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      Date: May 10, 2011
     Title: Clams in the NCAA Tournament
Find our which Clam Alumni are playing on

We here at Top Gun World Headquarters salutes all the Clam Alumn1 that are in the NCAA tournament!

Here they are - all 27 of them...


#1 Syracuse (plays Siena on 5/15 @ 7:30 PM)
Hakeem Lecky (freshman, midfield, Duxbury HS/Avon Old Farms)
John Fitzgerald (freshman, attack, The Rivers School/Hingham HS)

#2 Cornell (plays Hartford on 5/14 @ 7:30 PM)
Chris Langton (junior, midfield, St. John's Prep/Northfield Mount Hermon)
Scott Austin (junior, attack, Duxbury HS)

#3 Johns Hopkins (plays Hofstra on 5/14 @ Noon)
Mark Goodrich (senior, midfield, The Rivers School)

#4 Notre Dame (plays UPenn on 5/14 @ 2:30 PM)
Edison Parzanese (senior, grad student, attack, Holy Cross/Martha's Vineyard HS)
Quinn Cully (sophomore, midfield, Duxbury HS)

#5 Duke (plays Delaware on 5/14 @ 5 PM)
Luke Duprey (freshman, defense/LSM, Phillips Andover)

#6 Denver (plays Villanova on 5/15 @ 3 PM)
Jeff Brown (senior, defense, Cohasset HS)

#7 Virgina (plays Bucknell on 5/15 @ 3 PM)
Todd Faiella (senior - grad student, LSM, Brown/Deerfield)
Blake Riley (sophomore, midfield, Governor's Academy)

UPenn (plays #4 Notre Dame on 5/14 @ 2:30 PM)
Thomas Hawkins (senior, midfield, Phillips Andover/Deerfield)

Hartford (plays @ #2 Cornell on 5/14 @ 7:30 PM)
Tim Fallon (senior, midfield/FOGO, Lawrence Academy)

Bucknell (plays @ #7 Virginia on 5/15 @ 3 PM)
Micky Zaverucha (freshman, goalie, Duxbury HS)

Siena (plays @ #1 Syracuse on 5/15 @ 7:30 PM)
Mark D'addario (freshman, midfield, Peabody HS)


Tufts (plays winner of Nazareth/Union on 5/14)
Matt Callahan (sophomore, defense, Fairfield/Phillips Exeter)
Sam Gardner (sophomore, defense/LSM, Phillips Exeter)
Tyler Page (sophomore, goalie, Phillips Andover)

Keene State (plays @ Amherst on 5/11 @ 5 PM)
Mike Araujo (sophomore, midfield, Algonquin HS)
Dylan Gatto (freshman, attack, Bromsfield HS)
Leo Mullin (freshman, defense, Acton/Boxborough HS)

Amherst (plays Keene State on 5/11 @ 5 PM)
Sebastian Herdt (junior, midfield, Westborough HS)

Denison (plays Ohio Wesleyan on 5/11 @ 2 PM)
Tommy Harrison (freshman, defense, The Rivers School/Vermont Academy)

Springfield (plays @ Endicott on 5/11 @ 4 PM)
Mark Eaton (senior, midfield, The Rivers School)

Endicott (plays Springfield on 5/11 @ 4 PM)
Jack Curtis (senior, attack, Chelmsford HS)
Ryan Tocci (junior, midfield, Westminster School)

Roanoke (plays @ Colorado College on 5/11 @ 7 PM)
Jeff Dube (freshman, LSM, St. John's Prep)