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      Date: Nov  5, 2012
     Title: UMass Tourney Recap (Comments added)
Clams go 15-3 on the day as a program, with four teams going 3-0.


Sunday kicked off the Fall 2012 Tour for the Clams out at UMass and the Clams made a strong statement with a program record of 15-3.  Included in that 15-3 record were four teams with 3-0 records (2014 AA, 2014 A, 2015 AA, 2016 AA).  While we can't deny that the record for the program on the day impressed us, seeing players from the different Clam teams on each other's sidelines cheering them on was particularly gratifying.

At the end of the day, the six teams combined for four shutouts, and a 5-0 record versus in-state competition.  While this is all well and good, what's more important was that all the teams showed well in front of the hundred-odd college coached that were spread around the tournament.

Off and running. We cannot wait to keep things rolling this coming weekend at Harvard, where all our teams will be participating.

Record: 1-2


I guess the best way to sum up the day for the Seasoned Clams was this one word description: bittersweet. To start with the "sweet", it was really fun coaching the seniors for the penultimate run as a class. The chemistry and camaraderie is immediate, and harkens back to the tremendous run this class has had as Clams. With 27 committed players to date (thirteen to D1, fourteen to D2 or D3), the 2013 class has had as good a run as any Clam group in recent memory. The "bitter", unfortunately, was that due to a combination of school sports conflicts, work commitments, injury and illness, numbers were low. Only 3 poles were out there, and 5 subs overall. As a result, lean numbers led to a team that was gradually worn down throughout the day, especially given the tough schedule we had thrown at us.

Still, we managed a win vs. a strong NY Lions (a.k.a. Trinity Pawling); not surprising that game 1 was the victory. After that, we played a strong team known as the CT Nuggets, that was comprised of mostly Founder's League players with the a smattering of Long Island guys. We fell 3-6, but had a few pipes and our share of opportunities missed. Then, in game 3, we went up against a strong NE Storm team, and fought 'em hard, to a 5-7 final. We went on a nice run in the end, with Kevin Murphy (Brewster/Hobart), who had a very good day on the whole, pumping in a couple goals, and Chris Pauzer (Loomis Chaffee/Georgetown) managing his best goal of the day to finish our late-game flurry. Defenseman Larken Kemp (Phillips Andover) was instrumental in keeping this game as close as it was, with the tenacious d that he'd shown throughout the day reaching its crescendo. In short, the Seasoned Clams played hard throughout the day.

Next week, we're expecting to end our run as a class in a manner more befitting our overall level of success thus far. More players will be out there. And frankly, I hope to coach a little more effectively. As both Coach and Program Director, the first tournament of a season pulls you in a lot of directions, and the Seasoned guys bore the brunt of the scattered nature of their leadership. Things will calm down a bit, and hopefully focus from the top down will be renewed, hopefully culminating in a winning record, if not an undefeated run in Cambridge on Sunday.

-Coach Walker

Game 1: W 6-3 vs. NY Lions
Game 2: L 3-6 vs. CT Nuggets
Game 3: L 5-7 vs. New England Storm '13/'14

Not kept for Seasoned Clams

2014 AA
Record: 3-0


In the 15 years I've been with the Clams, I've had the privilege of coaching some great and special talents, but as a full team I don’t think I’ve enjoyed one specific group more than this 2014 AA team.    The constant support and fun this team has game in, game out is surpassed only by how much they continue to improve season to season.

Sunday exemplified this.  Posting one shutout is impressive.  Doing it two games in a row is amazing, especially at these recruiting events.  The key comes back to the constant support this team shows for each other.  Most times in showcase events, when a team gains solid control of a game, there tends to be a bit of a letdown, especially on defense.

This wasn’t the case with this defense. Starters Max Gustafson (Belmont Hill), Eamon O’Leary (St. John's Prep), Thomas Soule (Nobles & Greenough) set the tone for Ty Martz (Beverly HS) and Miles Matule (St. George's) at close while Aaron Son (The Rivers School) and Chris Casey (St. John's Prep) played a little "oneupsmanship" as they alternated at LSM.  These seven guys refused to let their standard slip in front of their goalies.

