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      Date: Sep 26, 2012
     Title: Latest Clam Verbal Commitments

Three commitments, three different classes...recruiting ain't as cut & dried as it used to be

As usual, early September kicks the recruiting craze back into gear.  The past ten days has seen three more Clams commit: a 2013, a 2014, and our first 2015. Was a time - a decade or so ago - when a Tournament Director could really focus in on one class in the fall. Ah, those were the days. Several years ago, the recruiting started to skew earlier, and while you still focused on one class, you still had to keep an eye on the earlier one for those "outliers". Now, it's a free-for-all, with a 2015 (sophomore) commitment seemingly just as likely as a good D3 2013 (senior) commitment in the fall. Whether you see the evolution as fascinating, disturbing or confusing, one's thing's relatively certain: it isn't going to change any time soon.

First was Kyle Moynihan (goalie, Brewster Academy), who decided on Wittenberg. Kyle will be the first Clam to travel out to Springfield, OH to become a Tiger.  After considering offers from schools like Hartford (D1) and RIT (D3) amoung others, Kyle decided Wittenberg and the division three route best fit him.

Next up was Parker McKee, who from day one has been locked onto the division one path.  After having Georgetown in his cross-hairs for months (and before that Hopkins & UNC - his has been a wild ride), Parker decided to see what other options where available.  Michigan, looking to bolster their 2014 class after their inaugural varsity season this past spring, held their prospect day in early September.  Parker went out there and in three games posted (reportedly) notched six goals and added a few assists.  That impressed the Michigan coaching staff enough to give Parker an offer soon after, and he decided Michigan offered him everything he play division one lacrosse at a great academic institution.

Most recently, yesterday in fact, was Zach Ambrosino, our first 2015 to commit.  Zach decided last spring that he was going to repeat his sophomore year to re-open the division one options that as a 2014 had mostly closed out.  When Zach was visiting and talking to Ohio State, Notre Dame, UNC, Princeton and more as a 2014, most of the coaches had the same thing to say: "We really like him, but our 2014 class is full for defensemen.  If he was just a 2015..."  So, after a summer playing with the 2014 AA team for the last time and less than a month into his repeat sophomore year at Taft, Virginia came calling.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  Zach will follow former Clams Blake Riley (Governor's Academy) and Todd Faiella (Marshfield/Brown) and current Clam Tyler Breen (Taft) down to the land of the Cavaliers.  Zach and Tyler both have the destinction of being the first member of their class to commit, and the two earliest commitments in Clam program history.

To date, the 2013 Clams have earned nineteen commitments, with thirteen D1 commits while the 2014 class now stands at seven, all being D1. And now, we have a 2015. I don't expect Zach to be the sole name there for long.

Congratulations, gentlemen!

Below are all our current commitments.

(To view a full list of Clam College Placements, CLICK HERE)


Alec Brown - Hartford

Elliott Burr* - Syracuse

Nick DeSisto – Loyola

Brendan Gnecco - Endicott

Raymond Horgan - Army

Matt Ikawa - Eastern Conn.

Austin Frank - Colby

Larken Kemp – Brown

Ryan Macri – UNC

Tucker Mathers - Tufts

John McNamara – Loyola

Kevin Murphy – Hobart

Alex Paulus - Denison

Chris Pauzer - Georgetown

Matt Ryan – Harvard

Sam Tenney* - High Point

Byran Uva – Providence

Nick Weston - Syracuse


* played w/ 2013's but decided
late in process to go to college early,
thus technically becoming "2012's".

Tyler Breen – Virginia

Joe Delaney - Colgate

Josh Gordon - Delaware

Drew O'Connell - Princeton

Danny Seibel - Villanova

Dustin Vitagliano - Drexel

Parker McKee - Michigan

Zach Ambrosino – Virginia