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      Date: Aug 12, 2011
     Title: What does it all mean?
The Clam program, like most others, has many different team's what they all mean

Now that nearly all club programs aren't just one or two teams, but several, we as Directors have all had to find ways to clearly differentiate the different products we put on the field bearing the same "brand" name. So we collectively refer to our teams by colors, and letters, and numbers. They almost always mean something very clear to everyone in a given program. But to people outside a program - college coaches included - it can get pretty confusing.

Here are the terms we use to describe our Clam teams we intend to field this fall. This will be shared with all college coaches and spectators repeatedly throughout the fall.

Clams Program Glossary of Terms

Seasoned” – This indicates a team where most of the players have committed to a college or university.

Blue” – This indicates our strongest teams.

Orange”* – This indicates our second tier teams.  * It’s important to note that we never intend to put a Clam team on the field where players are not strong college prospects.
(Orange teams generally see most of their players end up in D3 programs, while Blue teams tend to see most of their players end up at D1 or turn down D1 offers to go to high D2/D3 programs).

Rising” – This indicates either a team where players have not played a high school varsity season, or where players have not been identified as full-fledged Clams yet. In the case of a team where we fully believe, once they come of age, they will immediately earn Fighting Clam recognition, the “AA” tag will be added to title (see below).

AA” – This distinction means within their age/ability category, our coaches believe players on this team to be unusually talented. This will be added when appropriate to our strongest 2013, 2014 & 2015 teams this fall.

A” – This distinction means a team where we believe the majority of players have a strong probability of becoming “AA” players with continued progress.

Team Top Gun” – This team is loosely, but not directly, affiliated with the Clams. Team Top Gun will consist of players who are being closely monitored by Clam coaches, and from whose ranks  new Clams may be pulled. These players who have not earned the right to be called Clams yet.

Littlenecks” – Our middle school teams