Still, no matter how good your defense is, you still need to score goals and this group can do that in so many ways.  The evidence of that is in the 29 goals scored in three games; it is in the stats that show every single short-stick player had at least a point (see below).

While our leading scorers of Danny Seibel (attack, Belmont Hill, committed to Villanova), Josh Gordon (midfield, Newton South HS, committed to Delaware), Joe Delaney (attack, Belmont Hill, committed to Colgate), and Brendan Gates (midfield, The Rivers School) get the points, none of that would have happened with Colin Orr’s play at the face-off X who went 34 for 40 for an 85% win percentage.

Our first game of the day pitted us against Royal Lacrosse Black.  After a quick start with goals from Austin Gaiss (Phillips Andover), Josh Gordon, and Brendan Gates, there was a bit of stagnation before tallying two more before the half expired, one from Tyler Breen (Taft/Virginia) assisted by Greg Plumb (Belmont Hill); the other was unassisted by Drew O'Connell (St. John's Prep/Princeton).  The second half was all Clams as we added five more to the lead.

Next was the NJ Deisel.  The 8-0 final doesn't do just to how competitive the game actually was.  The thing I take most pride in is that six of the eight goals were assisted.  Danny Seibel and Brendan Gates were the only two to have multiple point in the game, showing the balance of power this team has.

Finally, we ended with a '13/'14 Laxachusetts team.  At one point, we had built a 9-1 lead in the second half, finishing the effort 11-4.  This game had four multi-point players at the end with Joe Delaney in the lead with three points while Drew O'Connell, Colin Orr, and Brendan Gates all notched two apiece.

The only way (and this is asking a bit) this day could have been better is if we completed the run without giving up a goal, but that's the goalie in me.

-Coach Peters

Game 1: W 10-0 vs. Royals Lacrosse Black
Game 2: W 8-0 vs. NJ Deisel (Trilogy)
Game 3: W 11-4 vs. Laxachusetts '13/'14 White

All stats kept by back up goalies; inaccuracies are expected
#14 Danny Seibel (5G, 2A, 2GB)
#9 Josh Gordon (4G, 1A, 2GB)
#6 Joe Delaney (3G, 2A, 2GB)
#37 Brendan Gates (3G, 2A, 6GB)
#57 Drew O'Connell (3G, 1A, 1GB)
#8 Andrew Gallahue (3G, 2GB)
#4 Tyler Breen (2G, 1A, 4GB)
#7 Austin Gaiss (2G, 1A, 5GB)
#58 Greg Plumb (1G, 2A, 7GB)
#1 Jordan Fong (2A, 1GB)
#38 AJ Vazquez (1G, 1A, 7 GB)
#54 Colin Orr (1G, 1A, 34/40 FO-85%, 21GB)
#27 Matt Knight (1G, 2GB)
#10 Casey Keeley (1A, 2GB)
#60 Max Gustafson (10GB)
#13 Eamon O'Leary (6GB)
#56 Thomas Soule (5GB)
#5 Chris Casey (4GB)
#39 Ty Martz (4GB)
#16 Aaron Son (3GB)
#12 Miles Matule (2GB)
#11 Kevin Lally (4/5, 80% SP, 1GB)
#15 Rob Shaw (8/11, 72.7% SP, 3GB)

2015 AA
Record: 3-0


The UMASS tournament provided a great kick-off for the Fighting Clams ‘15AA as they rolled to a 3-0 record.  The ‘15AA Clams displayed the talent that the Clam Coaches have been excited to unleash.

In the first tilt against Admirals Varsity, attackmen Mikey Harris (Brewster Academy), Kerry Lyne (Wellesley HS), James Burr (Middlesex) and Cam Jung (Masconomet) combined for 8 of the 10 Clam goals. Dylan Schlange (Lawrence Academy) and Will Christiansen (Weston HS) notched goals from the midfield for the Clams. Josh Kirson (Rivers) blanked the Admirals in the first half, turning away all 5 shots they mustered and quickly turned many saves into fast break opportunities. In front of Kirson, Ryan Caley (Governor’s) showed that he is an elite defenseman as he surgically and continually took the ball from his man. As would be a theme all afternoon, Will Richardson (Groton School) was dominant at the faceoff X. Will secured 10 of the 12 draws he took and continually created transition opportunities.

