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      Date: Oct  2, 2012
     Title: 2015 Clams Ranked Amoung Top 20 in Nation
Zach Ambrosino (Taft) and Joseph Manown (La Salle Academy, RI) amoung the 2015's best.

Inside Lacrosse posted their Top 25 Young Guns Sophomore rankings on the first and two Clams earned recognition on this national list.

Landing at #7 was defenseman Zach Ambrosino (Taft/commited to Virginia).  Last spring, Zach decided that even with interest from schools like Ohio State and Notre Dame, he wanted to repeat his sophomore year and see how many more doors might open.  As a 2014, Zach was already regarded as one of the best defenseman in his class.  As a 2015, all that's changed is how dominant hes became in his class, earning him this glaring spot on the national stage.

Our second Clam to make his mark on this list is a program newcomer, Joseph Manown (attack, La Salle HS), who ranks at #17.  Joseph came out to our fall tryout two weeks ago after multiple recommendations from both inside the program and out as a must get player.  Ten minutes into the tryout and it was clear he was exactly what everyone said he was: smooth, skilled and one of the best 2015's in the nation.  When this article came out further confirming Joe's spot on the national stage, we knew we hadn't jumped the gun with this assessment.

Congratulations to both Zach and Joseph for earning this recognition and being two of only four New Englanders to do so.