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      Date: Oct 11, 2012
     Title: Fifth 2014 Attackman Goes D1
Could this 2014 class of attackmen be the best in Clams history?

Tyler Breen, Dustin Vitagliano, Joe Delaney, Danny Seibel, and, most recently, Connor Donahue.  As it stands now, that's five attackmen from the 2014 class that have committed to division one programs.  Five!  And there's a very good chance that a sixth and possibly a seventh could commit in the coming months.

That number got us thinking about if any other class in the Clams' history had this this type of division one commitment rate for attackmen.  So into the archives we dove.

Since 2003, when we started tracking commitments, the Clams have produced 37 division one attackmen (26 of whom are either in college or have graduated; 11 are either committed to attend or are freshmen and have yet to play a college game).  In that time, the Clams have sent more than three attack into the division one ranks in a given class five times.

2006 was the first time the Clams had more than two division one commitments at attack in one class.  The most recognizable of them were Jimmy Connolly (No. Andover HS) at UMass and Tyler Seymour (Nashua HS) at Army, who each started for the majority of their time at their respective programs. Jimmy of course played a prominent role in UMASS's post season runs, and certainly should be considered among the best attackmen this region has sent to the college game. Also heading to division programs were Alex Adler (Groton School/Princeton) and Roger Willson (Duxbury HS/UMass).

2007 was the only other time the Clams sent five attackmen into the division one ranks in a class.  The class included Tim Bigelow (Rivers/Northfield Mt. Hermon/Hobart), Tim Flynn (Barnstable HS/Towson), Rob Owen (Nobles/Princeton), Edison Parzanese (Martha's Vineyard HS/Holy Cross/Notre Dame for his grad. yr.) and Max Quinzani (Duke), who of course went on to help the Blue Devils to their first national championship in program history. In addition to Max, whose impacts in the college nearly every New England lacrosse fan knows well, Tim B. and Edison also had outstanding college careers. Tim started at both attack and midfield at Hobart, scoring a total of 64 points during his time in Geneva, and Edison led the Crusaders in scoring for three of his four seasons in Worcester before going out and seeing time for the Irish in South Bend. Clam program historians might also bring up Mark Goodrich (Rivers) in this class, who went onto have successful career at Johns Hopkins. But Mark played both attack and midfield in high school, and far more midfield than attack in college...for these reasons, we always considered Mark more of a midfielder than an attackman, and therefore did not include him in the count.

The next time four or more Clam attackmen earned division one commitments was in 2010 when Zach Brown (Governors) went to Towson, Garret Campbell (St. Johns Prep) stayed local at Harvard, John Fitzgerald (Rivers/Hingham HS) went up to Syracuse, and Jordan Greenfield (Rivers) traveled down to Fairfield. Thus far, the most prominent contributions have been made by Jordan, who started the majority of his freshman campaign in Fairfield, scoring 24 points, good for fourth on the squad an the most among Stags freshmen (his playing time was more sporadic in his sophomore campaign; he notched only 4 points).

Then the following in 2011 both Matt Scalise (St. Johns Prep) and Will Walker (Phillips Andover) decided to head to Harvard while Jimmy Murphy (Brewster) went to Hartford and Matt Thistle (Bishop Guertin) made a stop at Manhattan before heading to High Point for this year. This year, reports from Cambridge have it that Will will likely find himself in the starting lineup at the outset of his sophomore campaign, and reports from Hartford have indicated that Jimmy may very well see steady time in Hartford this spring at the midfield position.

Finishing the three-peat of this total number was in 2012 with Paul Hellar (Duxbury HS) committing to Fairfield, Josh Oliver (Vermont Academy) heading down to sunny Jacksonville, Joey Pasquale (Weston HS) travelling to Hartford, and Sam Tenney (Moses Brown) deciding on High Point.

Following a relatively quiet D1 attack class in 2013 from an overall number perspective, where two players, Johnny McNamara (Brewster/Loyola) and Nick Weston (Aquinas/Salisbury/Syracuse) found themselves going to play top end ball, we then found ourselves amid the current record-tying - and likely soon to be record-breaking - class of commitments.

It started with Tyler Breen's (Taft) commitment to Virginia in the fall of his junior year, followed by Dustin Vitagliano (Hanover HS) choosing Drexel a few months later.  Both Tyler and Dustin made their decision before their sophomore season.  The next 2014 attack to commit was Joe Delaney (Belmont Hill), who burst onto the scene at the begining of the 2012 Summer Tour; by mid-summer Joe was committed to ColgateDanny Seibel (Belmont Hill) was next in the queue deciding on Villanova before the end of the summer.  And then, only a few days ago, Connor Donahue (Bishop Guertin) committed to Denver, bringing the number up to five.

While this is an amazing phenomenon for the 2014's, the lion share of credit lies these players for going out and proving to the division one coaches they have what it takes.


*Committed players not yet there

11 of our 37 D1 attackmen have yet to play a college game...they're either not out of high school yet, or are in the fall of their freshman year in college


10 of the 26 Clam attackmen who have played a college season have started at least one college game

*Switching to Mid

7 Clam attackmen were switched to the midfield position in college; once switched, 5 of them went onto become prominent contributors at that position


6 of the 26 Clam attackmen who made it to college have either transferred out of the division, or did not finish 4 years of play; 1 additional Clam attackman transferred within the division


Below is a list of all 37 D1 Clam attack commitments since 2003.  It's quite an impressive list.


Tyler Breen (2014) – Virginia

Joe Delaney (2014) - Colgate

Connor Donahue (2014) - Denver

Danny Seibel (2014) - Villanova

Dustin Vitagliano (2014) - Drexel


John McNamara (2013) – Loyola

Nick Weston (2013) - Syracuse


Paul Hellar (2012) – Fairfield

Josh Oliver (2012) – Jacksonville

Joey Pasquale (2012) – Hartford

HPU Sam Tenney (2012) - High Point


Jimmy Murphy (2011) – Hartford

Matt Scalise (2011) – Harvard

Matt Thistle (2011) - Manhattan/High Point

Will Walker (2011) – Harvard


Zach Brown (2010) – Towson

Garrett Campbell (2010) – Harvard

John Fitzgerald (2010) – Syracuse

Jordan Greenfield (2010) – Fairfield


Jack Walker (2009) - Harvard
Marc White (2009) - Brown
Brendan Wilbur (2009) - Quinnipiac


Scott Austin (2008) – Cornell

Mark Scalise (2008) – Harvard


Tim Bigelow (2007) - Hobart

Tim Flynn (2007) – Towson

Rob Owen (2007) - Princeton

Edison Parzanese (2007) - Holy Cross/Notre Dame (grad.)

Max Quinzani (2007) – Duke


Alex Adler (2006) - Princeton

Jimmy Connolly (2006) – UMASS

Tyler Seymour (2006) - Army

Roger Willson (2006) - UMASS


Bryan Keane (2005) - Ohio State

Bobby Labadini (2005) - Providence


Drew Barnard (2004) - Sacred Heart


Tom Pilla (2003) - Dartmouth