Game 2 brought the Newton-based Blues Lacrosse to the ‘15AA Clams. Jake Foster (Westborough HS) got the Clam scoring started with a right-handed cannon from about 15 yards. En route to a 9-4 victory, the Clams got single tallies from Nick Albano (Beverly HS), Will Christiansen (Weston HS), Kerry Lyne (Wellesley HS), Cam Wolfe (Needham HS) and Stephen DeLeo (Moses Brown). Long Stick Midfielder Darien Clay (Newton North) clearly showed his play making ability between the restraining lines as he stung the third goal of the game, giving the Clams a lead that only got bigger as the game went on. During a man-up opportunity, Mikey Harris (Brewster Academy) highlighted his play-making ability from X with an unassisted tally. Harris would prove to be the quarterback of the extra man unit that scored on 5 of 7 opportunities throughout the afternoon.

The final matchup pitted the ‘15AA Clams against VTribe, a very talented team from Vermont. As the players tired, the fields got muddier and the temperature dropped, the Clam defense stepped up to secure the undefeated finish on the day. Josh Kirson (Rivers) and Henry Donnellan (Newton South) combined for 12 saves while surrendering 5 goals. This game was back and forth and extremely even until one major thing changed – Stephen DeLeo (Moses Brown) decided that he was going to ensure that the VTribe were not sneaking away with the victory. In a 2-2 game at the beginning of the second half, DeLeo scored an unassisted tally while bull-dodging a defender, then buried a feed from FO midfielder Will Christiansen (Groton School), and quickly capitalized on a beautiful cross-crease feed from fellow attackman Cam Jung (Masconomet). It was a great debut for DeLeo with the '15AA's. In a game that was very close in the early going, the Clam defense stood strong and turned away several lengthy offensive possessions. Owen Ward (Brewster Academy), Mack Rush (Belmont Hill), Caleb Mahoney (Rivers) and Corey Tines (Masconomet) were able to hold down the fort until the offensive got into gear. Ryan Caley (Governor’s) and Darien Clay (Newton North) again turned take aways into fast breaks and proved their ability to cover anyone on the field.

Needless to say, Coach Murphy and I were excited as we headed East.  I cannot wait to see what this group does at Harvard next weekend – this is merely the first step.

-Coach Westgate

Game 1: W 10-2 vs. Admirals Varsity
Game 2: W 9-4 vs. Blues Lacrosse
Game 3: W 7-5 vs. VTribe Gold

All stats kept by back up goalies; inaccuracies are expected
#46 Stephen DeLeo (4G, 2A)
#2 Michael Harris (6G)
#18 Cam Jung (3G, 2A, 2GB)
#22 Kerry Lyne (3G, 1A, 2GB)
#41 Trey Galligan (4A, 3GB)
#36 Cam Wolfe (1G, 2A, 3GB)
#40 Dylan Schlange (1G, 2A, 6GB)
#9 James Burr (2G)
#47 Jake Foster (2G, 2GB)
#10 Will Christiansen (2G, 5GB)
#5 Nick Albano (1G, 1GB)
#12 Darien Clay (1G, 2GB)
#11 Nick Churchill (1A)
#30 Will Richardson (1A, 9GB, 27/36 FO- 75%)
#43 Ryan Caley (7GB)
#43 Caleb Mahoney (3GB)
#56 Owen Ward (2GB)
#34 Corey Tines (1GB)
#57 Josh Kirson (15/19, 78.9% SP)
#15 Henry Donnellan (8/15, 53.3% SP)

2014 A
Record: 3-0


The 2014 A team came into this tournament fired up and ready to play after a great practice the week before, getting the best of the 2014 AA team in a scrimmage.  With an offense that was fueled by the play of their attack, the 2014 A Clams posted an impressive 3-0 record.

