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      Date: Nov 17, 2010
     Title: Top Clam teams have banner weekend

The Rising Clams Blue, Clams Blue and Seasoned teams, our best, dominate in three states

This past weekend was a crazy one here at Top Gun. Overall, we had 14 teams competing in three states, as well as a league to run. Needless to say, we're still digging out and getting our whits about us.

And while the performance of the entire program ran the gamut a bit, one thing that cannot be questioned is the dominance of our top teams.


The Seasoned Clams, our seniors played together for a final time before parting ways, finished their undefeated fall run with a 3-0 day at the Beantown tournament at Thayer. Going all the way back to the start of the 2010 summer, this group is a combined 24-4, at what were hands down the toughest tournaments the country has avaialble to select teams. And what a pleasure it was for everyone associated with the program to see these seniors end on such positive note this past Sunday. Outmanned and missing four players due to football injuries (each of whom would have helped a lot), the Seasoned team managed to outlast a very tough Greenwich squad, and, what was said to be the game of the tournament, a team of Bridgton players that I was told looked more like a D1 football team than a lacrosse team (but with skill).

I was very sorry I had to miss this, and would have love to have been there to see this group off and thank them for all they've done for the program. But while it's not nearly the same, I'll thank them here through a news article - THANKS, AND CONGRATS!


At the IAS event, the Clams Blue Sweet team showed that they're right on line to fill the huge shoes filled by their "Seasoned" counterparts. With a mix of Blue and Orange players, Clams Blue Sweet went 4-0 on the day, and clearly stood out as the cream of the crop up at the Hampshire Dome in Milford - or so I was told by the coaches I spoke with. On top of three lopsided wins, the game of this tournament was clearly the game vs. a very good select team from Texas called Team Austin. Fresh off beating our Clams Orange Westgate 10-11 in another barnburner that had its share of excitement and physical play, Team Austin was flying high, Clams Blue Sweet had to avenge its Orange counterpart's loss. And so they did, with a 10-6 win that reports indicated was played with a very high level of energy and tough play.

With many of these Blue players hopping right on the road afterward to head down to Hofstra, I must commend these players for going above and beyond so that the program could put its best foot forward. But indeed each player on this team deserves praise for an outstanding performance up in NH. (See below for scores and individual stats.)


Down at Hofstra, we suffered our first couple defeats on the weekend. And, frankly, they were two we let slip away. But the two tight losses should not taint the four lopsided wins vs. strong opponents. At this event, the number of D1 coaches present was quite high, and many seemed to be keying in on us for long stretches of time. The correspondence I've received after the tournament suggested the coaches really liked what they saw. And there was much to like.

The Clams Blue Sweet squad had two monster wins vs. Clarkstown and Building Blocks 2013 (see below for these scores). But the game of the tournament for them came against a very strong and polished Sachem North, a long Island well known to many in the lacrosse community. Close throughout, Sachem was able to edge Clam Sweet by a 6-7 score in a game that went back and forth throughout. It's a game we could have had. But it's a game we learned a lot from.

The Clams Blue Walker squad had a similar pattern; two lopsides wins, and one tough loss to an outstanding team known as Renegades U-18 that had a bit of an age and experience edge on us. Still, we were up by a couple at the half. And even though they got the better of us in the second half (final: 9-7), this was the game we, and the coaches, got the most out of.

(For both team's game scores and individual stats, see below)


The Rising Clams 2014 Blue team travelled to the Beantown Classic on Sunday and walked away with a 2-1 record on the day.  The day started with a Laxachusetts team that just one week prior played us to a 2-2 draw.  Sunday, we were able to take the game 7-5 on the back of a 3-1 halftime lead.  Our second game of the day was a familar foe in NESLL 2014. Again, we were able to build a led in the first half (5-3) and were able to hold on in the second half, notching a 9-7 win.  It was the last game of the day that taught us the most as we dropped the last game of the day against a tough Team 128.  The lesson: as good as this team is now, we still can get better.

With the conclusion of Sunday's tournament, the RC 2014 Blue team finished their fall with a 6-2-2 record.  While not a perfect record, this is quite a solid start.  And if this is the starting point, I'm excited to see how good this team can be.

