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      Date: Jun  7, 2011
     Title: TC Jamboree Details Announced
Details for annual summer kick-off Jamboree hosted by Team Central below

For several years now, the Team Central Jamboree in Southboro is how we've kicked off our Summer Tour. It generally showcases good lacrosse, and college coaches have always attended in good numbers.

Like many of the teams we play, we will not have any full practices under our belt beforehand, so we view these "games" more like scrimmages (more on this under DETAILS below). But still, we will play as hard as we can, and as is always the case when take the field, we look to perform as well as possible.

Because many of our 2012's leave the next day for the Rutgers MXP event in New Jersey, this team will largely be 2013's. Given the way the recruiting process is moving ahead, this is probably the way at least some of the coaches would want it.

So here goes, our schedule, and further details on the event. Should be fun.


5:30PM - Clams vs. NESLL
7PM - Clams vs. TC Red



* Players should NOT arrive prior to 4:45pm.
* NO Parking on Parkerville Rd. Cars will be towed without notice per police department.
* It is CRITICAL that the fields are spotless after each game. Teams should bring trash bags to collect their trash and then leave at the end of the evening by the gate.
* Team are responsible for providing their own rosters. We will have a sign in table if you wish to leave them there.
* Please ask that your parents are always watching the action and aware of where they are standing. This is a small venue and balls are flying everywhere. By attending this event, all teams, players, fans, coaches, spectators, parents, etc understand the risks involved in attending a sporting event with fast moving balls, etc.....
* This event is for recruiting. NO SCORES WILLL BE KEPT. This is about our boys getting looks.......not bragging rights or forum fodder.
* Teams should be ready to go on the half hour. We understand that warm-ups will be limited. There is space at the end of the complex to warm up and warm goalies. We will not extend games for any reason.
* We will have two refs on each field.
* All Penalties will be 30 second running time.
* Any fighting or intent to injure will have player immediately ejected from game and complex. No exceptions.
* Directions are below

Lunblad Fields - Neary School, 57 Parkerville Road, Southborough
From Route 9 East or West to Route 85 North. At first light go LEFT on Rte 30. Follow a short distance past Fay School. Take LEFT onto Parkerville Road and after the second speed bump about ½ mile down fields will be on your right on hill surrounded by fence. Please DO NOT park on Parkerville Rd. Please pull into the parking lot for the school that is prior to fields and walk back up to fields on top of hill near Parkerville Rd.