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      Date: Jul  5, 2012
     Title: Gait Cup Wrap-up
Results from the Gait Cup

The 2014 AA and 2015 AA teams travelled down to historic Gettysburg this past weekend for the Gait Cup, our program's first venture to this event.  Waiting for us was heat, and a great, highly competitive tournament.  For the 2014 AA team, this was their third event in a two week span; for the 2015 AA's, their second.

The 2014's offense was led by the Bel-Hill tandum of Kyle Parsons (5G, 6A) and Joe Delaney (7G, 2A) with Parker McKee (2G, 3A, 5GB) providing the spark from the midfield.  Defensively, LSMs Max Gustafson (5GB) and Aaron Son (7GB) with close defenseman Zach Ambrosino (4GB) held down the fort at the other end.  Face-off middies Colin Orr (45/57, 78.9%) and Joe Cormier (7/13, 53.8%) both went over 50% at the "X" throughout the tournament.

For the 2015's, attack Foster LeBoeuf (14G, 3A) was the spearhead of the offense with Angus O'Rourke (20/35, 57.1% w/ 4G, 1A) and Nick Churchill (15/19, 78.9%, 2G, 2A) giving the team offensive possesions from the face-off "X".  James Burr also helped fuel the offense adding 6 goals and 3 assists.  Defensively, goalies Josh Kirson (20 saves, 8 GA, 71.4% save percentage) and Henry Donnellan (16 saves, 10 GA, 61.5% save percentage) backstopped a superb effort posting a 2.57 goals against average for the tournament.

On Saturday, both the 2014's and 2015's had representation in the All-Star game as well.  The 2014's were represented by Joe Delaney (A), Max Gustafson (LSM), and Zach Ambrosino (D) while the 2015's were represented by Foster LeBoeuf (A), James Burr (A), Jake Foster (M), Skyler Mickunas (LSM), and Josh Kirson (G).

(Record: 2-5)
(Record: 6-1)


Game 1: W 8-7 vs. Haymakers

Game 2: L 7-8 vs. Team Buffalo

Game 3: L 1-5 vs. Alcatraz Outlaws

Game 4: W 5-2 vs. Edge '13

Game 5: L 4-6 vs. Carolina Elite

Game 6 (Playoff): L 4-6 vs. Dallas Elite

Game 7: L 4-7 vs. FCA


Game 1: W 11-0 vs. Illinios U19

Game 2: W 15-2 vs. Pitt Lax 2014

Game 3: W 4-2 vs. Excel Storm

Game 4: W 3-2 vs. FCA USA

Game 5: W 4-2 vs. BLA 2

Game 6 (Playoff): L 3-6 vs. Pitt Lax 2013

Game 7: W 6-4 vs. Excel Storm (SC)


Kyle Parsons (5G, 7A, 4GB)
Joe Delaney (7G, 2A, 4GB)
Connor Donahue (2G, 4A, 2GB)
Parker McKee (2G, 3A, 5GB)
Joe Cormier (4G, 7/13 Face-offs, 9GB)
Greg Plumb (4G, 2GB)
Austin Gaiss (1G, 2A, 2GB)
Brendan Gates (1G, 1A, 4GB)
Casey Keeley (1G, 2GB)
Colin Orr (1G, 45/57 Face-offs, 15GB)
Tucker Mscisz (1G)
Aaron Son (7GB)
Max Gustafson (5GB)
Zach Ambrosino (4GB)
Drew Bourdeau (3GB)
Drew Morrissey (2GB)
Nolan Kislauskis (1GB)
Tyler Martz (1GB)
Kevin Lally (24 saves, 46.2% save percentage, 1GB)
Tyler Boardo (9 saves, 42.9% save percentage)


Foster LeBoeuf (14G, 3A, 6GB)
James Burr (6G, 3A, 2GB)
Carter Rossano (2G, 5A, 1GB)
Angus O'Rourke (5G, 1A, 5GB)
Andrew Ward (3G, 3A)
Kerry Lyne (2G, 3A, 1GB)
Nick Churchill (2G, 2A, 12/16 Face-off, 6GB)
Jesse Oliver (2G, 2A, 2GB)
Brooks Tyrrell (1G, 3A, 3GB)
Skyler Mickunas (2G, 1A, 2GB)
Henry Behrens (2G, 1A, 1GB)
Jake Foster (2G, 6GB)
Will Christiansen (1G, 1A, 2GB)
Darien Clay (1G, 1GB)
Andrew Bolte (1A, 7GB)
Caleb Mahoney (8GB)
Chris Titone (8GB)
Gabe Cormier (4GB)
Connor Rayfield (4GB)
Derek Tinsley (1GB)
Josh Kirson (20 saves, 71.4% save percentage)
Henry Donnellan (16 saves, 61.5% save percentage, 1A)