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      Date: Jun  3, 2013
     Title: Clams at the CT Prep Showcase
29 Clams traveled down to the Brunswick School in Connecticut to showcase their skills for the 100+ college coaches in attendance.

The summer tournament season kicked off Sunday with the Prep School Showcase down in Greenwich, CT with over 300 player, most from the prep school ranks nationwide, converging at the Brunswick School.  Included in those 300+ players were 29 members of the Clams program from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 classes.

Each team got four games in front of the over 100 college coaches.  At the end of the day, those same coaches selected the All Star team, which included three Clams: Rob Shaw (2014, goalie, Roxbury Latin), Skyler Mickunas (2016, LSM, St. John's Prep/Trinity-Pawling next fall), and Caleb Mahoney (2016, D/LSM, The Rivers School).

Reports from Coach Westgate, who was traveling the sidelines watching all of the Clams throughout the day, Coach Peters, who was called upon to to coach a team for the event, and a few college coaches who checked in throughout the day, also mentioned seeing great things from the following players: Timmy Seibel (2016, Belmont Hill) who tallied about two points in every game; Josh Kirson (2015, goalie, The Rivers School) who stopped the ball well all day and was one of the loudest goalies on all the fields every time he played; Josh White (2016, D, Nobles & Greenough) who showed great speed and quickness plus smooth skills with the stick; Matt Glynn (2016, A, Belmont Hill), who was strong coming around GLE, and showed a dangerous shot everytime forcing the goalies to make tough saves; Chris Titone (2015, D, St. John's Prep), who had a solid day using his range to pester his man, causing turnovers; Will Richardson (2015, F/O Mid, Groton School), who established himself as one of the best face-off middies at the event while also showcasing his offensive skills, scoring both off face-off wins and settled situation; Aaron Son (2014, LSM, The Rivers School), who was tenacious on defense and on groundballs all day; Angus O'Rourke (2015, M, St. Sebastians), who played tough, consistent lacrosse on both ends of the field throughout the day, and Matt Knight (2014, M, Westminster) who despite missing most of the regular season, came back and controlled most of the play at the midfield for his team with smart dodges, timely shots and good heads-up feeds.

Congratulations on a strong day for all.

Below are all the Clams that made the trip to the Showcase and a few pics:

2014 2015 2016
Brett Clark - D
Matt Knight - M
Miles Matule - D
Rob Shaw - G
Aaron Son - LSM
Will Eikenberry - M
Josh Kirson - G
Ryan McCaffrey - M
Alex Notman - M
Angus O'Rourke - M (FO)
Connor Rayfield - D
Will Richardson - M (FO)
Mack Rush - D
Dylan Schlange - M
Chris Titone - D
Owen Ward - D
Brian Gillis - A
Matt Glynn - A
Harrison Gray - A
Michael Mackintire - D
Caleb Mahoney - D/LSM
Ward Mahoney - M (FO)
Skyler Mickunas - LSM
Callen Morris - (M (FO)
Ryan Parsons - A
Chris Rota - M (FO)
Tim Seibel - A
Ben Snow - D
Josh White - D

Pictured (L-R): Caleb Mahoney (2016), Timmy Seibel (2016), Josh White (2016), Ward Mahoney (2016), Connor Rayfield (2015)

Clams Pictured (L-R): Dylan Schlange (2015), Ryan McCaffrey (2015), Josh Kirson (2015), Callen Morris (2016)