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      Date: Jul 22, 2011
     Title: Clam commitments flood in
It's fast & furious with the recent Clam commitments...exciting times

The last time I posted our most recent commitments - a little over a week ago - I indicated that many more were in the works. And this has indeed proved to be the case, as I've been receiving these updates at the rate of about one a day since then.

While I've been posting regularly on facebook (and, as always, follow us there if you want these updates as I get them:  ), I've been a tad delayed getting them here. Well, no longer. Below are our upfated Fighting Clam commitments. And I apologize in advance to these Clams for not being able to give them our thoughts as we like to do with these web stories - just no time to squeeze them in now. It's my hope that after this week's tournaments, which will close out our summer, I'll be able to circle back and add my two cents. But for now, the quick & dirty version...our most recent commitments, in order received, and other Clams attending or committed to attend those programs:

Jared Fong (goaltender, Weston HS) - Gettysburg

-other Gettysburg Clams...Cam Carlyle (defenseman, Westford Academy, committed in 2012 class)

Cam Carlyle (defenseman, Westford Academy) - Gettysburg

-other Gettysburg Clams...Jared Fong (goaltender, Weston, committed in 2012 class)

Matt Gorski (defenseman, Lowell HS) - Eastern Connecticut

-other ECSU Clams...Michael Dellanno (attackman/midfielder, Wakefield HS, committed in 2012 class), Mike Fanning (LSM/defenseman out of Norwell HS, sophomore), Chris Brown (defenseman out of Arhcbishop Williams, sophomore), Trevor Morrissette (midfielder out of Bedford, NH, sophomore) and Donald Berube (goaltender out of Tewksbury HS, junior)

Blair Friedensohn (goaltender, St. Johns Prep/PG'ing at Phillips Exeter) -  Dartmouth

Austin Bannister
(midfielder, Catholic Memorial) - Union

-other Union Clams...Chris Garibaldi (midfielder out of the Salisbury School, freshman), Henry Farrell (midfielder out of Nantucket HS, sophomore)

Kyle Soroka (midfielder, Acton/Boxboro HS) - Middlebury

-other M'bury Clams...Jack Rautiola (attackman, Rivers, committed in 2012 class), Spencer Macquarrie (midfielder out of Phillips Andover, sophomore)