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      Date: May 11, 2012
     Title: Clams playing in 2012 NCAA Tournament
Fighting Clam Alumni in the NCAA tournament

The Top Gun Fighting Clams would like to congratulate its 32 alumni who will be moving onto the 2012 NCAA College Playoffs. 32 of 102 - so a little shy of one-third of all Clams now playing college ball - will be participating. Here they are: the honor roll of former Clams making it to the dance, listed alphabetically:

Chris Brown, defenseman, Eastern Connecticut

Matt Callahan, defenseman, Tufts

Griff Cardew, midfield, Bowdoin

Quinn Cully, midfield, Notre Dame

Chuck Czerkawski, F/O midfielder, Connecticut College

Luke Duprey, LSM, Duke

James Fahey, defense/LSM, UMASS

Mike Fanning, defense/LSM, Eastern Connecticut

Charlie Finnegan, LSM, Trinity

John Fitzgerald, attack, Syracuse

Mark Flibotte, midfield, Bowdoin

Sam Gardner, defense/LSM, Tufts

Chris Garibaldi, midfield, Union

Mark Goodrich, midfield, Johns Hopkins

Tommy Harrison, defense, Denison

Justin Kirchner, midfield, Colgate

Hakeem Lecky, midfield, Syracuse

John Lenehan, goaltender, Connecticut College

Malcolm Lloyd, midfielder (F/O), Trinity

Steve Manning, midfielder, Trinity

Trevor Morrissette, midfield, Eastern Connecticut

Conor Murphy, goaltender, Colgate

Grant Neumann, defense, Trinity

Jimmy O'Connell, midfield, Trinty

Tyler Page, goaltender, Tufts

Jeff Rautiola, midfield, Trinity

Franklin Reis, attack, Bowdoin

Blake Riley, midfield, University of Virginia

Kevin Sainte, attack, Springfield

Craig Sullivan, defense, Cortland State

Derek Sweet, attack/midfield, Lynchburg

Petie Von Rosenvinge, defense, UMASS