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      Date: Jul 22, 2011
Clams Orange brings home a first place finish.

This Sunday, the 2014 Blue, Rising Clams, and Clams Orange teams are traveling down to Yale.

Results from the tournament will be posted early next week, but for quicker updates, follow us on facebook.




GAME 1 – W 5-3 vs. CT Whalers Blue
GAME 2 – L 3-7 vs. Big 3 Skulls 
GAME 3 – W 5-2 vs. Capital District Green
GAME 4 – W 4-3 vs. 3 Tribes

COMMENTS: One of our constant mantras with our teams is: "Get better each time you play".  Sunday was a day that this team did just that.

We opened with a strong win against a game CT Whalers, but had a little let down in the second half into the first half of our next game against Big 3 Skulls.

But from the second half of our game against Big 3 Skulls until the end of the day, the growth of this team was visible.

After our third game, the opposing coach came up to me and praised the poise and skill of the team, saying he hadn't seen many team at that age show that level of maturity and skill.

Our last game of the day (our fourth in seven hours), was a tight contest with both teams visibly exhausted from the day.  The most gratifying part of the win was how we got it: quick ball movement after drawing the slide leading to a few quick passes which found an easy 7 yard shot.

On the day, it was attackman Danny Seibel who led the way with points with eight (5 goals, 3 assists).  Our game winning goals were scored by: Parker McKee (assisted by Danny Seibel vs. CT Whalers), John Schuster (assisted by Danny Seibel vs. Capital District), and Joe Delaney (vs. 3 Tribes).

Our defensive core of Connor Coady, Thomas Soule, Matt Harrity, Owen Ward, Eamon O'Leary, Colin Fahey and goalie Jason Foote ended the day with a 3.75 goals against average.

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GAME 1 – W 12-2 vs. Team Central Black
GAME 2 – T 3-3 vs. Bulldogs 2014
GAME 3 – W 2-1 vs. Southern Combat American
GAME 4 – W 4-2 vs. Western Mass. Sharpshooters (CHAMPIONSHIP)

The Clams Orange went down to Yale and were able to find their way to their second straight Championship Game. Following up a great performance at Tri State the week before, the Clams stepped up their game and were able to win their bracket at this year's Yale Bulldog Tournament.
The Clams were led by Michael Dellanno and Adam Guerin at the midfield. Although the Clams Orange got significant contributions from other midfielders like Cody Carbone and Jack Sullivan along with many others, Dellanno and Guerin stole the show. Guerin was an animal at the faceoff X and was able to secure countless GB's and faceoff wins to maintain posession for the Clams Orange. Michael Dellanno was tough to stop as he was continually able to beat his man at the midfield and get to the cage.
At attack Andrew Belli, Sam Tenney and Tucker Mscisz led the way by balancing the offense and getting good looks at the net for both themselves and their teammates. The Clams Orange were very fortunate to have a solid cast of attackmen in Matthew Ikawa, Michael Howe, Alex Kiever and Anders Hill that were all able to create great scoring opportunities.
On a day where they never forfeited more than 3 goals in a game, you know that the defense had to have been firing on all cylinders. With Pete Latulippe and Nick Bain anchoring the effort in goal, a great group of defensemen showed what real team defense was all about. By taking away good shooting space on the field and sticking to a commitment to play good positional defense, Matt Atkins, Pat Dunn, Ian Huschle, Chris Shields, Matt Ryan, Chris Ryan and Eric Murphy were a force to be reckoned with.
All in all, a great day for the Clams Orange. Next up the crew travels to Hot Beds at UDeleware where they will see some of the best competition the country has to offer. Can the Clams Orange keep it rolling and earn an appearance in a third straight tournament Championship game? Stay tuned......





GAME 1 – L vs. Western Mass. Sharpshooters
GAME 2 – L vs. Team Central Blue 
GAME 3 – L vs. 3 Tribes
GAME 4 – W vs. TBD