Categories: clam_chatter
      Date: Mar 29, 2011
     Title: Two more Clams commit
Couple Clam commitments come admidst an overall uptick in recruiting

I don't know whether it's because coach are now roughly halfway through their seasons or what, but it seems that in the past week, their energies have swung back in the direction of recruiting after a period of relative dormancy.

I've been made aware of two more Clam commitments over the past week (one just today). But if current trendlines hold, there could literally be two or three more 2012's and 2013's who commit within the week.

The first commitment that it's my pleasure to announce is St. Johns Prep senior LSM Matt Bouzianis. After considering a number of different types of schools, including many NESCAC's, Matt settled on a school many refer to as "Canada's Ivy" - McGill University. We here at Top Gun all wish Matt the very best, both this spring and he and has his Prep teammates try to defend their D1 State C-Ship, and certainly in the coming years up at McGill.

Then today came word of another D1 commitment, which would be our 8th in the 2012 class. Junior Avon Old Farm defenseman Dan MacDougall, who joined the Clams this past fall, rapidly rose through the ranks. A player with less than a year at the position - he'd switched from midfield - Dan established himself immediately out on the circuit because of his size, strength & athleticism. Schools interested ran the gamut from Princeton & Notre Dame right on through Delaware, Hartford and others. But, after a great visit, and seemingly immediate repoire with the coach, and Marist's strong offer to acquire his services, Dan decided Marist was the best fit for him.   

Our congrats go to Matt, Dan, and all of our other committed 2011 & 2012 players.