The first win, as they usually are, was the hardest one to get as we took on a strong Roadhawks 2015 team from central New York that wouldn’t back down.  After building a strong lead behind the play of attackmen Tyler Powers (1G, 2A- Duxbury HS), Shaun O’Hare (2G- The Rivers School), and Sam Cleveland (1G, 1A- Arlington HS), the defense tightened up after the Roadhawks went on a small run to seal a 7-4 victory to start the day.

Our second game of the day was a statement game.  From the first whistle to the last, there was no let up on the throttle.  Shawn Waldron (1G, 2A- St. John's Prep), Sam Frick (1G, 1A- St. John's Prep), and Tyler Powers (1G, 1A- Duxbury HS) sparked the offense in a 9-1 win over HV Express Black.  Close defenders Desmond Bayer (Brookline HS), Colin Fahey (St. John's Prep), Bobby Koziol (Agawam HS), Drew Morrissey (Belmont Hill), Matt Harrity (Belmont Hill), and Reid Knapp (Weston HS) were stifling on the Express attack while LSM Jake Levy (St. Sebastian's) did the same with which ever midfielder he matched up with.

Our third game of the day ended up being a bit of a microcosm of the first two games.  After a tight first half against Cape Cod Lax that ended with 3-2 lead for us, we took complete control in the second half rattling off six unanswered goals.  Colin Feheley  (Brewster Academy) led all scorers in the game with a goal and three assists while Shawn Waldron (St. John's Prep) notched two goals.

One player that didn't have the points that was still instrumental in our success on the day was JR Barnes (Hopkinton HS) at the face-off X.  Unfortunately, we didn't get accurate tallies of his wins, but JR was huge in controlling the game with play at the X.

I know there are other teams in the programs that have been getting a lot of attention, but the way these guys have been playing for the last month, they are starting to draw the attention they’ve deserved for a while from the college coaches, if what I saw on the sideline was any indication.

- Coach O'Brien

Game 1: W 7-4 vs. CNY Roadhawks 2015
Game 2: W 9-1 vs. HV Express Black
Game 3: W 8-2 vs. Cape Cod Lacrosse Varsity

All stats kept by back up goalies; inaccuracies are expected
#47 Shawn Waldron (4G, 3A)
#45 Tyler Powers (3G, 3A)
#62 Colin Feheley (2G, 4A)
#46 Pat Robinson (4G)
#21 Sam Frick (3G)
#55 Shaun O'Hare (2G, 1A)
#61 Sam Cleveland (2G, 1A)
#40 Ben Anthoney (2G)
#17 JR Barnes (1G)
#26 George Lucey (1G)
#23 Alec Cover (1A)
#43 Matt D'Amore (7/8, 87.5% SP)
#18 Jimmy Cochran (5/6, 83.3% SP)
No GB or FO stats kept

2016 AA
Record: 3-0


The 2016 AA’s had a very successful first run as Clams at Umass this past Sunday. We started off against a Tomahawk 2015 Purple team that had a year of experience over us. This proved to be our most competitive game of the day. This game was dominated by one player, who simply took over the game when he needed to. Ryan Parsons (The Rivers School) had 3 goals and an assist in the 6-5 victory. Ryan proved to be the difference this game. He was accompanied by Chris Rota (Roxbury Latin) who put up 2 goals and an assist.  In the end it was Harrison Gray (Fessenden) who ran through the entire Tomahawk defense to score the game winner with under a minute left. Tim Dick (The Rivers School) proved to be another very valuable asset to this 2016 AA squad dominating the face off X and covering every team’s best attackman.

In the second game we got put up against another older team. This time around the size difference was very clear. We weren’t going to out muscle this Cardinal team from Connecticut. The 2016 AA’s, however, never shied away from the start and ran up the score 6 – 0 at the half. The final of this second game was 10 – 0 with everyone chipping in for the win.

The third game was another solid effort over Moonlight Lacrosse Club out of New York. By this third game I could really see we were clicking at all cylinders and rolling with confidence. A huge part of this victory was the goalie play of both McCrae Williams (Weston HS) and Caleb Getto (Norwell HS). This game ended at 9-4 making the 2016 AA’s 3-0 on the day.

