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      Date: Apr 24, 2012
     Title: Clam selected to be in prestigious Senior Under Armour Game
Senior Clam Will Ryan is selected to 2012 Summer Senior Under Armour game.

Being selected for the Under Armour games are still considered one of the best achievements a high school player can make.

Past Clams that have made the team include Max Quinzani (Duxbury, Duke), Chris Nixon (Duxbury, Georgetown), Mark Goodrich (Rivers, Hopkins), and Hakeem Lecky (Duxbury, Syracuse).

This year, senior goalie Will Ryan has made the "Games".  This will come on the heels of being the starting goalie for Avon Old Farms this spring, as well as participating in the Championship-winning New England Under Armour Underclassmen tournament team last summer, alongside fellow Clams Matt Ryan (Harvard), Ray Horgan (Army) and Sam Tenney (High Point). 

And after all the fanfare this summer, Will is taking his talents to Baltimore when he heads off to Johns Hopkins in the fall.