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      Date: Oct 10, 2013

The date has been set for final pre-summer Clam tryout

The Top Gun Fighting Clams will be holding its winter tryout on Decemeber 15th from 9-10:30AM at Teamworks in Acton.  This tryout will be exclusively for CELL members (we do not hold open tryouts) interested in becoming Clams on one of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 summer teams.  We have spots available in each class, including a spot per position on our "AA" (most competitive) squads, kept open intentionally to respect the aspirations of all winter tryout participants. Though these spaces do remain on the "AA" teams, more openings will be at the "A" (competitive) level.

Winter tryout are held so that athletes with fall school sport commitments can have an opportunity to become Clams.  We understand and respect the time commitment scholastic sports require, and feel that two separate tryouts adequately respects that commitment, without punishing potential new Clams for playing a fall school sport. We also feel it is necessary to always strive for improvement; if we can bring in athletes that change a team dynamic for the better, we are all for it.

Every athlete trying out will receive evaluation and coaching from our coaches and directors within the Clam program. We purposely keep our tryouts exclusive and smaller to promote better, more competitive lacrosse, as well as provide more accurate evaluations. It is a tried and true method that we have perfected over 13-year history of the Clams.

If you are interested in attending the tryout on December 15th and are not a member of CELL here is a link to sign up for our Winter session. Every CELL-registered player will be contacted with more information as the tryout date approaches.