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      Date: Mar  5, 2012
Contributions from across the board.

We have made it a weekly tradition to scour the college lacrosse news and game reports to see how our Clam Alumni are doing at the next level.  Check back each week here and follow these reports on facebook to see how the Clam family is faring. AND PLEASE NOTE: while we do our best at compiling this list, it is almost a certainty that we miss some strong performances, particularly from defensive players. To this end, please feel free to contact us at either or if you had a strong performance you'd like others to know about!

Week of 2/27 Overview: There's nothing like a kick in the pants to get a player going.  Freshman Matt Thistle (Manhattan) got that in his first game last week when his team was shut out.  Now he's put up 5 goals and 6 assists in his last two.  Then you have defensive impacts from sophomore Georgie Carrick, who's efforts helped Fairfield to a thrilling triple overtime win against Hofstra.  Our junior Clam alumni were led by Jack Walker (Harvard) in their thumping of Holy Cross.  And our seniors, as they always do, made their presence felt with long-time frontunner Scott Austin (Cornell).  Now comes the problem of ranking them...

The Top Ten:

1. MATT THISTLE (Freshman / HS: Bishop Geurtin)
2 goals, 4 assists vs. Princeton - L 7-13
3 goals, 2 assists vs. Providence - W 11-9

2. SCOTT AUSTIN (Senior / HS: Duxbury)
1 goal vs. Binghamton - W 17-12
1 goal, 1 assist vs. Army - W 18-7

3. JACK WALKER (Junior / HS: Phillips Andover)
2 goals vs. Holy Cross - W 14-9

4. ERIC SLINGERLAND (Sophomore / HS: Phillips Exeter)
1 assist vs. Holy Cross - W 14-9
1 goal vs. Hofstra - L 6-7

5. CHRIS LANGTON (Senior / HS: St. John's Prep/Northfield Mount Hermon)
1 goal vs. Binghamton - W 17-12

6. GEORGE CARRICK (Sophomore / HS: The Rivers School)
3 groundball, 1 caused turnover vs. Hofstra - W 10-9 (3OT)

7. HAKEEM LECKY (Freshman / HS: Duxbury / Avon Old Farms)
1 goal vs. Virginia - L 10-14

8. JUSTIN KIRCHNER (Sophomore / HS: Buckingham, Browne & Nichols)
1 goal vs. Roger Morris - W 24-14

9. CHRIS CASEY (Senior / HS: Duxbury)
Sacred Heart
2 goals, 1 assist vs. Dartmouth - L 10-11

10. GEOFFREY KENNEDY (Freshman / HS: Gloucester)
Saint Anselm's
1 goal, 1 assist vs. NYIT - W 6-5

Honorable Mentions

Kevin Helm- Bates (Senior / HS: Norwell)
1 goal, 6 GB, 3CT vs. Skidmore - L 10-14

Christian Dallmus- McDaniel (Sophomore / HS: The Rivers School)
16 saves, 72.7% SP vs. Virginia Wesleyan - W 7-6