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      Date: Jul  3, 2013
     Title: Mid-Summer Report: June 2012 vs. June 2013
Comparing our last two June performances proves an interesting, gratifying exercise.

With June coming to a close, we here at Clams World Headquarters find ourselves at the halfway point of the Summer '13 Tour.  After posting a 50-19-1 record in June, we got to wondering how were we doing at this point last year.  Here's some of the more impressive facts that we found:

JUNE 2012 JUNE 2013
Overall Record: 33-17-1 Overall Record: 50-19-1
Win Percentage: 64.7% Win Percentage: 71.4%
Baltimore Kickoff Record: 5-5 Baltimore Kickoff Record: 12-3
Harvard Record: 7-2-1 Harvard Record: 15-1-1
King of the Hill: 7-3 King of the Hill:
Total # of All Stars: 26 Total # of All Stars: 36

As you may notice, the number of games have increased.  Below is why and how each individual team has done so far.

2014 AA

Comments: The 2014 AA team has stepped into the program's top team position without missing a beat.  With two tournaments under their belts for the summer, they are 9-2 with their only two losses being to the two teams that made the championship game at the UMBC Shootout.

Overall Record: 9-2 (June 2013) vs. 12-8 (June 2012)

June 2013 Events: Harvard (3-0), UMBC Shootout (6-2)

June 2012 Events: UMBC Shootout (6-2), King of the Hill (4-1), Gait Cup (2-5)

June 2013 All-Stars: no All-Star selections at events attended

June 2012 All-Stars: KING OF THE HILL - Joe Delaney (Colgate), Max Gustafson (Brown), Zach Ambrosino (Virginia), Brendan Gates (Hartford), Ryan Caley (Colgate); GAIT CUP - Joe Delaney (Colgate), Max Gustafson (Brown), Zach Ambrosino (Virgina)

2014 A

Comments: The 2014 A team had a great start at the Harvard Crimson and then a tough start at Gait Cup before rallying to make it to the semi-finals.  It is deserving to note that we didn't bring this team last year because of the competitiveness of the event; this year we chose to bring them and they competed well.  With two more high level events, look for this team to learn from the June and have a strong July.

Overall Record: 6-4 (June 2013) vs. 7-2-1 (June 2012)

June 2013 Events: Harvard (3-0), Gait Cup (3-4, semi-finalist)

June 2012 Events: Harvard (2-2-1 & 5-0; two '13/'14 teams)

June 2013 All-Stars: (Gait Cup) Joe Cormier, Sam Reardon, Tyler Boardo (2015)

June 2012 All-Stars: no All-Star selections at events attended

2015 AA

Comments: The depth of this class dictated that we field two "AA" teams and their performance this June has shown it was the right call.

Overall Record: 16-4 (June 2013) vs. 8-4 (June 2012)

June 2013 Events: Baltimore Kickoff (9-1, 2 teams), King of the Hill 1 (3-2), King of the Hill (4-1)

June 2012 Events: Baltimore Kickoff (2-3), Gait Cup (6-1)

June 2013 All-Stars: BALTIMORE KICKOFF - Andrew Gallahue (Villanova), Nick Albano, Angus O'Rourke, Brooks Tyrrell, Darien Clay, Tyler Boardo, Joey Manown (Duke), Mike Harris, Tre Galligan, Chris Titone, Josh Kirson; KING OF THE HILL 1 - Joey Manown (Duke), Zach Ambrosino (Virginia), Josh Kirson; KING OF THE HILL 2 - Tre Galligan, Mack Rush, JT Kelly, Andrew Gallahue (Villanova), Darien Clay

June 2012 All-Stars: BALTIMORE KICKOFF - Nick Albano, Brooks Tyrrell, Tim Dick (Georgetown, 2016), Josh Kirson; GAIT CUP - Foster LeBoeuf (Brown), James Burr, Jake Foster, Skylar Mickunas (2016), Josh Kirson

2016 AA

Comments: The opening month for the 2016 AA team put a competative schedule in front of them at some of the best early summer events the nation has to offer.  While at these two events, ten different 2016 Clams were recognized for their play, showing that record isn't everything to the coaches watching; talent is.

Overall Record: 4-6

June 2013 Events: Baltimore Kickoff (3-2), King of the Hill 1 (1-4)

June 2013 All-Stars: BALTIMORE KICKOFF - Tim Dick (Georgetown), Caleb Mahoney, Ward Mahoney, Skylar Mickunas; KING OF THE HILL 1- Alex Parent, Ryan Pasons, Josh White, McCrae Williams, Tim Dick (Georgetown), Henry Behrens

'15/'16 A

Comments: This team started the summer at Harvard as 2015 and 2016 teams at Harvard and then came together as a blended team for Gait Cup.  When the dust settled, their results were suprisingly similar.

Overall Record: 13-3

June 2013 Record: Harvard (2015A - 4-1; 2016A - 5-0), Gait Cup ('15/'16A - 4-2)

June 2013 All-Stars: GAIT CUP - JT Kelly (2015), Max Cushman (2015), Alex Chin (2015), Ryan McCaffrey (2015)

This snap shot of the Clams success so far this summer is a huge testament to the time and effort these players have put into their games.

Great start, Clams.  Let's keep rolling in July.

-Fighting Clams Staff