We were lead on the day by Ryan Parsons with 10 goals and 1 assist.  He was accompanied by Alex Parent (Central Catholic) with 6 points, Matt Paul (Fessenden) with 5 points, and Chris Rota and Miller Ward (Weston HS) with 4 points each. Our defense played exceptionally all day led by Tim Dick, Reese Nickerson (Weston HS), and Josh White (Nobles & Greenough). I am very excited about what the next four years has in store for this very talented group of young men who, you can tell, just enjoy being around one another and it shows on the field.

-Coach Fallon

Game 1: W 6-5 vs. Tomahawks 2015 Purple
Game 2: W 10-0 vs. CT Cardinals White
Game 3: W 9-4 vs. Moonlight Lacrosse Silver

All stats kept by back up goalies; inaccuracies are expected
#32 Ryan Parsons (10G, 2A, 2GB)
#13 Alex Parent (2G, 4A, 2GB)
#1 Matt Paul (1G, 4A, 1GB)
#34 Chris Rota (2G, 3A, 1GB)
#38 Miller Ward (3G)
#26 Brandon Grinnell (2G, 1A)
#40 Andrew Cox (2G)
#47 Josh White (2A, 3GB)
#10 Billy Guarente (1G, 1A, 1GB)
#24 Harrison Gray (2G)
#35 Timmy Seibel (1G, 1GB)
#7 Dillon Fitzpatrick (1A, 1GB)
#48 Tim Dick (7GB)
#28 Michael MacIntyre (3GB)
#5 McCrae Williams (70% SP, 2GB)
#29 Reese Nickerson (1GB)
#31 Liam O'Connell (1GB)
#8 Caleb Getto (53.8% SP)

2015/2016 A
Record: 2-1


The 2015/16 A Clams had a respectable showing at the Umass Fall Classic going 2-1 on the day with victories over 128 Lacrosse and the Hudson Valley Spartans. Though the team did lose its finally game 6-8 to a talented Moonlight Lacrosse Club (Westchester County NY) the coaches were very encouraged as to how hard the team played and look to use this tournament as a building block for this young team.

Both Tyler Boardo and Lee Grinspoon were phenomenal in net for much of the day and were the back bone of a defense that played stellar at the times we needed it most.  Seeming to pop up everytime a great defensive play was made was Will Fokas at close defense getting the key groundballs and play solid positional defense.  Will also revealed a talent at the face-off X that helped in the day's success.

Offensively Clay Goldthwait was great finishing almost every opportunity he had especially in tight.  Jay Messina led the attack hitting shot great mid-range and outside shots to stretch the defenses out and open up inside looks.  Meanwhile Alex Chin, Trevor Hopkins and Ryan McCaffrey paced the midfield with great up and down the field play.  Ryan's ability to do it all in all areas of the field made him a huge asset to the team's success Sunday.

All and all it was a great team effort and one that showed a very unselfish offense as well as some great goalies and defensive unit play.

-Coach Montenegro

Game 1: W 9-0 vs. 128 Lacrosse JV
Game 2: W 9-4 vs.  Hudson Valley Spartans
Game 3: L 4-6 vs. Moonlight Lacrosse Blue

All stats kept by back up goalies; inaccuracies are expected
#17 Clay Goldthwait (7G, 2 GB)
#26 Matt O'Connor (3G, 2A, 4GB)
#12 John Hincks (2G, 3A, 1GB)
#48 Andrew Ward (2G, 1A)
#1 Alex Chin (2G, 2GB)
#2 Edward Martin (2G)
#24 Jay Messina (1G, 1A)
#49 Ryan McCaffrey (1G, 4GB)
#16 Riley Smith (1G, 2GB)
#45 Adam Lee (1G, 2GB)
#21 Sean Lee (1A, 1GB)
#32 Dylan Rovers (3GB)
#35 Chris Titone (3GB)
#42 Tyler Boardo (62.5% SP, 3GB)
#13 Tommy DeAngelis (3GB)
#3 Trevor Hopkins (1A, 2GB)
#4 Lee Petrini (1GB)
#46 Will Moriarty (1GB)
#9 Lee Grinspoon (60.0% SP)
#20 Nick Connelly (72.7% SP)