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      Date: Nov 26, 2012
     Title: Clam NLI' & writeups
Clam NLI Photos we received are posted here, with a little blurb about each player pictured

Below, in rapid succession, are the five photos of six Clams who signed their NLI's earlier this month. Not pictured but also heading onto play D1 ball are Bryan Uva (Providence), Ray Horgan (Army), Larken Kemp (Brown), Nick Weston (Syracuse) and Matt Ryan (Harvard).
The first photo we received was from the first 2013 Clam to commit. After seeing Coach Toomey come watch him play in the spring of his sophomore season at the Rivers School, Nick Desisto chose a couple months later to commit to Loyola University.
Photographed next are a pair of Brewster Academy Clams. To the right is attackman Johnny McNamara, who also committed to reining NCAA Champion Loyola, albeit a bit later in the summer than teammate-to-be Desisto. Johnny shined at the Maverik Showtime Camp during his rising junior summer, clinching the opinion of the Loyola coaching staff that Johnny was not only the type of player, but also the type of young man that they wanted on the roster. To the left is midfielder Kevin Murphy. Kevin committed to Hobart College in November of his junior year, after shining at this fall recruiting tournament with his Clam team.
Pictured next is Loommis Chaffee midfielder Chris Pauzer, who is heading to Georgetown. Chris represents a segment of the Clam population that has always been uniquie to our program, and shows that we seek the best players, whenever they would like to come play for our organization. Chris committed to become a Hoya before becoming a Clam, as a member the always-competitive Tri State group. However, Chris had a teammate who spoke highly of the Clam program, and Chris decided to come aboard prior to his rising senior summer. Immediately Chris proved to be an extremely valuable addition, a fine young man, and an exceptionally talented player.
The next photo that arrived was that of standout Governors defenseman Ryan Macri, who was signing his NLI to become a North Carolina Tar Heel. Ryan burst onto the scene during his rising junior summer, at a list of events that included King of the Hill and NIKE/3D Blue Chip. Ryan, an unusually strong and powerful defender with very good mobility for his size, quickly garnered interest from UNC, UVA and a host of other colleges. In the fall, after a great visit, he chose to go to school down at Chapel Hill.
The last photo we received came just yesterday, and it was from Alec Brown, a midfielder from Wakefield HS who decided to head down to the University of Hartford and become a Hawk. Alec became the first lacrosse player ever from Wakefield HS to go onto play D1 lacrosse. He chose to go to Hartford after Coach Pete Lawrence attended a Wakefield game; in that game, Alec notched several points (if memory serves it may have been 10), prompting the coach to call me as he walked away from the game to say "I want this kid". It was an exciting call to receive.
Congratulations to pictured players Nick, Johnny, Kevin, Chris, Ryan and Alec, as well as unpictured Bryan, Ray, Larken, Nick and Matt. All formed the cornerstone of an outstanding class that will go down in the annals of Clam history as one of our best.