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      Date: Jul 13, 2011
     Title: Long awaited Clam commitment update
It's been a while, but here are all our July commitments

As summer has pressed on, I admit I have been somewhat negligent on posting our commitments here on our web page. I have been posting these on our facebook page as soon as I receive them. But with our web page posts, I try to be a little more thorough, and jot down a few thoughts on each Clam who has been fortunate enough to commit to a program.

So without further delay, here are the Clams who have committed since July 1st (or, technically, very late June). As you can see, it's already a heck of a list. And with no fewer than a dozen possibly within a week of making a commitment, it's sure to be an exciting stretch between now and end of month. So I promise I'll try to be a little less negligent on getting these posts here on the site. 

And again, please follow us on facebook for more to-the-minute updates. And for a list of all committed players currently competing in the Clam program, scroll down.

Michael Dellanno, Wakefield 2012 midfielder/attackman
Easter Conn. logo Committed to Eastern Connecticut State
Comments: Michael's commitment sort of came out of the blue, for me anyway. I'd spoken briefly to Coach Axel. And I knew Michael was headed down there for a visit. In hindsight I shouldn't have been surprised, for two primary reasons: 1) Coach Axel can be very persuasive, and 2) Eastern Connecticut is a really good fit for Michael. Anyway, it was just days after Michael's visit when I got the call - the speedy Wakefield attackman/midfielder had chosen to play his college ball as a Warrior.

Nick Desisto, Rivers 2013 midfielder
Committed to Loyola
Comments: Our first 2013 to commit this year, and our earliest rising junior to commit in our history. Nick knew he wanted Loyola, and based on this reality we chose to move aggressively toward that end. Coach Toomey came and watched Nick toward the end of his season. And while the game certainly didn't end as Rivers would have liked, Nick gave his usual strong performance. Afterward, it was made clear that Coach Toomey liked what he saw. And after a June visit where an offer was made, followed by some contemplation, Nick and his family decided shortly before July 1 that Nick would be a 'hound.

Jack Rautiola, Rivers, 2012 attackman
Middlebury logo Committed to Middlebury
Comments: A classic D1/D3 'tweener with options on both sides of the fence, Jack made the decision many who really know the ins and outs of the landscape always respect and went with what he truly felt best about. The D1 options, including one or two in the Ivy League, were very likely going to be there. But Jack, whose brother also went to Rivers, was a Clam, and now plays in the NESCAC, thought through all facets of the decision. And when options such as going abroad and generally having a broader life outside of lacrosse were truly weighed, Jack decided to head to a school that is always among the most coveted in our organization and to become a Panther.

Joe Ricciuti, Norwell HS, 2012 midfielder
Hamilton logo Committed to Hamilton
Comments: Another 'tweener with a number of options in each division, Joe certainly traded up the academic ladder with Hamilton. As the old saying that I hear several times a week goes, "we/I want lacrosse to get our son/me into a better school than he/I would without it". Well, if this was the Ricciutis' goal (and it was), then Joe nailed it. But back to the lacrosse side of the equation, Hamilton is certainly no slouch. Coming off one of their best seasons in the last few years, the Continentals are sliding into the NESCAC, and have indicated they want Joe to be a major part of their success from the word go. And knowing Joe, he wouldn't have it any other way.

Conor Van Duzer, Rivers, 2012 midfielder
Army logo Committed to West Point
Comments: It was always Conor's dream to go to West Point, or at least it has been for as long as I've known him. (His dad having gone there planted the seed.) The way things are done there fits very well what Conor was looking for. And the lacrosse is, obviously, always somewhere between very good and great. But coming out of Dover-Sherborn HS as a junior, Conor had some work to do on the field and in the classroom if this option was to be viable. And during his repeat junior year at Rivers, Conor clamped down like few before him have, in the weight room, in the classroom, and on the field. In that time, Conor saw his grades and test scores catapult upward. And after steady progress throughout the spring and an explosive early summer, West Point came to realize that Conor would make an ideal Black Knight lacrosse player and student.

Nick Weston, Aquinas Institute, 2013 midfielder/attackman
Syracuse logo Committed to Syracuse
Comments: It was clear as soon as Nick joined us that he was a special talent. Throughout last fall, he came to be seen, in our eyes anyway, as one of the elite offensive players in the country. It seems this past spring, and especially this summer, Nick proved it to everyone else. Nick had been clear: he wanted to go to 'Cuse. But, reportedly, Coach Desko did something very impressive earlier this summer. He made Nick a generous, aggressive offer, then said he would not take Nick's commitment until he visited at least a couple more colleges. Recognizing how far forward this process has surged, I give the Head Man a lot of credit for that (if it is in fact true, though the source is reliable). Well, I guess Nick took those visits, because he committed yesterday afternoon, after a scorching day at the Maverik Showtime camp where many believe he was the best player at camp. Just what 'Cuse wants to hear!