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      Date: Aug 30, 2013
     Title: 2016 Clam Goalie Creates Highlight video of Hotbeds
A special thanks to McCrae Williams (G, Weston) for the awesome video.

A typical day at the Clam HQ has our staff analyzing dozens of highlight videos.  Most are individual recruiting tools that we use to send out to coaches. So it came as a surprise when we received a highlight video from 2016 Clam goalie McCrae Williams (Weston), that showcased the 2016AA Clams at Hotbeds.

The team had a strong a 5-3 showing at Hotbeds, and saw 6 players named as All Stars (a seventh 2016 at Hotbeds who was playing up was also named as an All Star). Coming off this strong, season-ending effort at a very competitive national event, we are extremely excited and confident that this 2016 class will be very successful throughout its time with the Clams program.  If anything, this video is a great representation of how far they have come since the beginning of the summer. For more details on the team's performance at the event, see here: Hotbeds Recap

Our hats are off to McCrae, as the highlight film was an incredible treat for us in the office, and now for all of you. Great work, McCrae - keep 'em coming!

(Clams 2013 Hotbeds '16AA)

Here is a list of players featured prominently in the video

#426 Ryan Parsons (A, Rivers)
#440 Josh White (D, Nobles)
#444 Lee Petrini (D, Proctor)
#422 Brandon Grinnell (A, Wakefield HS)
#425 Alex Parent (A, Central Catholic)
#424 Jimmy Lampert (A, Wayland HS)
#434 Abdullah Nassif (M, Hanover HS)
#429 Andrew Cox (M, St.John's Shrewsbury)
#427 Timmy Seibel (A, Belmont Hill)
#445 Ben Snow (D, Rivers)
#440 Tim Dick (D, Rivers/Georgetown)
#435 Ben Sudduth (A, Tabor Academy)
#431 Brian Gillis (M, BB&N)
#441 Michael Mackintire (D, St. Sebastian's)


McCrae Williams (Weston)
Caleb Getto (Norwell)

2016 Hotbed All Star Selections

Ryan Parsons
Abdullah Nassif
Andrew Cox
Charlie Katz (Westboro HS)
Tim Dick
Josh White