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      Date: Mar  7, 2011
     Title: Clams win IAS March "Ice Out"
Clam from multiple different Clam team come together and win C-Ship at final event before spring

Photo above shows the Clams team who won yesterday's IAS "Ice Out". Dropping two of our three morning games, the squad rebounded very nicely in the Playoffs, outlasting two separate Northfield Mount Hermon teams en route to the Championship.

The photo shows the following members of the Ice Out squad, followed by the teams they'll be playing for this summer.

Back row, left to right: Justin Walker (Head Coach, Fighting Clams 2013 Blue), Elliott Burr (Fighting Clams 2013 Blue), Kevin Murphy (Fighting Clams 2013 Blue), Pat Dunn (Clams Orange), Alec Brown (being considered for summer participation), Jackson Patrican (Clams Orange), Alex Kiever (Clams Orange), Asst. Coach Jimmy Murphy (guest-star for the day, heading to play collegiate ball at the University of Hartford next year)

Front row, right to left: Tucker Mscisz (Clams Orange), Danny Jacobs (being considered for summer participation), Matt Gorski (Clams Orange), Charlie Segar (Fighting Clams 2013 Blue), Spencer Low (Fighting Clams 2013 Blue), Nick Desisto (Fighting Clams 2013 Blue)

Front, lying down: Ray Horgan (Fighting Clams 2013 Blue)