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      Date: Jul 18, 2011
Results, write-ups, and stats for the teams traveling down to Tri-State.

Below are the results, write-ups and stats for the teams heading down for the Tri-State Summer Lacrosse Festival Tournament.

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GAME 2 – L 4-5 vs. Tri-State Lacrosse Blue
GAME 3 – L 3-6 vs. Pittsburgh Lacrosse Black
GAME 4 – L 4-5 vs. Team Long Island
GAME 5 – W 9-1 vs. Minnesota Yeti

ROUND 1: W 3-1 vs. Sting Gold
QUARTER-FINALS: L 4-5 vs. Sting Black

This weekend, the Clams 2012 Blue team entered what in my opinion is one of the toughest brackets in any tournament in the nation this summer; the Tri-State Senior AA.  Having participated in it as both a player and a coach, in years past, I knew it would be a challenge.

Record wise, the 2012’s came out, below expectations, tallying a 2-4 record and an exit in the 2nd round of the playoffs. However looking below the surface, I believe the record does not tell the whole story. On this occasion, the Clams lost 3 games by one goal each, including their second round playoff game to the top seeded LI Sting Black. I personally left the tournament feeling that we could easily have been 5-1 and advanced deep into the playoffs. However, that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Leading the way once again for this group was the defense. Dan McDougall (Avon Old Farms) turned in his usual dominate shift, both leading the close defense and taking LSM runs when needed. Dan showed time and time again that he would do anything for the cause, even taking and winning crucial face-offs when we needed them. As a side note to this, an unnamed college coaching acquaintance of mine, who has had several opportunities to watch Dan play, told me “he was one of the best poles he had seen play this summer” and that he was “an absolute beast”. Chris Coady (BB&N) added a massive physical presence to the D, and Cam Carlyle (Westford Academy) showed a great ability to not only play physical defense, but seems to have added a repertoire of take away checks which we had not previously seen. This adds a whole new dimension to his games, making him a much more complete player.

Between the pipes, Will Ryan (Avon Old Farms) gave the stellar effort which we have come to expect. In at least 2 games, Will literally stood on his head and kept us in games. Will has been a rock all summer not only coming up with huge one on one saves, but also pin point outlets all over the field, to help alleviate the pressure on the defense. Miles McCarthy (Catholic Memorial) made many big one on one saves and from the buzz I heard on the side lines was garnering D1 attention.

At the midfield, our horse once again was Kyle Soroka (Acton Boxborough). I have been watching Kyle play for some time now, and I truly feel, with Kyle we are seeing now is very close to the finished product of lots of hard work.  Kyle gets up and down the field, seemingly never getting tired. His dodges were explosive, getting to the cage with impunity, and when it comes to riding, I can think of very few midfielders I would want riding the ball more than Kyle.

Another major contributor to the midfield was Conor Helfrich (Lawrence Academy). Though nominally an attackman, Conor stepped into an offensive middie roll. When dodging from up top Conor is downright dangerous. And while riding or fighting for a GB, Conor’s abailities to scrap pay great dividends. Toward the end of the tournament, I got the feeling that Conor was just not going to let us lose. His mere force of will, almost stole us the W in our final playoff game.

On attack, Sam Sweet (Duxbury) once again showed his smooth, game QBing style, allowing other of get involved. Though he may not put up super high numbers, there were very few goals, when he was on the field, that he did not have a hand in. Whether by making the extra pass or finding the backside open 2 passes away, Sam certainly pulled the strings on attack. Joey Pasquale (Weston), showed his ability to get off a deadly left handed shot. Spencer Low (Rivers) always could be counted to put in an industrious shift. Though the goals may not have been wracked up in staggering numbers, Spencer’s work rate was second to none. He chanced every shot, rode hard and was a great asset on the clear, by getting free and giving long distant outlets to both goalie and defender alike. Spencer does the little things which may not show up on the stat sheet, but they certainly are more than necessary. It is a great pleasure to work with such a hardworking kid.

Though it was a tough way to leave NJ, I truly believe that as a team we cannot hang our heads. A call here, a pipe there, and we are writing this article with a different ending. Next up Brown, where we hope to end the summer on a positive note. I believe we have every opportunity to do this and I look forward to another great week of lax.


Summer 2011 Tri-State 2012 Blue Team



GAME 2 – L 5-8 vs. Thunder Lacrosse                     
GAME 3 – W 8-2 vs. Minnesota Frost                          
GAME 4 – W 8-2 vs. Team Tampa                                
GAME 5 – W 4-0 vs. Pittsburgh Lacrosse Black        

ROUND 1 - W 6-1 vs. LI Express
ROUND 2 - W 8-2 vs. Central PA Dawgs
SEMI-FINALS - W 6-3 vs. Thunder Lacrosse
FINALS - L 4-8 vs. Manhasset Mavericks

COMMENTS: At the Tri-State tournament, our 2013 team made a great run at their championship, coming up just short in the championship game.

After dropping their first game of the tournament, the Clams rattled off six straight wins before falling in the finals to a strong Manhasset team.

The weekend saw everyone contribute to the success, most notibly, attackmen Will Jennings who led the team in scoring with 20 points (13 goals, 7 assists) followed by Sam Tenney (6 goals, 7 assists) and Dan Mini (5 goals, 6 assists).

At the midfield, Jack Sullivan (6 goals, 2 assist) and Jory Makin (2 goals, 4 assists) led the way in scoring.  Also, in the mix with four points apiece were Tyler Janvrin (2 goals, 2 assists) and Shane Hurley (2 goals, and 2 assists).

