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      Date: Jul 10, 2012
     Title: UMASS Results
Results from the Mid Summer Classic


The entire Clam Program journied out to UMass this past weekend for the Mid-Summer Classic.  Here's how we did:

2013 AA: It was the event we’d been looking for this summer. At each of our previous events this summer, the team won more than they lost, and certainly showed well, at times very well. But given the compilation of talent this team represents, we have been looking not just for strong performances, but for exceptional ones. I tend to be a tough critic. But I thought more often than not, the play of this team was exceptional. The attack was led by Will Jennings (11G, 5A, 1GB; Danvers HS/Bridgton), who averaged more than 3 points per game, many of the goals scored in exceptional fashion. Dan Mini (7G, 1A, 3GB; St. Johns Prep/Phillips Exeter) and Jordan Fong (4G, 2A, 3GB; Weston HS) complimented Jennings very effectively, leading one of the officials to comment that were the most unselfish attack units he’d seen all summer. The midfield was so balanced that it’s tough to know which player to focus on. Certainly our pair of face-off men who also managed to notched a point or more per game, Elliott Burr (2G, 4A, 2GB; Newburyport HS) & Ben Katz, (5G, 7GB; Westford Academy) did their part. So too were other middies notching a point or more per game – Tyler Matses, (3G, 3A, 3GB; Newburyport HS) Chris Pauzer (3G, 2A, 2GB; Loomis Chaffe/committed to Georgetown)and Alec Brown (3G, 2A, 3GB; Wakefield HS/committed to Hartford). The defense saw two of our standouts return after missing the first couple events, and their presence was immediately felt. Ryan Macri (8GB; Governors Academy/committed to UNC) and Ray Horgan (10GB; Deerfield/committed to Army) played like the tremendous defensemen they have become. But in truth, the entire defense didn’t have a weak link, and any of the poles could draw mention here as having played a role in our undefeated run this past weekend. Ditto for goaltenders Giles Ober (19 saves; Algonquin Reg. HS) and Kyle Moynihan (20 saves; Brewster Academy) who were both very good.

2014 AA: The 2014 boys played two very different styles this weekend.  On Saturday, we had a lot of great individual efforts that lead to us walking away 2-1 for the day with the two wins being dramatic come from behind victory's.  In the three games on Saturday, we posted nineteen goals; unfortunately, only two were assisted.  On Sunday, however, the Clam boys turned a huge corner tallying twelve goals with seven of them assisted.  It was one of the best days of lacrosse I've seen this group play despite going 1-1.  Offensively, Danny Seibel (10G, 1A; Belmont Hill), Mike Harris (1G, 5A; St. John's Prep), Tyler Breen (5G; Taft/committed to UVA), Josh Gordon (5G; Newton South/committed to Delaware), and Connor Donahue (4G, 1A; Bishop Guertin) led the team offensively.  Face-off man Joe Cormier went 34 for 62 at the "X" (54.8% win percentage; 25 GB).  Defensively, the unit was anchored by Zach Ambrosino (7GB), Eamon O'Leary (1G, 7GB), and Tyler Martz (6GB) while being back-stopped by Rob Shaw in net (60 saves, 63.8% save percentage).

2015AA: The 2015 AA Clams had the epitome of an "up and down" tournament this weekend at UMASS, finishing the weekend with a 2-4 record, but showing significant improvement as a team. Beginning with the West Coast Starz and Westchester Preadtors, the 2015 Clams played a ton of defense and took a couple games to get their feet underneath them on the offensive side of the ball. Throughout the two-day event, Josh Kirson (30 saves, 68.2% save percentage; Rivers School) and Duncan Lechner (28 saves, 57.1% save percentage; St. Paul's School) anchored tenascious defensive efforts from the goal and were able to hold off very powerful offenses time after time. Over the next two games the 2015 Clams captured wins against IAS Cougars (11-3) and CT Whalers (4-2). Andrew Ward (5G; Thayer Academy) rattled off 4G against IAS to get the offense rolling and Cam Jung (5G, 1A; Masconomet) notched 4G over the 2 game stretch. After a tough game against a very strong Northport HS squad, the 2015 Clams wrapped up the weekend with a tough 7-6 loss to the CT Cardinals in a game where the Clams continually battled back to keep the game close. Jake Foster (3G; Westborough HS) buried 2g in the final test while James Burr (2G, 5A; Middlesex School) and Carter Rossano (2G, 1A; Pingree School) both contributed a goal and an assist against the Cardinals. Matt O'Connor (2G, 1A; Nobles School) and Andrew Ward (5G; Thayer Academy) rounded out the scoring with a goal apiece. The Clams defense was solid all weekend with Tim Dick (13GB; Tyngsboro HS) and Mack Rush (3GB; Belmont Hill) leading the D, Kirson (30 saves, 68.2% save percentage; Rivers School) and Lechner (28 saves, 57.1% save percentage; St. Paul's School) turning great performances in the goal and Darien Clay (11GB; Newton North HS) shining at LSM.

