. Sainte is a unique player that can change direction 3 times and lose a LP and 2 minutes later he can pull it, make one hard move out and blow by his man.
Chase Williams (Rivers rep. junior LSM) was the best defensive player on the field in my eyes. He busts his butt on the wings during faceoffs, plays great D and is the best communicator that we had on defense. There were a couple times where I couldnt help but walk over and let him know that I was impressed with something that he did. At one point he was the 1 slide from the crease and not only turned around and asked who his 2 was, but when he realized that they were extended too far from the crease he hazed a slide and turned back and made sure someone was there to cover the crease. As a goaltender, I believe that a defense should be able to talk itself out of many of the shots that it sees and it is communication like this that makes it happen.
Sam Sweet (Duxbury junior attackman) can finish. Consistently. Sweet really has a knack for finding his way to the right part of the field and getting a scoring opportunity. When we were running the Numbers Drill it seemed like Sam was always in the right place at the right time, whether that right place was in front to catch a feed and finish or to drive hard and dish. Sam is one of the players that is a lot of fun to watch in a drill like Carolina because he knows how to manipulate a defense and get a good scoring opportunity.

COACH CHRIS SWEET (7x State Championship Coach at Duxbury HS; has coached 20 HS All-Americans)
Attack standouts on Sunday:
Nick Weston continues to show good quickness and great stick skills and a big shot. Could play middie as well.

Jordan Fong (sophomore HS, Weston HS) has solid skills and good lax IQ

Will Jennings (junior attackman, Danvers HS) jumped out at me playing the left side, good finishing

Spencer Low (junior attackman, The Rivers School) also stood out much like Jennings only bigger body
Kevin Sainte (Belmont HS senior attackman, PG'ing in fall of 2011) is a good player

Kevin Murphy (Brewster Academy, sophomore attackman) is a good player who keeps showing improvement

Joe Ricciuti (junior midfielder, Norwell HS) - showed good skills both ends of the field

Kyle Soroka (junior midfielder, Acton/Boxboro HS) stood out again
Matt Knight (sophomore midfielder, Weston HS) had a great practice at both ends of the field

Austin Bannister junior midfielder, Catholic Memorial) is a lefty middie consistently making some nice plays
Stephen Iodice (junior defenseman, Weston HS) continues to stand out as does Matt Ryan (sophomore defenseman, Phillips Exeter) overall the D is very solid...

Erich Wischmeyer (junior goalie, Aquinas Institute) played well in goal and clearing, as did Will Ryan (junior goaltender, Avon Old Farms)

Additional players not previously mentioned above who drew mention and praise from COACH JUSTIN WALKER (Fighting Clam Program Director & former ISL Championship winning coach & Coach of the Year at the Rivers Schools) and COACH SCOTT ANDERSON (former 20 year Harvard University Head Coach; has coached 41 college All-Americans).
Conor Helfrich (junior attackman, Lawrence Academy) - Said Coach Walker, "Conor is very strong athlete who rounds the corner hard and shows great finishing ability on the left side".

Jack Rautiola (junior attackman, The Rivers School) - Said Coach Anderson, "Jack has unique skill set that should make him a coveted recruit at the Ivy League level".

Murph Vandervelde (senior midfielder, St. Sebastians) and Brendan McNeill (senior attackman/midfielder, The Rivers School) - Said Coach Walker, "these two already-committed seniors showed why they should not only excel out on the circuit this fall in their final go-round, but should each have outstanding college careers at the their respective schools". Murph is headed to Harvard, and Brendan to Colby.