(See below for game scores and individual stats)


On the whole, two undefeated tournaments, and a 17-4-2 record is one we'll take. Once again, the players at the top end of our spectrum are shining, and coaches from all over the country, and from each division, are taking notice.

stats are kept to the best of our ability, and some small errors are nearly inevitable

Seasoned Clams
Team Record: 3-0
Game Scores
Seasoned Clams (6) vs. Greenwich Cardinals (4)
Seasoned Clams (5) vs. Bridgton (3)
Seasoned Clams (12) vs. Team Central White (1)

Clams Blue Sweet (IAS)
Team Record: 4-0
Game Scores
Clams Blue Sweet (19) vs. Mass Elite (1)
Clams Blue Sweet (17) vs. Exeter (2)
Clams Blue Sweet (13) vs. CT Valley Blue (3)
Clams Blue Sweet (10) vs. Team Austin (TX) (6)

Clams Blue Sweet (Hofstra)
Team Record: 2-1
Game Scores
Clams Blue Sweet (15) vs. Clarkstown (1)
Clams Blue Sweet (6) vs. Sachme North (7)
Clams Blue Sweet (12) vs. Building Blocks 2013 (1)

Clams Blue Walker 
Team Record: 2-1
Game Scores
Clams Blue Walker (10) vs. Whitman (3)
Clams Blue Walker (13) vs. Connetquot (3)
Clams Blue Walker (7) vs. Renegades U-18 (9)

Rising Clams 2014 Blue
Team Record: 2-1
Game Scores

RC 2014 Blue (7) vs. Laxachusetts Green (5)
RC 2014 Blue (9) vs. NESLL 2014 (7)
RC 2014 Blue (3) vs. 128 Green (7)

Seasoned Clams Individual Statistics
Matt Thistle (6G, 2A)
Will Walker (5G, 1A)
Will Ballantyne (4G, 1A)
Jimmy Murphy (3G, 2A)
Murph Vandervelde (2G)
Brendan McNeill (1G, 1A)
Alex Bunick (1G)
Ben Lesser (1G)
MacDonald (1A)
Pat Wallace (7 saves)
Blair Freidensohn (7 saves)

Clams Blue Sweet (IAS)
Kevin Sainte (18G, 4A)
Tyler McKelvie (8G, 7A)
Jeff Vaz (5G, 4A)
Alex Mirageas (5G, 3A)
Tyler Janvrin (5G, 3A)
Kyle Soroka (6G, 2A)
David Nardella (4G, 2A)
Nick Desisto (3G, 2A)
Andrew Belli (1G, 4A)
Chris Ryan (1G, 1A)
Pat Dunn (1A)
Miles McCarthy (1A)
Miles McCarthy (17 saves, 12 goals against)

Clams Blue Sweet (Hofstra)
Joey Pasquale (7G, 3A)
Ben Katz (7G)
Nick Weston (4G, 2A)
Tyler Mckelvie (2G, 3A)
Chris Williams (4G)
Sam Sweet (3G, 1A)
Geoff Ziobro (2G, 1A)
Jake Vogl (1G, 1A)
Kyle Soroka (1G, 1A)
Tyler Matses (1G, 1A)
Matt Knight (2G)
Tyler Janvrin (1A)
Jared Fong (14 saves)
Peter Latulippe (13 saves)

Clams Blue Walker
Conor Helfrich (8G)
Kevin Murphy (7G)
Jack Rautiola (5G, 1A)
Nick Desisto (3G, 2A)
Will Jennings (1G, 3A)
Shane Hurley (2G, 1A)
Conor Van Duzer (2A)
Austin Bannister (1G, 1A)
Spencer Low (1G, 1A)
Joe Ricciuti (2G)
Dave Nagelberg (2G)
Matt Ryan (2A)
Chase Williams (1A)
none kept

Rising Clams 2014 Blue
Andrew Gallahue (5G, 3A)
Foster LeBoeuf (3G, 1A)
Michael Harris (3G)
Drew O'Connell (2G, 1A)
Kyle Parsons (1G, 2G)
Josh Gordon (2G)
Joe Delaney (2A)
Patrick Timperio (1G)
Hunter Tyrrell (1G)
Colin Orr (1G)
Patrick Robinson (1G)
Brendan Gates (1A)
Kevin Lally (15 saves, 62.5% save percentage)
Jason Foote (9 saves, 47.4% save percentage)