'13/'14 AQUA: The day was a mixed bag, it’s second in a row. While the team still seems to be striving to come together, it was not without its standouts. At the attack position, Tucker Mscisz (6G, 2A, 1GB) led the squad, with a team-high 8 points. Midfielder Jack Russ (5G, 3A, 4GB) proved to be the most complete midfielder, and arguably to most complete player on the squad. His 8 points led all midfielders, and it seemed that Jack could likely have had more if he got more time on the field. Coaches were very enthusiastic about the play of defensemen Sam Reardon, (7GB) Bobby Koziol (6GB) and Jake Levy (5 GB). And they felt that Jimmy Cochran (8GB, 30 saves, 52.6 save pct.) was quite good throughout the tournament, and that he had a couple games that were downright exceptional.

'13/'14 TEAL: The Teal team had games of brilliance in their wins posting nine goals (six assisted), 10 goals (six assisted), and eleven (five assisted) And then there were those ever-important "reminder" games, in which their offense was limited.  Overall, though, it was a solid tournament put forth by the boys of the Teal team, only finding themselves over-matched in one game.  Offensive standouts included Geoff Ziobro (3G, 7A) and Tyler Powers (2G, 5A) at attack, both showing trememdous vision throughout the tournament.  Capitalizing on Geoff and Tyler's distribution were Wyatt Sullivan (5G, 3A), Shawn Waldron (6G), Hunter Tyrrell (4G, 2A).  Pushing transition the entire weekend was LSM Chris Casey (1G, 1A, 7GB) and JR Barnes (1G, 9GB) with their great work on ground-balls.  Defensively, Colin Fahey (6GB) led the unit in ground-balls and was solid on both days.  In net, both goalies were solid with Tyler Boardo (22, 61.1% save percentage) posting the slightly better numbers.

2013 AA
UMASS Record: 4-0-1
Overall Summer Record: 10-4-1
2014 AA
UMASS Record: 3-2
Overall Summer Record: 15-10


GAME 1: W 14-4 vs. True Lacrosse

GAME 2: T 6-6  vs. Team Superstar

GAME 3: W 5-4 vs. NH Tomahawks 2013 Purple

GAME 4: W 13-4 vs. NJ Thunder 2013 Black

GAME 5: W 7-5 vs. Massapequa


GAME 1: W 7-5 vs. True Lax 2013

GAME 2: W 7-6 vs. W. Mass. Sharpshooters

GAME 3: L 5-8 vs. Laxachusetts 2013 White

GAME 4: W 8-6 vs. Leading Edge

GAME 5: L 4-9 vs. Tomahawks 2013 Purple


Will Jennings (11G, 5A, 1GB)
Dan Mini (7G, 1A, 3GB)
Jordan Fong (4G, 2A, 3GB)
Elliott Burr (2G, 4A, 2GB; 17/25 on faceoffs)
Tyler Matses (3G, 3A, 3GB)
Chris Pauzer (3G, 2A, 2GB)
Ben Katz (5G, 7GB; 4/9 on faceoffs)
Alec Brown (3G, 2A, 3GB)
Kevin Murphy (3G, 1A, 7GB)
Jory Makin (1G, 3A, 4GB)
Nick Weigel (2G, 3A)
David Shektman (1A, 7GB)
Ray Horgan (10GB)
Ryan Macri (8GB)
Tucker Mathers (3GB)
Eric Murphy (3GB)
Bryan Uva (1GB)
Austin Frank (1GB;15/22 on faceoffs)
Kyle Moynihan (20 saves)
Giles Ober (19 saves)