Defensively, Bryan Uva (1 goal, 1 assist), Matt Gorski (1 goal),  and Tucker Mathers anchored a solid core that made life easier for goalies Pete Latulippe (19 saves, 51.4% save percentage) and Nick Bain (7 saves, 50% save percentage).  Matt Gorski also was huge at the face-off "X", not only keeping opponents from getting possessions, but also starting fast-breaks himself.

Overall it was a great run.

Next up: Hotbeds.




GAME 1 – W 6-3 vs. Westchester Predators
GAME 2 – L 1-3 vs. LI Express 2014 Orange
GAME 3 – W 5-4 vs. Maryland Lacrosse Club
GAME 4 – W 4-3 vs. Virginia Elite 2014

ROUND 1 – W 5-4 O.T. vs. Triangle Lacrosse
QUARTER-FINALS – L 3-4 O.T. vs. Tri-State

COMMENTS: While we always enter a tournament with the mind-set that we want to win it, a 4-2 record in a bracket with such parity is a great accomplishment.

With four of our six games decided by 1 goal (including two overtime games in the playoffs), this team is finding it's way to wins in tough situations.  In the long run, it will be very benificial to this team.

While every player had big plays, to cover all of them would turn this write-up into a novel, so we'll content ourselves to some of the highlights.

Our leading scorer was midfielder Austin Gaiss (3G, 2A) followed by attack Michael Harris (4G) and middie Foster Leboeuf (2G, 2A).  The final tally of stats had 14 different players post at least a point over the six games we played this weekend (the full break down of stats is below).

Every successful team in today's lacrosse world needs solid play at the face-off "X".  We got that from middie Colin Orr, who went 25 for 41 (61% win pct.).  And while we didn't need to rely on fellow middie Joe Cormier to take face-offs as we did in previous tournaments, when Colin needed a break, Joe was there to fill the void easily, going 4 for 5.  Couple that with great wing play from LSM's Drew Bourdeau and Tyler Martz, made it hard for other teams to get possession.

Our defense of Ryan Caley, Connor Rayfield, Thomas Soule, Reid Knapp, and Mike Falzarano coupled with the goaltending of Dillon Guthro (65% save percentage) and Kevin Lally (63.6% save percentage) held opponents to 3.5 goals per game.

In these tournaments, especially when all your games are decided by 3 goals or fewer (as our's were), clutch play is a must.  And we had more than one player make those plays when we needed them most.

Here are players that scored either a tying or game-winner goal in our 1-goal games: Foster Leboeuf (game tying goal; assist from Joe Cormier) vs. Maryland Lacrosse Club; Michael Harris (game wining goal) vs. Maryland Lacrosse Club; Danny Seibel (game tying goal) vs. Virginia Elite; Hunter Tyrrell (game winning goal) vs. Virginia Elite; Mike Harris (game tying goal; assist from Foster Leboeuf) vs. Triangle; Joe Cormier (game winner goal in O.T.) vs. Triangle; Drew O'Connell (game tying goal; assist from Brendan Gates) vs. Tri-State.

Great job, gentleman!  Next up: Yale!


2014 Blue Tri-State team summer 2011



GAME 2 – W 8-2 vs. Paragon Lacrosse 2013
GAME 3 – L 3-6 vs. VLC Chiefs
GAME 4 – L 4-5 vs. Next Level
GAME 5 – W 7-1 vs. Rotten Apples U18

PLAYOFFS: L 0-4 vs. Thunder

The Rising Clams Orange finished the Tri-State tournament with a record of 2-3.  Respectable record considering we were playing mostly teams that were older than us.

We ran 8 attackmen during the tournament, and got solid contribution from everyone.  All registered points (Matt Ikawa, Matt Page, Mike Patrick, Tyler Powers, Eddie Frick, Shawn Waldron & Brian Walsh, & Nolan Kislauskis)  Leading the attack in points was Jack Vandervelde with 3g, 1a.

Most of our offence was driven by our strong middie play.  The mid’s played great team defense and pushed the ball up field whenever possible.  Or middie’s consisted of (Corey Tower, Sam Frick, Richard Gruber) As our only faceoff guy, Dylan Schlange had his work cut out for him and won more than he lost at the faceoff circle.  Zach Farkas was our short stick man-down specialist and excelled at shutting down the crease when we were out numbered.  Even tallied a goal and its questionable if he also got an assist.   Connor Coffey played lightning fast and was running by just about every defender that tried to cover him.   And leading the midfield group was Will Farrell’s son, George Lucey. George led all scorers with 6g, 1a in an impressive showing at Tri-State.

On D we had Owen Ward, Eamon O’Leary, Jake Levy, Michael Karpel, & Matt Harrity. Our dedicated LSM was Jake Levy who tallied 1g, 1a during the tournament and probably ran more than anyone on the team.  We were man-down a lot this tournament, thanks to the whistle happy pin stripes and our Downers played strong and gave up little.  Standing out on Defense throughout the tournament was Brett Clark.

In the goal we played both Tom Casale & Tyler Boardo.  BOTH goalies played excellent and certainly kept us in those close games.

As coaches we were pleased with this group of young men.  We played some good teams and battled to the end.  We would have liked to have gone farther in the playoffs but it certainly was due to a lack of effort.  We’ll learn from this experience and look forward to our last tournament at Yale this coming Sunday.  Until then, hit the wall….