Categories: clam_chatter
      Date: Jun  2, 2011
Find out what 90% of our public school Clams have in common.

As the Massachusetts' State Tournament begins, we here at Top Gun World Headquarters become aware of a very startling (in a good way) fact.

In the Clams Program (including the 2012 Blue, 2013 Blue, 2014 Blue, Clams Orange, & Rising Clams Orange) we have 100 players from Massachusetts public high schools.

Of that 100, 90 of them play for schools with State Tournament teams.

Congratulations and good luck to all Clams in the playoffs.

Oh, and if you were curious about our private school players, since there are no playoffs, we looked into players on teams with winning records.

What we found: 42 of 53 played at schools with a better than .500 record.  Four of those teams represented won their respective leagues.