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      Date: Jun  6, 2012
     Title: Baltimore Kickoff Week 1 results AND Week 2 schedule
The first pair of summer event schedules are out, and results from Clam tourney #1 are in (note field change: week 2, fourth game)

It's always an exciting time when the summer tournament schedules start coming out. And for the Fighting Clams 2013 AA and 2015 AA squads, their first slate of games for event #1 have now arrived (& for 2013's, results are now in...below).

Comments from throughout the week for the 2013's

The Baltimore Summer Kickoff began for the 2013 Clams the way many tournaments do: a little choppy at first, then progressively better. It is worth noting that last summer, our 2013 squad's first event, King of the Hill, saw the squad finish 3-2, just like this past weekend's team at the Baltimore Kickoff. Afterward, the Clams went on to win a Championship (Rutgers MXP), become a Championship runner-up (Tri State Mid-Summer Classic), and make it to a Final Four (UMBC Shootout). So the fact that we got out of our first event with a winning record, and a steady improvement throughout, I believe bodes very well for the success to come. This is the same thing I told our team last summer.

The team was led by All Star Kevin Murphy midfielder/attackman, who seemed to always respond with a timely goal when we needed one. The attack was buoyed by Alex Paulus, who found himself on the finishing end of plenty of nifty passing combinations that increased in number with each passing game. Andrew Eriksen, Jory Makin, and Jack Sullivan also game very steady performances at the midfield throughout, as did primary F/O man Elliott Burr, and attackman Geoff Ziobro.

The defense was anchored by Tucker Mathers, the team leader in ground balls (which is nothing new). Larken Kemp also gave solid minutes, before departing for the NE Under Armour tryouts (ditto for midfielder Chris Pauzer (All Star), who left early for the same reason). And the tandem of LSM's George Fay (All Star) and David Shektman gave the opponents fits for the duration of the event.

Our goaltenders were both steady throughout. Kyle Moynihan edged James O'Leary slightly in save pct., but both kept us in games, and stood tall throughout.

With some of our stronger player rejoining us after absences due to the NE Under Armour tryouts and other factors, we are very confident that the Clams 2013 AA top group - which has been one of the best in the history of the program - will close out the summer in a manner befitting their run to this point. We are excited!

Schedules & Results

June 15th, 3PM - 5PM, Clinic led by D1, D2 & D3 coaches

June 16th, 9AM, Field 2, Clams '13 AA vs. Chesapeake Rock POE
Loss 7-6

June 16th, 1PM, Field 3, Clams '13 AA vs. Georgetown Prep
Loss 3-9

June 16th, 4PM, Field 4, Clams '13 AA vs. Iron Horse SW Elite
Win 8-7 OT

June 16th, 7:15, Field 2, ALL STAR GAME
CLAMS ALL STARS: George Fay (Loomis), Chris Pauzer (Loomis/G'town), Kevin Murphy (Brewster/Hobart)

June 17th, 9AM, Field 2, Clams '13 AA vs. Green Turtle 2013
Win 6-5

June 17th, Noon, Field 6, Clams '13 AA vs. Atlanta Rage 2013
Win 11-7

Statistical Leaders
(all stats below are kept to the best of our ability, and are likely imperfect)

Kevin Murphy (#42): 8 goals, 2 assists
Alex Paulus (#44): 7 goals, 2 assists
Andrew Eriksen (#30): 4 goals, 3 assists
Geoff Ziobro (#27): 4 goals, 3 assists
Jack Sullivan (#50): 3 goals
Elliott Burr (#64): 4 goals, 3 assists
Jory Makin (#37): 2 goals, 1 assist
Johnny McNamara (#39): 2 goals, 1 assists*
Chris Pauzer (#45): 2 goals*
Larken Kemp (#36): 1 assists*

*only partial participant at this event

Saves/Goals Allowed

James O'Leary (#14): 31 saves, 19 goals allowed, 62% save pct.
Kyle Moynihan (#40): 28 saves, 15 goals against, 65.1% save pct.

Ground balls

Tucker Mathers (#38): 11
Alex Paulus (#44): 9
George Fay (#4): 6
Nicolas Palandjian (#16): 6
Jack Sullivan (#50): 5
Andrew Eriksen (#30): 5
Bryan Uva: 4
Kyle Moynihan (#40): 4
Chris Pauzer (#45), Geoff Ziobro (#27), James O'Leary (#14), Johnny McNamara (#39), David Shektman (#22): tied w/ 2
(3 tied with 1)


Below is the Baltimore Kickoff Week 2 Schedule, for the 2015 AA squad:

June 22nd, 3PM - 5PM, Clinic led by D1, D2 & D3 coaches

June 23rd, 9AM, Field 5, Clams '15 AA vs. Performance White

June 23rd, NOON, Field 2, Clams '15 AA vs. Madlax Sophomores

June 23th, 3PM, Field 3, Clams '15 AA vs. Blackwolf 2015

June 23rd, 6:15, Field 2, ALL STAR GAME

June 24th, 9AM, Field 4, Clams '15 AA vs. Looney's Lacrosse Club

June 24th, Noon, Field 2, Clams '15 AA vs. Laxachusetts 2015