#55 Danny Seibel (10G, 1A, 2GB)
#16 Mike Harris (1G, 5A)
#30 Tyler Breen (5G, 8GB)
#35 Josh Gordon (5G, 2GB)
#13 Connor Donahue (4G, 1A, 4GB)
#45 Drew O'Connell (2G, 1A, 2GB)
#60 Dustin Vitagliano (1G, 1A, 8GB)
#14 Kaelan Fitzpatrick (1G, 7GB)
#17 Casey Keeley (1G, 2GB)
#47 Eamon O'Leary (1G, 7GB)
#32 Joe Cormier (34/62 on face-offs, 54.8% win percentage, 25GB)
#52 Zach Ambrosino (7GB)
#41 Tyler Martz (6GB)
#5 Desmond Bayer (4GB)
#31 Connor Coady (4GB)
#41 Connor Rayfield - 2015 (1GB)
#26 Robert Shaw (60 saves, 63.8% save percentage, 4GB)
#12 Joe Delaney - Injured
#18 Matt Knight - Injured

2015 AA
UMASS Record: 2-4
Overall Summer Record: 10-8


GAME 1: L 0-6 vs. West Coast Starz

GAME 2: L 3-7 vs. Westchester Predators

GAME 3: W 11-3 vs. IAS Cougars

GAME 4: W 4-2 vs. CT Whalers

GAME 5: L 2-10 vs. Northport

GAME 6: L 6-7 vs. CT Cardinals


#4 James Burr (2,5)
#11 Cam Jung (5,1)
#35 Kerry Lyne (3,0)
#3 Nick Albano (1,6)
#15 Carter Rossano (2,1)
#7 Nick Churchill (1,2)
#33 Jake Foster (3,0)
#40 Angus O'Rourke (1,0)
#17 Andrew Ward (5,0)
#29 Andrew Bolte (1,1)
#13 Matt O'Connor (2,0)
#5 Alex Chin (0,1)
#28 Henry Behrens (0,1)
#54 Josh Kirson (30 saves, 68.2% save percentage)
#34 Duncan Lechner (28 saves, 57.1% save percentage)
'13/'14 TEAL
UMASS Record: 3-2
Overall Summer Record: 7-2-1
'13/'14 AQUA
UMASS Record: 2-3
Overall Summer Record: 4-5-1


GAME 1: W 11-4 vs. CT Cardinals White

GAME 2: L 1-8 vs. NJ Thunder Elite Orange

GAME 3: W 10-7 vs. Elite Gulls

GAME 4: W 9-4 vs. TC Super Juniors

GAME 5: L 4-6 vs. Westrock Wolfpack


GAME 1: L 4-6 vs. 3 Tribes LC

GAME 2: W 9-6 vs. Turf Island

GAME 3: L 2-9 vs. Laxachusetts 2013

GAME 4: L 4-6 vs. True Lacrosse 2013

GAME 5: W 13-0 vs. 128 Lax 2015


Geoff Ziobro (3G, 7A, 2GB)
Wyatt Sullivan (5G, 3A, 3GB)
Tyler Powers (2G, 5A, 5GB)
Shawn Waldron (6G, 1GB)
Hunter Tyrrell (4G, 2A, 3GB)
Austin Titus (4G, 1A, 3GB)
Matt Ikawa (5G, 2GB)
Dylan Schlange (2G, 1A, 5GB)
Chris Frye (2G)
Chris Casey (1G, 1A, 7GB)
Pat Robinson (1G, 7GB)
JR Barnes (1G, 9GB)
Marcus Richardson (1G, 4GB)
Colin Fahey (6GB)
Michael Karpel (4GB)
Reid Knapp (4GB)
Tim Lauwers (2GB)
Owan Ward (2GB)
Tyler Boardo (22 saves, 61.1% save percentage, 2GB)
Matt D'Amore (20 saves, 57.1% save percentage)


Tucker Mscisz (6G, 2A, 1GB)
Jake Russ
(5G, 3A, 4GB)
Colin Feheley (3G, 3A, 4GB)
Ben Anthony (3G, 2A, 5GB)
Shaun O'Hare (4G, 1A, 2GB)
Harrison Alpaugh (2G, 1A, 6GB)
Eddy Frick (3G, 3GB)
John Schuster (1G, 1A)
Jack Curley (2G, 2GB)
Sean Pensavalle (1G, 1A, 8GB)
Doug Richardson (1G, 1A, 7GB)
Derek Osbahr (1A, 1GB) (36-57)
Alessandro Secino (1G, 2GB)
Liam Kinnealey (3GB)
Conor Regan (1GB)
Jake Levy (5 GB)
Sam Reardon (7GB)
Matt Harrity (2GB)
Nolan Kislauskis (6GB)
Angus Smith (2GB)
Bobby Koziol (6GB)
Jimmy Cochran (8GB, 30 saves, 52.6 save pct.)